model x 7 seat, middle row stuck at 45 degree - how to manually release?

model x 7 seat, middle row stuck at 45 degree - how to manually release?

Hellow fellow tesla owners. Has anyone had experience with the middle row bench stuck at a 45degree angle (left side double bench seat)? I've tried everything to release it.

1) pressed hidden button on top of seat (many times)
2) used lever
3) rebooted car
4) moved the seat forward and backward, while attempting to use the lever and press hidden button.

I've given up, the seat is currently unusable. Tesla will take months to get a new seat. I have an appointment for next week, maybe the techs have a trick to release it, but I really need that middle row today.

My question to the forum is this. Is there a way to manually release the seat so that I can fold it to the upright position? Does anybody have a wiring diagram for the seat? I've can't seem to trace the lever on the left side of the seat far enough to see what it is actuating.

If I can't find an answer, I'm thinking about just removing it and putting a couple of milk crates for the kids to set on, maybe a lovesac if they are good. (joke ...don't report me to cps)

On a side note, these seats seem to have some problems, as the right side seat, broke in July, and I am still waiting for a replacement for that one, and here it is December 30th. At this point, I'm going to have to just park this car since it's not usable to carry anybody anymore. :-(

winx17 | 1 gennaio 2019

Just got a nex X. They sure are hard to move around. Slide back and forth. makes me want to try someone else's to compare things throughout the car. Good luck!

annacowan1 | 1 gennaio 2019

I have the exact same problem but I also cannot slide the seat.

mrhits777 | 7 gennaio 2019

I dropped off my Model X this morning at the Freemont service center. The service advisor said it would take a couple of months for the middle row to come in. I've asked them to remove the 80% bench seat it in the meantime, so at least the third row rear seats can be used. The service advisor said he would try, so long as there were no exposed wires. Well, this should be interesting. I love my Tesla, but I am quite displeased that I have not been able to use the car as intended (missing seats).

lilbean | 7 gennaio 2019

Why do the seats have to be removed to use the third row? Are the seats stuck in a 135 degree angle?

mrhits777 | 11 gennaio 2019

They are stuck at 45 degrees; So, nobody can sit in the seats, unless you are a cat. Anyway, I got my X back from the Fremont service center. They managed to release the seat into the upright position. (yay). Then, today, I took the car to the car wash, I looked at the dude, and said, don't touch the seats, they are broken, if you do, they will be stuck. He looks at me nods and says yes. So I walk around the car, I look back and he moved the seats. After I put my eyes back in their sockets, I walked over, and said, didn't I just say not to do this? Another guy says, he doesn't speak English. The seats are again stuck. Right now, I just want to put my Tesla out of its misery. The service center says the 20% part of the bench will be in in a few weeks, but the really important 80% that is stuck at an angle is months out. I don't know what to do with this thing. I need all the seats, it going to be an expensive paperweight until I get that seat in.

lilbean | 11 gennaio 2019

Bummer. Please don’t take it to the car wash. Those people don’t care about your car at all.

Uncle Paul | 12 gennaio 2019

Not sure if this is tha same thing, but about 9 months ago there was a recall on the middle row of seats for something like this. They adjusted something and said it was good to go.

Some were just inspected and were find to be working perfect, but some needed an adjustment or replacement for a part. Had something to do with the reclining mechanism.

mrhits777 | 20 gennaio 2019

The seat is in sooner than expected! A ranger is coming on Tuesday to install it at my workplace! :-)

Redmiata98 | 22 gennaio 2019

Wow, your Guardian Angel is working overtime! Hope all works so you can once again enjoy the ride of your life without this detractor.

mrhits777 | 5 gennaio 2020

UGggg. ..the mechanism broke again. The rear 80% seat will no longer slide forward, at least it can be folded down. Any idea what is going on with these seats? This makes it difficult to get into the back row.