Cold weather driving

Cold weather driving

I live in MN and purchased a Model 3 dual motor with long range battery this winter and am pretty disappointed in the amount of battery life I’m seeing in cold weather. I realize I should have done a bit more research! This morning I fully charged the car, which brings me to about 303 estimated miles. But my estimated range under consumption is 178. I think that’s even a little high after I’ve calculated consumption myself over the last week. Closer to 150 is more realistic. Anyway, just wanted to see if others are feeling the same way. Might not have been the right purchase for me and my driving patterns in the climate I live in. Besides that, I do love most everything else.

jimglas | 25 gennaio 2019

Preheat the car while still charging and turn off the heater while driving, just use the seat heater. Slowing down to 65 will help a lot.

Darthamerica | 25 gennaio 2019

You'll see better range when it warms up. Until then always assume you'll only get 50 to 60% of rated range in extreme cold. This way vampire loss, battery heating and cabin heating won't be an issue and you have some margin.

meskipp | 25 gennaio 2019

Thank you for the advice!

reed_lewis | 25 gennaio 2019

If you need the range, pre-heat the car before driving. If you need the range, turn the heat down to as low as it can go or off completely.

Otherwise, just drive it.

tstolz | 25 gennaio 2019

Sounds like a really cold day and a cold soaked battery! I live in Alberta and have 200,000 km on my MS ... so lots of cold weather experience. The trick is to plug in ... and/or have a heated garage. If your battery starts out reasonably warm expect no worse than 1.5 X EPA ... and more likely 1.33 X ... meaning if your trip is 100 miles you will need 133 - 150 miles epa rated range to get there. The absolute worse case I’ve experienced was starting out with a cold soaked battery where it took about 180 miles of epa range to go 100 miles. Plan and you’ll be fine!

Docbbc | 25 gennaio 2019

The range loss is at first concerning and worrisome. Rather soon you will adjust to cold weather changes. The BEST is pre heating for 5 minutes whether plugged in or not and always having a toasty warm car!

Darthamerica | 25 gennaio 2019

"Range Assurance" works pretty good so if the car says you can make it, you probably can. Just try to have 10-20% margin just like an ICE car so you are prepared...

NKYTA | 25 gennaio 2019

+1 @tstoltz

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dj_miller | 26 gennaio 2019

Good advice on cold weather driving. Left Cicago area on January 24; temperature was 8 degrees. Learned to stop at each supercharger in route regardless of the routing projections of range. Seeing inconsistencies between projected range and percent of battery left. At one supercharger stop, the projected range was 58 miles and the percent of battery remaining was 9%. If my calculations are correct, that means my Model 3 has a battery range of 644 miles. Not possible! Any thoughts?

kcheng | 28 gennaio 2019

Did you miss the "1" before the "9%"?

vivekgore | 29 gennaio 2019

I learned a lot about cold weather driving on recent road trip. The battery drains pretty fast, especially in hilly terrain, and you have stay under 75mph to conserve it. Didn't know about pre-heating the car, will try that next time. The projected range information was useful and generally close to accurate, but I feel like the car should also provide number of KWh left and Wh/mile over the last several miles (not just 15) in a dashboard format. I agree that it is a good idea to stop at each supercharger just to be sure. When you are out somewhere in cold weather where you can't plug in, you don't have a choice but to start with a cold battery.

starojam | 29 gennaio 2019

See Tesla's Cold Weather Driving tips -