Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego Urban Supercharger Coming Soon!

Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego Urban Supercharger Coming Soon!

I spotted 20 Urban Supercharger stalls next to Bloomingdale's today. Waiting for Tesla to flip the switch.

Finally, a relief is coming to residents of east side San Diego! Thank you Tesla!
Let's see how fast they get fully occupied.

sbeggs | 21 gennaio 2019

Yay! Are they inside parking structure?

avesraggiana | 21 gennaio 2019

@sbeggs. No. Theyr’re just outside the parking structure. If you head towards the parking structure that’s south of PF Chang’s and The Container Store, theyr’e located on the south side of that structure.

They’ve been installed but covered in plastic for weeks now.

stevenmaifert | 21 gennaio 2019

There is a post on the M3 forum that says Tesla is charging $.036/kWh at the Qualcomm site. It they follow suit with that kind of rate at the Fashion Valley SC, I don't think congestion will be a problem, but we'll see. My 2012 MS with free for the life of the car Supercharging just got more valuable :)

sbeggs | 21 gennaio 2019


Many thanks for the precise description! Hope it is not in flood zone there.

wisam.alrawi | 21 gennaio 2019

Here is a video I recorded just for reference. I was super excited to see them just fyi. :)

sbeggs | 22 gennaio 2019

Thanks so much! I usually park inside that garage so the location is great...for the March Latin Film Festival, I'll try the urban charging there!

stevenmaifert | 1 febbraio 2019

It is operational and showing on the touch screen map. Also on Tesla Website: