Loan auto payment

Loan auto payment

Hello all,
I just got my car 3 weeks ago.
I tried to find out who to setup the loan auto payment through Tesla side, but simply find nothing.
I have been emailed to customer support for 3 days now but nobody care to respond to me.

Anyone who the link or method to setup the loan auto payment?

thank you

jordanrichard | 21 dicembre 2018

Just how did you take delivery of the car with out paying for it?

KenLah | 21 dicembre 2018

I did the down payment through Tesla website while I was in their delivery center when I collect the car. After that, nobody email me anything about the balance of re auto payment.

jordanrichard | 21 dicembre 2018

I guess would help if you provided more details. So you walked into a Tesla store, made a deposit while there and they handed you the keys to a car.......?

COrich | 21 dicembre 2018

Who financed the loan? Tesla had used Chase for some of the earlier financing. But, regardless, the finance company is the only one who has the information you are requesting. You should hear from them soon

kcheng | 21 dicembre 2018

You had to have signed a finance contract with some lienholder. You need to contact them. Alliant or whomever.

Jtwo | 21 dicembre 2018

Don't worry, they'll find you.......

kensyo | 21 dicembre 2018

I have financing thru Tesla, I was told that US Bank will send me a letter for first payment some time in Jan. The delivery was early dec.

Anomoly | 21 dicembre 2018

Yeah, usually takes a bit of time before things get rolling. Don't be in such a rush to fork over boat loads of cash... that time will be soon enough

lbowroom | 21 dicembre 2018

Tesla arranged the financing. They didn't actually finance it, a bank did. The down covered the first months payment, you'll get something in the mail. CS will eventually get back to you too.

Revelate | 25 dicembre 2018

USBank sent me the paperwork for the loan about 2 weeks after receiving the vehicle.

Used the information contained to setup a login to their website, and setup the recurring auto-payment easily after that.

Chase will have similar (I run my financial life through Chase other than this Tesla-arranged auto loan) so shouldn't be a problem there, or anywhere else, but you'll need to create the account and setup the auto-payment yourself.

dom1gb | 8 luglio 2019
dangolfy777 | 8 febbraio 2020

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RayNLA | 8 febbraio 2020

How can anyone give you financial advice about purchasing a car without knowing anything about your finances?
But since you a Tesla by any means necessary!

82bert | 9 febbraio 2020