Tesla Customer Service is the worst

Tesla Customer Service is the worst

I have had nothing but disappointment in Tesla Customer service. I bought TWO model 3 and getting them to do anything is like going to the dentist...unpleasant and painful at times. Now you can't even call them you have to e-mail them. If you really lucky someone might e-mail you back and say we are looking into it BUT most likely you will get nothing but more aggravation and disappointment. I understand it a new company but this is not how you gain more customers. I love the cars but if I had to do it all over again I would wait till they get their act together and treat people whom have spent over $100,000 on their cars like you matter, like a person and not a profit margin.

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

I have had excellent treatment from customer service. Everyone has a different experience but, so far, best service from any car company I have dealt with.

jordanrichard | 5 gennaio 2019

So when you call your local service center, they hang up on you........? I am guessing no, which means they answer the phone.

Also, you did give us any details. In other words, what the issues are? That like being a movie critic and for a review just saying, “this movie sucked”.

GAGSTESLA | 5 gennaio 2019

+1 Magic, I too have had great service. The texting of updates going on with the car are so much better than anything I have ever experienced at other manufactures.

Madatgascar | 5 gennaio 2019

I’m on my 5th Tesla, after MercedesLexusSaabJeepFordBMW, and I would say Tesla customer service is the best.

ghgregory | 5 gennaio 2019

I own two Teslas, a 2016 Model X and a 2018 Model 3. As I noted in a Model X thread on this forum, I have had superb service, including quick response, from the Tampa SC. Prompt, professional, capable in all respects, went over and above my expectations, including providing Lyft transportation from my home to the SC, 57 miles, at no cost to me.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

Maybe 8 ball cause you bought directly from them . I bought two model 3. One in Nov and the other in December through private party sells, both sellers upgraded to performance model 3's. So Tesla sold two more cars as a result of my purchases correct? Try getting them to add a car through a private party sell to your account, takes up to two weeks, in the mean time the previous owner has access to the car though his app and pretty much see what the car is doing where it's parked etc. Gets even better took another two weeks to add the second car to my account, and after two weeks they remove it today for no reason. Try getting them to give you the auto pilot trial cause you never got to try it , oh it's going to pushed to your car but after over a month NOTHING but broken promises. Maybe Tesla doesn't value people whom buy their cars from anybody but Tesla

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

Maybe it's private party sell problem, like I said the cars are excellent but getting them to do anything in a timely manor through the Tesla Customer Service e-mail is been very disappointing

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

Maybe it's because I don't whine when dealing with people I need or want things from?

Transfer to new owner account on these new cars is complicated for everyone. I sold my 2013 Furd Cmax Energi recently and despite all paperwork filled to perfection the warranties and online "myfordmobile" account and some other things took a month to process. I watched our old car Ruby do her daily routine with the new owners for a month.

You are a dragging anchor, to most of us, when you are calling them asking for "free trial" and upset they are not standing at attention, front and center, to your every request. You are now shooting yourself in the foot by crying about poor treatment unless you sell your cars and get out of TESLA. Your message only serves the purpose of crying in public about poor pitiful you and also serves to steer people away from TESLA. If you are in then it makes no sense to tell others to stay out.

jordanrichard | 5 gennaio 2019

So it would have been a lot more helpful is you had said this from the beginning. Also perhaps a better approach would have been to ask others if they have had any problems in a similar situation. Instead you foot stomped on how pathetic Tesla customer service is.

CST | 5 gennaio 2019

I'd turn off remote access in that case.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

So 8 ball pretend I should pretend TESLA customer service is doing their job and hope for the best ? been two months and nothing is getting done in fact we are worse off today than yesterday cause one of the model 3 is not on my account anymore , maybe it’s back on the previous owners account maybe it,s on no ones account but never less I can’t access it through the app. I did my part and paid for the cars , they need to do their part and take care of issues in a timely manor

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

So 8 ball I should pretend TESLA customer service is doing their job and hope for the best ? Maybe in a couple more months it will get fixed right. been two months and nothwing is getting done in fact we are worse off today than yesterday cause one of the model 3 is not on my account anymore , maybe it’s back on the previous owners account maybe it,s on no ones account but never less It’s not on my account . I did my part and paid for the cars , they need to do their part and take care of issues in a timely manor

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

No you should be proactive directly with them, one on one, and work the issue without posting headlines that would steer people away from TESLA unless that is your intention. You could have come here, described your situation, and ask for advice and there would be no drama and maybe more willing to help you in return.

jordanrichard | 5 gennaio 2019

You paid the previous owner for the cars, not Tesla. You technically are not a Tesla customer and don’t owe you anything. Do you go complain about the local Ford dealer because paperwork for a used Mustang you bought form the guy down the street, isn’t being processed quick enough?

