We finally did it!

We finally did it!

My wife and I ordered our Model X 100D tonight. Looking forward to the new experience and learning what the EV lifestyle is all about. Already planning a road trip from the Indy area to Dallas, TX in July. See ya out there.

sbeggs | 3 febbraio 2019

Congratulations for taking the plunge...into the fun, quiet, clean and powerful pure electric future. Five years in with our Model S, we are so happy we did!

inconel | 3 febbraio 2019

We have taken so many more road trips than before since we got the X.

ckcland2 | 3 febbraio 2019

Congrats and welcome! You're gonna love it!

bp | 3 febbraio 2019

Congrats! While waiting for delivery, now is the time to work out your home charging - if you don't have a charging outlet where you park your car, then start planning to get one installed.

The X will come with a charging connector, which you can leave plugged into a 30A (requires an additional adapter) or 50A (adapter included) outlet.

You can also decide to keep your charging connector with the car, for emergency charging and purchase either Tesla's 14-50 connector or HPWC (they are roughly the same price).

If you install an HPWC, then you don't need the 14-50 outlet, just a 50A or higher line, which you should run when you've received your HPWC. Or you can order Tesla's new HPWC with a short 14-50 cable and plug that into a 14-50 outlet.

If you're going to order a connector or HPWC from Tesla, you should do so now - so you can get it delivered and installed before your X arrives...

Solarman004 | 3 febbraio 2019

Congrats, Jerome. Welcome to the family!

burdogg | 3 febbraio 2019

Woo hoo!! I love mine - you made a good decision - to me, just the driving experience is like nothing else - can't go back now for me...

Uncle Paul | 4 febbraio 2019

Model X is a fantastic road trip machine...Enjoy !

Uncle Paul | 4 febbraio 2019

Model X is a fantastic road trip machine...Enjoy !

jjgunn | 4 febbraio 2019

Drove mine from SF to Vegas over New Year's.

0 issues. Plenty of SuperChargers along the way.

Far & away the best vehicle I've ever owned.

sschaem | 5 febbraio 2019

Request an overnight / weekend test drive if you have not so already and do some highway driving.

And to balance the feedback, its not always rosy. So stay on top things during the ordering process.
Also make sure to do your own "50 point" inspection on delivery day to see if you want the car repaired or replaced.
Its often easier to leave the car during delivery for them to fix things and come back to get the car later.

(It took me a month to schedule an appointment to fix the delivery problems.)

The assembly quality of X are still hit or complete miss.

And for the sound, wind and tire noise eclipse a well built ICE engine noise. So the car is great for city driving, but not so much on highways (>45pmh with a late 2018 model)

jerome.davis1 | 5 febbraio 2019

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. bp I really appreciate the charging setup info. We're going with the Gloss Black Wall Connector from Tesla. I just ordered it today.
Thanks to you sschaem for the other side of the story because I know it won't all be wine and roses. Having retired from auto manufacturing, I know what to look for, especially fit and finish. I've noticed the fit on the MX still needs some fine tuning. The only issue we're having right now is that my wife is already having range anxiety and we non't even have it yet. We'll have to take a couple of day trips right from the start so she can become more relaxed about it. Once again, thanks for the warm welcome.

burdogg | 5 febbraio 2019

With 100D - you shouldn't have much issues at all with range anxiety. The nav is really good to at giving you close estimate of how much percent you will have upon arrival at destination as well as informing you to slow down if any concerns with you reaching destination.

bob | 6 febbraio 2019

@ jerome welcome to the club! We own an MS60 and an MX100. Range anxiety is justified in the 60kWh battery, but not the 100. The difference in that increased size of battery is huge relative to time spent a superchargers, energy still in the battery when you arrive at a supercharger and not needing to be creative (finding fast moving large vehicles to draft behind) while on longer road trips. Biggest down side of the 100 vs 60 is the life of the tires due to the weight of the vehicle. But the cost of tires is a small price to pay relative to buying gasoline! Also to add to what bp said above. I'd seriously consider adding solar power to your home to offset the increased electricity usage. We added 16 panels to our home that basically has zero'd our electrical energy bill (including charging the two vehicles). When you consider not going to the pump once or twice a week, and savings of not paying to power the home - the payoff on the cost of panels becomes very very short (at least it did for us).

sschaem | 6 febbraio 2019

@jerome if you are prepared for the bumps during the process, its easier to deal with. But even if you end up not having a perfectly smooth buying experience, its still worth is in the end.

For the range, the car is very good at telling you whats going on. I have less range anxiety in my X then my old SUV.
Because I know exactly how much range I have at any time, and how much charge I get when I arrive.

When you select a destination you get an accurate graph that calculate everything for you. My experience is that its very accurate, no matter the trip type (like mountainous drive is not a problem)

So people with range anxiety can open the trip view and see exactly whats going on in realtime, and be assured every miles that "yep, you will arrive with plenty of juice left" :)