Ford F-Series Pickup EV

Ford F-Series Pickup EV

"Ford might not be doomed after all. The American automaker has now finally announced that it is going to launch an all-electric version of its most important vehicle program: the F-Series pickup trucks." electrec, Jan. 16th 2019 3:21 pm ET"

OK, I know that Tesla is also planning to announce an EV pickup, but the pickup owners I see around my neck of the woods are bigger, louder, meaner, macho-man, get out of my way or I'll run you over types.

I'm not going to make any predictions, but I think it will be interesting to see how well EV pickups are going to sell in the near term, no matter what brand.

carlk | 16 gennaio 2019

One small step for auto industry. One big step for transition to sustainable transportation.

Ford will make its electric pickup as close to current F-series as possible. That's the only way they can do it. The Tesla will be a totally different breed.

Elon talked about what's his idea of the new pickup here.

RedShift | 16 gennaio 2019

Show me your Superchargers, Ford.

That heavy, mean electric F150 (wait, wouldn’t that fit well? A 150 kWh battery, possibly?) wouldn’t travel very far hauling heavy macho stuff for long without a viable DCFC network.

Also, this is just talk, talk at the moment.

Tropopause | 16 gennaio 2019

Ford CEO Jim Hackett made the announcement at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference today:

“We are going to electrifying the F-Series with battery electric and hybrid and we are doing the same for Transit. We launched a PHEV version of Transit and that will be on a journey of electrifying Transit globally.”

Not sure what he means.

Tropopause | 16 gennaio 2019

Sounds like playing with words.

carlk | 16 gennaio 2019

The word "electrify" disqualifies anyone to be taken seriously.

TranzNDance | 17 gennaio 2019

At least it plants the idea into some people's heads that EVs could be acceptable. Expand the pie. If they won't consider an EV from an upstart, they would consider one from Ford.

Karpinski00 | 17 gennaio 2019

Have to wonder if all the positive press Rivian is receiving has anything to do with this statement?
If Rivian can bring their trucks to market as planned (a big if for now, but I am rooting for them), they will be at least 2 years ahead any BEV F-150.

carlk | 17 gennaio 2019

I'm sure it's Tesla that Ford is worrying about. I don't think it cares about a company that will make small volume of $100K ~$200K trucks and even that is a big unknown.

kcheng | 17 gennaio 2019

Yes, and that's what all the car makers said 10 years ago about Tesla. They're not worrying about a company making a small volume of expensive cars. Hopefully they've learned their lessons.

David N | 17 gennaio 2019

My guess is that Fords F150 will begin as a hybrid.
For Ford to jump in with an all electric Pick up, with no fast charging network, sounds like it’s doomed before it gets off the ground, especially if ICE F150’s are offered also. Let’s compare: road trip w/ EV F150 that takes hours to charge, or ICE F150 w gas stations on every corner for 5 min fill up.
Until others have some type of Fast Supercharger, demand will be limited to EV enthusiasts. Costs will be in the $100k range. Anything less gets you a small battery/short range. Back to the charging issue.
Best scenario is EV F150, with privileges to Tesla Supercharger.
Battery technology and cost for them will be issues.
Just my opinion.
Hope I’m wrong.

RedShift | 17 gennaio 2019

DavidN, you are right on target.

Except for Ford being allowed the chance to use Tesla Superchargers. Not gonna happen IMO. Remember the Ford objection to allow Tesla the usage of the name Model E? Still rankles, I bet.

carlk | 17 gennaio 2019

I don't think any major car company will join the Tesla supercharger network at this juncture. They are too scared of Tesla to do anything to help legitimize its leadership position. That might change in a few years when Tesla well established its dominate position though.

jordanrichard | 17 gennaio 2019

In all fairness, not too many families/people go on road trips with thier F-150. Most of F-150s are used as farm vehicles and in the trades, being it construction, plumbers, carpenters, etc. At least here in the Northeast.

kcheng | 18 gennaio 2019

In Maine, you'd be surprised at how many people in the trades who come up from Massachusetts in their trucks with commercial tags, towing their off-road toys, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc., or loaded in the bed.

jacklondon413 | 18 gennaio 2019

I'm sure big Auto is at a crossroads right now. They could either try to beat Tesla or kill Tesla. But the people have spoken and are saying that EVs are a big draw, at least for sedans. Does Ford actually come out with a strong EV model? Or do they do it half arse and its a small step child of the ICE F150s?

IMO, I think the F150 EV will be lower in specs than its ICE brothers. Otherwise they'd be cannibalizing their own product lines. The only other way for them to change direction to EV is to go full EV or make their best model their EV model. I'm excited to see what they do, but it'll be at least a year or two out before we hear or see anything.

kcheng | 19 gennaio 2019

It's best to cannibalize your own business, than to let others do it for you.

carlk | 19 gennaio 2019

Neither is good but if you don't do it others will do it for you.

Yodrak. | 19 gennaio 2019

"It's best to cannibalize your own business, than to let others do it for you."

Good point. A Ford F150 fan is going to buy a Ford F150, whether it's gas or electric. A pickup fan thinking about EV may go for a Ford F150 instead of a competitor if the F150 EV is decent and the competition doesn't offer an EV pickup, in which case Ford has a new sale.

The trick is going to be making F150 EV competitive with the F150 ICEV in both functionality and price.