BobInSeattle | 5 gennaio 2019

The company is doing everything it can to manufacture, process and deliver cars in time for the expiration of the federal tax credit, not to mention quarterly and year end numbers, and your situation is not something they are geared up to do, so I'm not surprised that it's taken longer than optimal. It's not an excuse for poor communication or service, but it probably should be considered when judging the entire company based on your experience. I think you have a right to be upset, but I'm wondering if you're helping the situation with this tactic, which has the potential to hurt the company and you both.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

LIke I said I LOVE the cars, so read the post before you assume what I'm trying to say and NO i'm not trying to steer people away from buying the car. I have wrote them 20 or e-mails asking for help and nothing is getting is fixed, this isn't the only issue and nothing is getting fixed. Excuse me if I think they should improve their customer service and not be mindless drone like you and think everything is just peachy.

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

Like I said you are shooting yourself in the foot when you post headlines that, intended or not, is clearly an advertisement saying TESLA sucks. Saying TESLA sucks in public is not apt to attract more customers and more likely to steer them away.

But you are a self centered lost cause at this point, defending your right to whine.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

Again ....I'm going on almost two months and getting nothing accomplished , MAYBE I'm old fashioned but thats plenty of time to address my issues. If they are that busy maybe they should hire additional personnel to gets thing done in a timely manor is all I'm saying here

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

You are not saying anything, you are crying.

82bert | 5 gennaio 2019

Tesla service is easily the best. I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences. Can not recommend them enough.

007bond | 5 gennaio 2019

First it should not be easy to transfer a car to a new account if it was that would be a security hole. It is clearly stated that this process can take a few weeks after proper proof has been provided. Things that I know slow things down is sending emails from a different account then you used for your Tesla account. Assuming you followed the several detailed instructions I would think a few weeks and you should be done. Again assuming you followed the instructions of the process. If no results you can easy escalate it to the executive committee from your Tesla account and you will have a reply in a day or so and results very soon after. So if you really have done all the steps correct use the executive escalation opinion and I bet your cars are in your account in a few days.

Most of here on the forum have had Tesla bend over backwards for us. When I needed service and Tesla service was CLOSED a tech drove in from home opened up the shop and fixed my car, The detail guy that happend to see me gave me a loaner and sent me to breakfast this was Christmas eve. When I got back my car was washed and waxed and oh yea all fixed. When I first arrived no one asked me if I bought the car new or from a private party. I got this level of service just because I was driving a Tesla not because I bought it new. So you really won't find much sympathy here.

Your problem is easy to solve I gave you the answer I suggest you put your efforts into contacting the executive team again we are all assuming you have followed the proper process already.

ColonyGolfer | 5 gennaio 2019

I agree with Jmac on this....sorry. Maybe not his screaming headline message, but there is no doubt the process of reselling a Tesla and getting it out of your app, into a new owner app really needs work. It took me a month after a sale and it should be a quicker process. Other than this one issue, their customer service has been spot-on.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

I have no problem with Tesla Service locally, haven't had any issue other than the frunk not opening and they fixed that after the car was finally transferred into my account after two weeks, but now that same car is no longer showing up in my account, so I'm not sure whats going on again. I just believe if you spend the amount of money on a vehicle such as a Tesla you should get things done quicker than two weeks. I tried calling today Tesla Customer Service number and you can't get through and talk to a live person, you have to e-mail them and hope someone responds sometime soon So instead of hiring more people so they could answer the additional calls , they make it even more frustrating and make you e-mail them. I have also e-mail them through my Tesla account and checked the box executive committee and my issues still remained unresolved two months now . I repeat the car is great, best car I ever had , heck I bought two of them, the customer service at the Tesla Stores where they repair them is great but getting help in a timely manor online could be improved and it will only get worse if they don't address this now before they sell more these cars.

