Caught someone in pickup truck trying to boost his engine using a supercharger cable

Caught someone in pickup truck trying to boost his engine using a supercharger cable

He was parked at a Tesla Supercharger spot along with other pickup trucks at the Three Rivers, TX Supercharger (Love's Travel Stop) and was taking the cable end to his truck engine. Is this even possible? Also, does anybody regulate the Superchargers, though the signs stated Tesla Charging Only?

chadnar | 29 dicembre 2018

On my trip from Austin to South Padre Island, TX

SCCRENDO | 29 dicembre 2018

Was it you Darth?

p.c.mcavoy | 30 dicembre 2018

Been several reports recently of groups of pick-up truck drivers not only blocking sites, but giving Tesla owners a hard time. You can find several on-line articles about recent events. Unfortunate, but some people seem respond to what they view as change which challenges their way of living by lashing out.

chadnar | 30 dicembre 2018

Very unfortunate. Their way of life being big gas guzzling, polluting pickup trucks. I saw that some states are enacting laws prohibiting this type of behaviour. There really needs to be a national law, although it won't happen under Trump.

El Mirio | 30 dicembre 2018

While these reports are sad, at least they seem to understand where the future is headed, can't say that for many politicians.

jimglas | 30 dicembre 2018
chadnar | 30 dicembre 2018

We have to fight for the future we believe in though, or else Yokels will put their footprint down for how things should be. Nobody wants to argue, but you can't be mowed over either. Abuse of electrical charging stations should be ended.

Tesla2018 | 30 dicembre 2018

Filling up a pickup truck using an electric cable- You cant fix stupid. Maybe Bubba thought that it would go further if he used elektrictacy instead of diesel.

To bad it didnt cause a spark by the gas tank and blow the thing up.

joemar10 | 30 dicembre 2018

Maybe FlexFuel trucks use "juice" too.

p.c.mcavoy | 30 dicembre 2018

@Tesla2018 - Diesel pickup trucks don’t have a gas tank, although they do still have a fuel tank.

Frank99 | 30 dicembre 2018

Assuming he was trying to jump-start the pickup, no it wouldn't work.
In the first place, there's no voltage present at the connector until after the Supercharger and the Tesla communicate and decide on the proper voltage and current. Only then does the Supercharger turn on the power - and the instant that the communications between the two fails the power gets cut off.
In the second place, the Supercharger provides 300+ volts. If he did manage to get it to turn on, every light bulb and piece of electronics in the truck would instantly fry/fail/explode, and his starter motor would likely melt.

kebe1 | 30 dicembre 2018

this is called ICEING, when a persons truck is blocking the charging station. i know that we are on tesla property and they can be order off. but my problem we should not be the one to do this. tesla need to have some type of action for this. i would call the police in that state and have them remove the car or truck.
i would not like to be on a trip an have this happen to me, be safe out there.

look at this

Yodrak. | 30 dicembre 2018

" i know that we are on tesla property"

No, in most cases the superchargers are not on Tesla property.

"hey can be order off"

No, they cannot be ordered off.

"hi would call the police in that state and have them remove the car or truck."

The police do not have the authority to remove a vehicle that is ICEing a charging stall.

chadnar | 30 dicembre 2018

Actually, it seems the police have some authority to enforce at Tesla Superchargers. This is from another website for an incident which happened in El Paso, TX.

On December 18, Reddit user RedfieldStandard posted a photo of what appeared to be contractor pickup trucks parallel parked in front of the supercharger stations at a Hampton Inn & Suites in El Paso, Texas.

On December 18, contractor pickup trucks were spotted parallel parked in front of the supercharger stations at a Hampton Inn & Suites in El Paso, Texas +4

'We were almost stranded all night,' he wrote. 'I rode up on the curb and did a 12 point turn between the truck and another vehicle with about 1 inch to spare on either side to connect.'

'We called the city police but before they arrived I accidentally flagged down a couple of El Paso Sheriff deputies who went down to the hotel and started knocking on every door until they found who owned the trucks,' the Tesla owner wrote.

'We had to hit the road to get home, but I wish I could have seen the fallout.'

RedShift | 30 dicembre 2018

Cover them with shrink wrap, like they do for bad parkers.

RedShift | 30 dicembre 2018

This is what our country has come to. Stupid ignorant core of the country thinking this is all a liberal conspiracy to deprive them of their right to pollute.

Dumb, arrogant, and sad.

woesch | 4 gennaio 2019

Here is the solution to the poblem. Have a look on „Tesla Trip‘s“ action:

skyler418 | 4 gennaio 2019

I have a petition started to start legislation to make non-ev parking in ev spaces posted and fineable like a handicap spot. Would you all mind signing it so I can grow the list? Thanks all!

TranzNDance | 4 gennaio 2019

I searched to see if there were laws about parking at gas pumps while not filling up. Apparently, ICEV drivers get ICED, too! What a lovely bunch of hoomans.

reed_lewis | 1 aprile 2019

SPAM from @dailynhaccu Flagged.

reed_lewis | 1 aprile 2019

@TranzNDance - You are correct. A few months ago when I was at a take out restaurant that is in a small strip mall with a Cumberland Farms and an 8 pump gas station in the same mall, there was a guy who parked in his ICE car next to a gas pump under the overhang because it was raining so he could go into Cumberland Farms to buy some things even though there were spots nearby. He did not fill up at all.