Infinity SAV

Infinity SAV

Just wondering if someone know South Korea company Infinity SAV ? They are offering free energy technology, some kind of free electricity generator ... this could help to stop pollution. What do you think ?

reed_lewis | 18 gennaio 2019

I am sure it is total BS. You cannot generate power from nothing. It is impossible!

jordanrichard | 18 gennaio 2019

Never heard of it.

reed_lewis, perhaps by "free electricity generator", they mean a free generator as a promotional item.....

Xerogas | 18 gennaio 2019

@ttoomm1: nope, don’t fall for it.

DTsea | 18 gennaio 2019

I looked it up. Perpetual motion machines with Russian patents that may or may not have anything to do with the devices, wrapped in nice rhetoric about saving the world.

ttoomm1 | 19 gennaio 2019

so the question would be : why are they doing this ?

kcheng | 19 gennaio 2019

Have they announced anything in 2 years? | 20 gennaio 2019

@ttoomm1 - "so the question would be : why are they doing this ?"

My guess: To suck in stupid investors and run off with the money. Unfortunately, lots of people haven't a clue about science, and will fall for these sort of scams.

jimglas | 20 gennaio 2019

I heard the company is owned by a Nigerian prince