2018 tesla model 3 splash guards

2018 tesla model 3 splash guards

ODWms | 25 dicembre 2018

I agree.

casun | 25 dicembre 2018

you make a strong case.

jordanrichard | 25 dicembre 2018

Sorry I am not wearing by special Dick Tracy decoder glasses. What about splash guards......?

rkalbiarEV | 25 dicembre 2018


Mr.Tesla | 26 dicembre 2018

Now available from "Splash-Gordon Industries 2000 LLC Unlimited Inc" !

thedrisin | 26 dicembre 2018

Would be nice if there actually were original equipment splash guards available.

jordanrichard | 26 dicembre 2018

Just a guess, but perhaps splash guards, aka mud flaps, would affect range since after all, if it's catching mud, it is also catching wind/air.

thedrisin | 26 dicembre 2018

I would prefer they catch a little air than mud all along the sides of my car. Worth the trade off. OPTIONAL accessory, not everyone has to install them.

rkalbiarEV | 26 dicembre 2018

Bigger wheels and tires also affect range but Tesla still sells them.

Tesla is very smart. I am sure they could fairly easily create some with minimal range effect.

There definitely seems that be a demand.

thedrisin | 26 dicembre 2018

I am having to create my own from universal flaps. PITA. Last time I went through a muddy puddle, entire side of car got covered. I charge my car every day. Theoretical decrease in range not of concern. All my other cars have OEM flaps available as an accessory, ready to mount.

Sparc | 24 febbraio 2019

Here are some mud guards.

sue | 3 marzo 2019

Hi Sparc - I tried to click on your link but it says that it is password protected? I may be interested. PITA to clean the dirt-grime kicked up by the road. Thanks!

lramesh | 3 marzo 2019

I wish they Tesla 3 had splash guards installed. THe car would be lot cleaner then.

Sparc | 3 marzo 2019

It looks like its working now

antirouillebolduc | 23 marzo 2019
aldrin71 | 10 gennaio 2020

Tepeng 4 Pcs Front Rear Mud Flaps Splash Guards fender Mudguard for Tesla Model 3 2016-2019-2020 from Amazon, $19.99 perfect fit and feels very good quality...installed it last night and took me 15mins, drove it 30miles this morning, didn't affect my range at all..done deal!

Varricks | 13 gennaio 2020

In the Rabbit days, Volkswagen did some tunnel work with the supposed result that a roof rack could add 10% aero drag, and mud flaps (not the Spinal Tap sort) 5%.

This was back when we used to believe VW.