Loud bang under driver while Super Charging

Loud bang under driver while Super Charging

I've had my P3D+ for a 4 months and put 3000 miles on it. I'm pretty familiar with the sounds it makes like the inverter cluck under the back seats.

I experienced something totally different last week. I was on a road trip. After about 75 miles of driving (second leg) at freeway speeds (in southern California; outside temp was about 55) we needed to stop at the super charger. One spot open at supercharger, so was getting about 60 kw. After about 5 minutes of charging, we heard a loud noise under the my feet (driver foot-well). It sounded like something between an explosion and hitting the bottom of the car with a sludge hammer. It was loud enough that Me and the two other passengers jumped out of the car to see if something exploded. Everything looked fine, so we got back in... Charging continued. about 5 minutes later, there was another similar sound (but more like a metal cookie sheet popping in the oven), it was not nearly as loud and also sounded like it was from somewhere near the front of the car. Continued charging another 15 minutes with no additional odd sounds.

Since this is my first/only time super charging, is this something other people have experienced? It was quite startling and if this is normal, i'll need to warn passengers at the super charger.

I have a server appointment next week for something unrelated, so thought i'd mention this and get it noted on my car's history.

Magic 8 Ball | 2 gennaio 2019

Common issue, and is "normal" (currently). Many threads about the loud bang.

GHammer | 2 gennaio 2019

Your description of the cookie sheet popping is exactly what this noise is. There is a piece of sheet metal that flexes under the temperature change caused by supercharging. Apparently Tesla is aware of it and is looking into it.

ybbor | 2 gennaio 2019

@hammer @OR-US Interesting, thanks! It was quite startling when not expecting it... I'll consider it normal for now :-) I'll just warn my passengers that we won't explode.

I wonder what Tesla could do; short of replacing the battery, seems like this will be with us for the life of the car.

Magic 8 Ball | 2 gennaio 2019

Reports are saying that early cars do not have it and the issue has something to do with insulation and thin sheet covering the battery (not a structural piece). People have kiddingly (I think) talked about spray in foam and it would not surprise me if that ends up being a potential cure.

rxlawdude | 2 gennaio 2019

Our early 3 does not have this. VIN 00138x

Skhamapirad | 15 aprile 2019

Took delivery of a Model 3 standard range partial premium Friday. Tried charging twice a 2 different superchargers in west Tennessee. One did cause the car to make “clunk” sound 2-3 time 10+ minutes apart (underneath and behind me). Startled me. The other was noiseless. Battery was likely warm from a long drive with the second and not with the first. That may or may not have been the difference. Ambient temp was 65 F.

MoonDog | 15 aprile 2019

My Model SR+ arrived end of March and I experience the cookie sheet pop too. A couple of times it did seem temperature related, but most of the times was actually driving up my driveway. It is quite steep at the beginning and if I drive in without being fully lined up it pops. That is, if I start driving up with only one wheel first. I suppose for the Model 3 it is as if 'twisting' the metal sheet.... Now I line carefully being starting the ascent and I haven't heard the sound for a while. Don't really mind the noise, it is just the concern about long term issue with the stress at the joints :(

Magic 8 Ball | 15 aprile 2019

@MoonDog I would not worry about long term issue. Cookie sheets last forever.

rtmbratboy | 26 agosto 2019

I took delivery of a model three performance this month. I’ve been charging it at my local apartment charger. Today or rather this evening was my very first long trip. I stoped at the supercharger after coming back from a trip. I had 80 miles on the battery remaining, and it was 72° outside. I plugged up the supercharger and less than five minutes and I hear this loud explosion. I immediately thought someone was either trying to break in or throwing objects at the car. It’s 11:30pm at night and I already feel a bit on edge in the middle of this parking lot alone. Before I can figure out the solution I heard it again but this time felt the floor shake violently. After realizing it was the battery I ran out of the car wondering if I should unplug it and call roadside assistance. After a quick Google search I realize this is something that’s happening with other owners. All I can say is that’s not acceptable and it’s a horrifying sound. People can tell me again and again that it is normal, but having my entire car shake and sound like it’s going to explode it’s not comforting.

bp | 27 agosto 2019

FWIW it’ll settle down a bit over time.

Heritagesb | 27 agosto 2019

If it really bothers you, TSB SB-19-16-010 addresses this by installing different high voltage battery breathers.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 agosto 2019

@rtmbratboy Check the TSB and see if you car falls within the build dates of car that was affected.

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

It's common to have clanging sounds, sheet metal flexing sounds, and whirring/whining. But a loud bang like an explosion is the first I've heard on this forum.

If you have the date/time of the occurrence, I suggest you call the service center and have them look at the logs - I would.

Bighorn | 27 agosto 2019

I'm guessing it's poetic license and the same thing everyone hears.

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

I hear you.
I also remember trying to sleep through one of my early Supercharger sessions ~2015, I woke up and rushed out of my car when it started making a loud humming noise :)) and I'm not kidding, I stood a good 30ft away from the car listening to the sounds in chilly November weather.

I understand early apprehensions all too well :)

Magic 8 Ball | 27 agosto 2019

So maybe a knee jerk reaction to call service is not in order until more information is shared?

CharleyBC | 27 agosto 2019

“I also remember trying to sleep through one of my early Supercharger sessions”

Impressive. Supercharging is usually so fast I scarcely have time to pee, much less sleep!

jjgunn | 27 agosto 2019

July 17th bulletin is out there for all to see.


If you took delivery in August 2019, you should already have the updated breathers.

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

None of us have heard it, and do not know how loud it is. If it is really loud I'd still encourage the OP to check what's going on with service
Because they'd be able to check logs and share if anything was really off.
Nothing knee jerk about it. I'm sharing what I'd do if the sound was really a loud bang.

Bighorn | 27 agosto 2019

Mine is a loud bang from the floor that wakes me. Has happened hundreds of times.

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

Never really thought about it, but what is that sound?

Magic 8 Ball | 27 agosto 2019

A one time experience with a "loud bang" can be anything. Service will not be able to diagnose if someone threw a fire cracker under a car. If the car reports no errors and operates fine there is no need to panic and bother the SC with every little thing. Coming here and getting input first, is the right thing and we have not heard back from the OP if the build of the car falls under the TSB that covers the most likely cause of non-catastrophic loud bangs reported here. The wrong advice is to call the SC before getting more information here first.

Bighorn | 27 agosto 2019

It’s flexing of the metal battery case due to unequal pressure due to altitude or heat. Sounds like a baking pan or oil canning.

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

Good to know. Thank you.

Thrillion | 27 agosto 2019

I don't understand this sleeping at Superchargers.

I have never slept at a supercharger. 90% of the time I get out and do something besides sit in the car.
Average charging seams to be 25 mins. Even had to go back out to the car a few times to move it before we finished our meal (or got our meal).

vmulla | 27 agosto 2019

I grab a nap every minute I can. It's not a Supercharger thing :)

CharleyBC | 27 agosto 2019

One time while Supercharging, I heard the Bang, and quickly looked under the car. I startled this guy, who ran away after dropping his hammer:

Bighorn | 27 agosto 2019

Do you repeatedly drive 1000 miles a day?