gballant4570 | 5 gennaio 2019

jmac4865, Tesla has not sold you a car, despite your misleading initial posting. They cannot treat you like a profit margin, you represent none. While I might sympathize with your situation, reading what you have posted here prevents me from doing so. Complaining here won't change anything, but it does expose just a bit of your character along the way.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

Ouch....Not complaining just doing what I thought we could do here express our opinion's. guess i was wrong.

lilbean | 5 gennaio 2019

+1 @Madatgascar
Customer service has always been great for me.

Mike UpNorth | 5 gennaio 2019

You bought from a 3rd party to get a better deal. I think some growing pains from a newer tech/car company should have been expected.
If you had bought directly from T, having to spend a little more $, you wouldn't be having these issues.
Spend some of the money you saved on......

charles.a.braun | 5 gennaio 2019

I have had both good and bad service from Tesla. Seems to me it is a crapshoot from one appointment to the next.

mabuck | 5 gennaio 2019

Never had an issue with service. Called and schedule service takes 5 minutes. Mobile service is great. That’s what you get with buying a car from a new car company, I have had several minor issues with my car but I expected it. Tesla is many years behind with perfecting the “ancient” car building techniques but they will get there.

Read a statistic that 80+% of all Tesla’s delivered needed after sales service due to car issues. All other manufacturers are at 20% or less. Still a long ways to go.

Don’t forget they were building cars outside their factoy in a tent.

Lonestar10_1999 | 5 gennaio 2019

@jordanrichard- although a Tesla is bought from a private party, the buyer is still in the Tesla “family” and deserves timely customer service.

It would be great if Tesla had full time customer service “troublshooters” as a single point of contact for any issue the customer needs resolved. The troubleshooter could ensure the issue is handled by the appropriate department and provide tracking feedback to the customer.

It would be a shame if Tesla got the reputation of being a hassle to work with, especially when the car is a private party purchase.

jmac4865 | 5 gennaio 2019

@Lonestar10- Thank you , as more of these car enter the used car market , I'm sure the new owners want to feel like they are part of the Tesla Family, judging by most of the response here you are suppose to only agree with Tesla and not complain about anything . I am taken back by the harsh opinions on saying Tesla online customers service should and could be better, because it can. if they want to stay ahead of the competition in this price range they will need to.

Magic 8 Ball | 5 gennaio 2019

So your headline was not "harsh"?

Your OP was far from a polite criticism saying they could be better.

vmulla | 5 gennaio 2019

If there's one thing about Tesla that I like more than their cars, it's their customer service.
I get OP's frustration about not able to get desired attention. But you haven't seen Tesla's customer service the way I did. I'm sad that OP is judging Tesla's customer service from the time Tesla is adapting to higher service volumes.

But here's my experience - my Model S was in a crash while being serviced, my car was just collateral damage in a 3 car collision - it wasn't Tesla's fault. Tesla put me in a loaner car for over 8months until everything was resolved - they gave me their best cars P90D, and MX90 - no charge, no payments, no mileage limits. Now tell me which other company does that??

With my early VIN Model 3, I had several issues - all of them were resolved to my satisfaction. I'll admit that scheduling the fixes was a challenge. But each and every time they were sincere in their approach, and thorough in their work.
That's costumer service for me - sincerity towards their costumers.

My advice, cut some slack to Tesla service and judge them over time.

RES IPSA | 5 gennaio 2019

I was not aware that you cannot call customer service anymore, like the OP wrote.

Customer service from tesla has been hit or miss with me... I have had great experiences at the local service center, but I am still waiting on an essential part that was allegedly ordered back in September 2018. Tesla has been very disorganized about getting me this part (rear taillight assembly). Gets frustrating when you have to reorder the same part three separate times

ST70 | 5 gennaio 2019

"my Model S was in a crash while being serviced" How?

