Can someone explain difference between Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capabilty

Can someone explain difference between Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capabilty

Hi, I had reserved a model 3 and am trying to decide on whether I should order the Autopilot, Autopilot with Full Self Driving Capability or neither.

It seems to be the basic autopilot is little more than the dynamic cruise control that I have on my Honda Accord which will slow down if I come into proximity with the car in front of me, but adds steering on high ways and maybe the ability to lane change automatically?

Does anyone have this option and its worth it?

Considering for either of these options they Driver needs to monitor closely with hands on the wheel I'm not sure its worth the additional $3 or $8k expense.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 marzo 2019

It is worth it.

Daryl | 1 marzo 2019

The new version of Auto Pilot just has adaptive cruise control, and auto steering to stay within the lanes. And emergency braking.

Lane change came with Enhanced Auto Pilot, but not with the new version of Auto Pilot. For that you need would FSD.

My opinion: $3000 is well worth it for the relaxation AP brings on the highway. The other features are currently mostly in beta and don't add a lot of capability. Musk promises that will change soon, but he always promises more than can be delivered in the time he promises.

Justaguy | 1 marzo 2019

I agree with others that Auto Pilot is worth it -- no question. I can't do without it on my commute now. Full self driving with require software updates and a new computer. The limiting factor in FSD now is the speed of the computer in the car. If you pay for this option now then you get the new computer for free when it comes out later this year. With software updates Tesla expects it to work on surface streets as well as highways. I expect that the earlier versions of FSD will be full of bugs, but over time it will improve. I opted for this option. Let me add that when I got my car earlier in 2018 Auto Pilot was not very good. Now it is quite dependable. The same will likely happen with FSD. Hope this helps.

gmkellogg | 1 marzo 2019 Best explanation I can find for you. Elon responded and said it a statement was being released later today.

weluvm3 | 1 marzo 2019

Most of the stuff which has been relabeled "FSD" from "EAP" have never worked very well for me and I almost never use them. Even auto lane change is exasperating and balky and I frequently have to manually override.

jerryrs | 18 marzo 2019

Thank you everyone for the great feedback!

kaushal | 22 aprile 2019

I ordered Autopilot thinking I will get all these features, looks like it's way more limited than they will have you believe

kaushal | 22 aprile 2019

How do I just get back what I paid for autopilot?

Xerogas | 23 aprile 2019

@kaushal_sinha: "How do I just get back what I paid for autopilot?"
Sell your Tesla, and use the proceeds to buy a different brand that has more Autopilot features than Tesla does.

spuzzz123 | 23 aprile 2019

@kaushal_sinha if you are not joking or trolling....did you really spend that kind of money on a car and not research what it was capable of doing? Then you saw other options on the menu and didn’t think to ask or explore what those meant? Help us understand why we should have sympathy? (You aren’t getting any money back unless you have some recorded salesman lying to you)

kaushal | 23 aprile 2019

I actually still under 7 day return window, so that's an option. The problem is, when I ordered the car, those features were listed under Autopilot and they still are. Guess I can always return and buy another without autopilot. It is still false advertising.

petergalindez | 20 giugno 2019

I just ordered a LR AWD this past week which will be delivered to my local dealer this week and picking it up next Saturday (June 29th) to beat the cutoff for the next tax credit cut! It seems that AP and FSD keep changing over time. I didn't have the option to get my vehicle without AP; it was standard as I recall? And, from looking at FSD, not sure what is currently listed in FSD is at all useable right now, i.e., I'd be paying for possible future capabilities. it's hard to look back on this thread, or any other for that matter, since what AP is/was/will be keeps changing, as well as EAP/FSD, etc...For example, FSD indicates it will automatically change lanes to overcome slower traffic. I drove a buddy's 3 and when we were driving, he was able to put on his blinker, and then, if the lane was clear, the car changed lanes. Not technically automatic, nor to overcome slower that in AP or only in FSD now...Also, when we engaged his NAV, it would tell you when you needed to change lanes to get off at a particular exit, but wouldn't actually do it for you. Is that in AP, or only in FSD? The TESLA site is not very clear...thanks! | 20 giugno 2019

@peter - I tried to sort it all out here:

Yep, it does get confusing - especially as there are many with EAP, which is a mix of AP and FSD. I suspect your buddy has EAP, which is equivalent to today's FSD. There are new FSD features coming (including a HW3.0 AP processor retrofit) that are not part of EAP.

DCComet | 20 giugno 2019

Here's what it says on the Tesla site under "Design your Model 3":

Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

Full Self-Driving Capability
Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

Syed.Hosain | 20 giugno 2019 |"I tried to sort it all out here:"

Thanks! That is good information ...

petergalindez | 20 giugno 2019

Thanks! Yes, he does have the EAP. And yes, I did read that part under the description when I built my M3. But, nowhere does it address the two situations I'm interested in, i.e., the car doesn't automatically change lanes unless I hit the blinker, and the NAV tells you when to change lanes to prepare to exit, etc, but doesn't do it on its own. Reading some more threads, reviews, YouTubes, it seems these are part of FSD, but my buddy had them set so that he had to confirm any actions before the car would do them. It appears you can set it to do all this stuff now without a confirmation, but I'm still researching that. Good to know I'm not the only one confused!!!