Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Hi, I am going to be in the San Francisco area for a few days on vacation in the beginning of March. I really wanted to try to schedule a tour of the factory, but unfortunately, I am hearing that if I don't own a Tesla I can not get a tour. One of my friends owns one, but the owner has to be present to go on the tour. I am wondering if anyone is going on a tour around this time, and has any extra space to tag along on the tour?

MilesMD88 | 29 gennaio 2019

On YouTube, search “Megafactories Tesla” National Geographic Channel show. It’s all about the the S. Great show & good behind the scenes videos. I understand that on the actual tour, you can’t see much production at all.

reed_lewis | 30 gennaio 2019

Email me at my exact name here (at) hotmail [dot] com I have some tours I can arrange for others.

Remember the factory is in Fremont which is a significant drive from San Francisco.

And you do see manufacturing being done. You see the press which forms the body panels, assembly of the cars, and other stuff. You do not see the paint part of course.