RES IPSA | 5 gennaio 2019

@ST70... one could assume it was hit while in the shop by another vehicle or machinery?? I would ask for the video footage from the shop on that one...

vmulla | 5 gennaio 2019

My car was being driven for diagnostics by a Tesla folks. My car was at a complete standstill at a traffic signal. Two cars crashed at the intersection in front of my car (they had green), a third car tried to avoid the crash and crashed into my car.
2 people went to the hospital, no fatalities. Tesla driver had a sore shoulder from the crash.
My car was totaled, but there was a big insurance melee because there were 4 car's insurance involved.
Tesla folks dealt with all the trouble, extended phone calls, crazy insurance adjusters etc etc. All I did was authorize Tesla to fight on my behalf. All while I enjoyed loaners.

Yes, I lost some money because of crazy insurance
/lease adjustments. But Tesla helped me beyond anyone's imagination - even though they weren't at fault.

I have called out bad service incidents at Tesla, but still I make it a point to put it all into the larger perspective. I started as a Tesla customer because of their cars, but it's their customer service that's stellar.

jpalermo | 5 gennaio 2019

FYI, you can chat with Tesla Support using the icon on the bottom right of this page:

Possibly from desktop browser only, but it sure beats trying to call them most of the time.

calpilot7 | 5 gennaio 2019

So much better than BMW. BMW is HORRIBLE. Zero respect and down right rudeness. I will never have any business with BMW again. Only Tesla.

ST70 | 5 gennaio 2019

@vmulla- very cool Tesla did that. I've never heard of that from any other Car manufacturer....doubt that Tesla can continue with that Goodwill.

roger.klurfeld | 6 gennaio 2019

I've driven my Model 3 for over 6 months now, but I wouldn't know anything about Tesla service. I've never had to use it.

From what I've read here the complaint is that Tesla hasn't moved on the writer's request to change the ownership of his Model 3 to his name. That would be awful security if someone could tell Tesla to change ownership of someone else's car.

@Magic 8 ball, I'm going to tell Tesla I bought your car. I have a fake bill of sale. Too bad Tesla doesn't have nationwide summons already. I think I'll complain about that.

sbenoit | 6 gennaio 2019

To JMAC 4865: First, did you transfer title through your Motor Vehicle Department in your State? Second, if you are ready to be polite, and really want help, go to your local sales center and ask for help. Third, I have always been able to call for service and never emailed for anything. Fourth, Tesla has always responded quickly for service and followed up to be sure it worked for me later. Fifth, I only own one Model 3. You only attract what you love - try it.

lilbean | 6 gennaio 2019

+100 @sbenoit

007bond | 6 gennaio 2019

jmac4865 did you do what I said and contact the executive committee from your account, if you did then by Tue you should be all set if you did not....

Bryan.whitton | 6 gennaio 2019

I have had excellent support from Tesla SC in Sunnyvale. Very knowledgeable staff and very helpful.

rkalbiarEV | 6 gennaio 2019

Well, that is too bad.
Tesla service in Portland, Oregon has been very good. Sometimes a little slow but have always come through!

apodbdrs | 6 gennaio 2019

I have always experienced excellent customer services on several occasions with TESLA.

gballant4570 | 6 gennaio 2019

Now that the OP has been roundly chastised for his approach, we could look at the larger issue. The Mission will only have complete success when the used car market is saturated sufficiently with EV's that most any used car buyer has and makes the EV choice, actually turning ICE vehicles into flip phones as suggested by the recent WSJ article.

Of course Tesla at the moment is only paying full attention to used cars sold by Tesla, and to delivering new cars. But they do need to pay attention to people like jmac4865, in the interests of both the company and The Mission. There is nothing at all wrong with pointing this out, and expecting improvement. But doing it in a more straightforward and accurate way would be the best choice....

lilbean | 6 gennaio 2019

What do you expect with a thread title like that? Really? Tesla is the worst? Really? How about Honda where they charged me for replacing my all my filters but didn't actually replacing them. What about the Honda employee who stole all my parking meter change?

vmulla | 6 gennaio 2019

I'd say the OP had a bad experience, so have I, but that's nothing compared to the other several extremely positive experiences. And others have shared good experiences, it's not a matter of chastising or defending - just sharing different points of view.

OP, Just give Tesla some time, they'll surely win you back. I'm confident of it.