Can you get In-car internet streaming music & media on the Standard/Standard Plus?

Can you get In-car internet streaming music & media on the Standard/Standard Plus?

Anyone know if you can get In-car internet streaming music & media on the Standard/Standard Plus?

It is included on the Midrange and up. Is it possible to pay the $100 per year to activate this? Thanks!

t_bui | 2 marzo 2019

Pure speculation here but I would think that only premium has LTE. Standard and plus has WiFi only. Therefore no traffic and streaming.

lbowroom | 2 marzo 2019

That makes no sense at all

billdragon | 2 marzo 2019

Never have been able to log into my "slacker" account. For me it has been a useless service. (no service)

gene | 2 marzo 2019

That feature is only included with Premium interior.
This info, unlike the vague Autopilot info, is listed on the website but sort of hidden. Go to the bottom of the Model 3 page, to “Specs,” then click the plus sign.

weluvm3 | 2 marzo 2019

And no AM radio, either. So, if you like talk radio...

elecfan2 | 2 marzo 2019

I find the built in music sub par. You'll find Google play music and connecting through bluetooth to be much better, or your streaming music provider of choice.

zerogravitydrgn | 2 marzo 2019

If there was no LTE modem then the app wouldn’t work. I have to believe they included LTE.

jamilworm | 2 marzo 2019

@t_bui - I doubt that is the case. Some people won't have wifi connectivity where they park, and so without LTE they would never be able to get upgrades. Also there are a lot of phone app features that require constant connectivity.

Xerogas | 2 marzo 2019

@jamilworm: "@t_bui - I doubt that is the case. Some people won't have wifi connectivity where they park, and so without LTE they would never be able to get upgrades. Also there are a lot of phone app features that require constant connectivity."
True, but the question was about streaming music. Tesla doesn’t have to give you access to LTE for music, but they do have to enable app features.

lbowroom | 2 marzo 2019

I can't believe that tesla doesn't plan to allow streaming music, even its for a fee.

Ocala.Joe | 3 marzo 2019

Is it possible to pay the $100 per year to activate this?

From my understanding, yes you can activate that. But someone that has a standard package now can confirm this. You should be able to activate thru your console.

kgradzki | 18 marzo 2019

Just purchased a Model 3 Standard Range Plus and I can't find the area on the screen where I can install TuneIn app. Tried everything and I can't find it. The mid-range and up has the following option (In-car internet streaming music & media), but my Standard does not. Does that mean I can't install any application in the car?

RES IPSA | 18 marzo 2019

I think in the SR or SR+ you have to listen to music through bluetooth from your phone if you want anything other than FM radio

tjbhandari | 18 marzo 2019

@kgradzki Yes. The Car OS does not allow third party app installations (yet?) You can play from your phone's media apps like slacker, tune-in or spotify and stream to car speakers using bluetooth. In MR or LR the tune-in is pre installed

kgradzki | 18 marzo 2019

So if Tesla pre-installed TuneIn on the MR and LR models, can I stop by the service center and have them install it on my SR+?

Also, do you know if they removed the Homelink option on the SR+ to program your garage door openers? I can't find the Homelink icon on the upper left of my screen. How do you open the garage doors using SR+ Model 3?

rxlawdude | 18 marzo 2019

Well, Homelink was not mentioned as a feature in the SR+, nor was any streaming media.

So I'm afraid you've got what you are supposed to have.

richmond1508 | 18 marzo 2019

There is no Homelink in SR/SR+

SR/SR+ have LTE. However, only emergency software updates can be downloaded over LTE. Non emergency updates must be downloaded when connected to WiFi. The app can always connect remotely to the car over LTE.

Tesla has not announced a subscription plan for non premium interiors to have premium connectivity features. The FAQ mentions they will announce this later on in the year but did not reveal any pricing info.

andy.connor.e | 15 maggio 2019

Why does everyone have such a problem with using their phone for streaming?

jimglas | 15 maggio 2019

When there is no LTE, streaming doesn't work very well

jamespompi | 15 maggio 2019

They cant give all the 5k "premium" features away..

