Where Can I Sbmit An Idea For My Model 3?

Where Can I Sbmit An Idea For My Model 3?

Is there a place somewhere to submit an idea? I have a couple of easy things that can be added to an update that might be very useful.

rapiro | 30 gennaio 2019

Same here. I think Tesla should engineer a “suggestion box” for ideas from users. There are a lot of enthusiastic and tech savvy owners that would love to contribute to future updates. Perhaps the ones that are then implemented could be voted on and Tesla could give rewards to the winners since the referral program is going away.

kurtmetcalfe24 | 30 gennaio 2019

Elon’s Twitter account

elorlova6 | 30 gennaio 2019

Tesla has accomplished something no other automaker can claim: It's made a relatively affordable electric car, the Model 3, that hundreds of thousands of people are lining up to buy

dandzski | 31 gennaio 2019

Turn on the microphone; Say "Bug Report" ... tell the voice recognition what you'd like to have changed/added -- "add a better trip odometer" for example. Supposedly that gets transmitted to someone at Tesla... not sure if it's true, but voice recognition does seem to accept Bug report?

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

Better learn to spell first...

tanya | 31 gennaio 2019

It is a typo (mechanical slips of the hand), not a spelling error. Keep being arrogant.

jordanrichard | 31 gennaio 2019

No, don't use the "bug report". That goes to service.

On Tesla's website, in your account, there is a section where you can email them with any questions/suggestions you have. Over the years a number of the features that Tesla created and pushed out to the cars, came from customer's suggestions.

Creep is one of them. That didn't exist at first, but enough people asked for it, whereby the car acted like a typical automatic transmission car. So, they came up to with it and pushed it out to all of the cars.

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

A typo in the subject line of a post would be equivalent to one in the title of a proposal. Not sure what your point is.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 gennaio 2019

I think they are calling you an asshole, heh, heh.
Strange the battles you choose to take on CST.

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

I'm just sick of all the crappy typing I keep seeing on these forms, people have just decided to accept that proper grammar and spelling is no longer important? it doesn't even seem that people reread what they've written before they post, or even after. When I see subjects that don't even have proper spelling it really tweaks me.

Rt002k | 31 gennaio 2019

PSA: its really important to check you're spleling and grammer otherwise their will be difficulties reading youre posts especially if you dont use punctuation or paragraphs and leave a streaming concioussness wall of text that no one can follow hope this helps

kevin_rf | 31 gennaio 2019

Autocorrect my worst enema.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 gennaio 2019

One of the best things I like about this forum is hardly anyone voices complaints about spelling and grammar. Maybe poke a bit of fun time to time but being "tweeked" ??? I am a frequent violator of mis-spelling and bad grammar, many times on purpose (I am sticking with that explanation BTW).

kurtmetcalfe24 | 31 gennaio 2019

@CST Did you ironically just mispell Forums? Or am I being silly and “forms” is what you were going for there?

Mike UpNorth | 31 gennaio 2019


HWF | 31 gennaio 2019

Kurt … you obviously meant "misspell".

kurtmetcalfe24 | 31 gennaio 2019

Good call! Wonder why my phone didn’t correct...Of course you realize I wasn’t the one criticizing spelling/grammar on forums. Simply pointing out that people make those mistakes. Even the dude who proofreads EVERYTIME

lilbean | 31 gennaio 2019

You forgot the period on your incomplete sentence. :)

I'm with @CST. :)

Magic 8 Ball | 31 gennaio 2019

So what typing on what forms is he talking about? | 31 gennaio 2019

For desired features on Tesla's I maintain an extensive curated database of desired features. You can add new feature ideas and/or vote on existing ones. Over 100 features that owners have submitted have been added by Tesla over the years. Start here: and select "Desired features".

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

Yep, busted! BUT, I'm keeping my forum titles clean!

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

Magic 8 Ball | January 31, 2019
...Strange the battles you choose to take on CST.

LOLOLOL! I get it - ironic, right?

steitelbaum | 31 gennaio 2019

Oh my gosh! I tried to delete the post and re-post, but could not. To the douche that just wants to BS about spelling, find another hobby.

Thanks to those that had something of substance to say. I like the idea of "desired features." I will go check that out and see if works. Since my car can now give me an audio feature when it locks and I walk away, I would love if I had a choice of which sounds it can make. Everyone has the beep, beep and I would like something different.

Also, I would love if there was an on/off backup beep for those of us who would like someone outside of the car to hear it. I personally think these features would be an easy thing to put into an update.

Rt002k | 31 gennaio 2019

Well...Elon did give us emissions testing mode, so the best sound effect for walk away lock is already there.

CST | 31 gennaio 2019

@Steitelbaum - no need to act like a douche - just use the edit button.
Have a nice day!

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CST | 28 agosto 2019