MyRedM3 | 15 maggio 2019

OP, that was one of the major differences from partial premium to premium interiors - no in-car media streaming and internet (web browser,etc.) . The car will have LTE connection for emergency updates only and will not offer optional feature updates, live traffic, and built-in streaming. As you see in SR/SR+, Slacker and tune-in are not available. I think they are cutting cost from not having to pay to Slacker, Tunein and AT&T (data). Also, trying to differentiate between tiers. When I bought my MR, I debated getting SR+ and spoke to Tesla inside sales person in Fremont office. He clearly mentioned the differences and suggested going with MR if these upgrades are important to me.

But with Tesla, nothing is written on stone.It could change with a single tweet. If enough people complain and willing to pay for these features, Elon might add. come July 1 when the first batch of cars with 1 year premuim connectivity expires, we will know more about the pricing for premium connectivity, which cars will get it. Until then, its a speculation

andy.connor - there is a noticeabe difference between bluetooth and built-in streaming from what I've noticed. I've tried 320 kbps steaming from my phone as well. I dont have Tidal, so did not try the really high bandwidth streaming. I get a much crisper and fuller sound on Slacker app in the car vs. phone. May be its just me

andy.connor.e | 15 maggio 2019

If there is no LTE, how is your car supposed to have streaming capability?

bradbomb | 15 maggio 2019

@andy.connor.e All Teslas have LTE, just not "Premium Connectivity". The SR/SR+ still get to use the Tesla App to remotely start climate and what not which would need LTE

andy.connor.e | 15 maggio 2019

I asked:
"Why does everyone have such a problem with using their phone for streaming?"

"When there is no LTE, streaming doesn't work very well"

My question:
If LTE is not available for your phone, how would it be any different if the car was doing the streaming?

swa5606 | 16 maggio 2019

I did talk to someone at headquarters and informed me that it will be an option to purchase live stream and traffic and DATA but have they have not release date.

andy.connor.e | 16 maggio 2019

It better be like $10/mo for unlimited streaming

tuannmai | 3 giugno 2019

I just drove home with the SR+ last week-end. First I did not notice about the streaming, but one morning as I left the house, the internet radio popped up and I was able to use it for the ride to work. In the afternoon, it was gone and I could notsee it again. I thought it needs a wifi connection, but even with wifi I was not able to find it again. Has anyone experienced the same as I did?

Buzzkill | 3 giugno 2019

I would certainly welcome Premium Connectivity in my SR+. It is a pain to "change channels" on the Sirus app while streaming from my phone while driving. I am more than willing to pay for it if I was given the opportunity.

Bit of backstory:

When I test drove the M3 I specifically asked if this was an option on the SR+ I could get once I purchased the vehicle and was told YES and It would be $100 per year. I then ordered the SR+, got delivery 4 days later, came home to add Premium Connectivity through the account page and was stunned it was not an option.

Would I have moved up to the mid-range M3 to get this? I am not sure I would have to be honest.

Anyway, I called Tesla. I was told PC wasn't an option they could resolve and they directed to the Tesla rep at the showroom to find a resolution. To date I am still waiting to get a call back. it's been over 2 months.

I imagine there is a potential profit if Premium Connectivity was available to SR/SR+ owners at $100 per year but those that are on the fence for certain options might be willing to spend the 5K more for the vehicle and that is most likely a successful strategy on Tesla's part. It did work for me to go from an SR to a SR+......Anyway.... I FRIGGIN love driving a TESLA!

ncoulter | 6 giugno 2019

I had a similar experience in the communications with the Tesla sales staff who assured me that I could subscribe to the entertainment for $100/year. I bought the M3, Standard. It was delivered yesterday. Now I'm told that there is no streaming music available for this model, use the phone for streaming. Living in a rural state and no having an unlimited data plan with my wireless carrier to use for streaming Pandora or Spotify, this hardly seems like a good alternative to me. And there's no XM satellite receiver installed in the vehicle. So FM and commercial radio are it for me??

wiscy67 | 6 giugno 2019

@ncoulter I've read that SR/SR+ owners should hear soon on availability of a Premium Connectivity package. Hopefully it's $100/yr

@andy..connor.e I think the sound quality from phone using bluetooth is fine. However what is desired is to be able to use car voice commands to manage phone/spotify music. Right switching between artists or playlists using spotify over bluetooth requires fiddling with phone which is not safe while driving.