Canadian Govt $5000 EV rebate incentive to exclude Teslas

Canadian Govt $5000 EV rebate incentive to exclude Teslas

Only EVs with MSRP under $45000 to be elligible.
A bit unfair for the environement, only including the Ioniq or the Leaf. A bit restrictive.

Base Model 3 has a $47,600 entry price in the Canadian market.

Do you think Tesla will reduce price to $44,999$ and will sell their wheels $2,700 separately? haha

burdogg | 7 marzo 2019

Don't forget - those reservations are worldwide - and they are still not completely shipping everywhere your numbers could still be off by a fair amount - we just don't know...

Maxxer | 7 marzo 2019

do you think someone from Europe would see 2 months on his configurator but here in North America we have <2 weeks

inconel | 7 marzo 2019

I believe the SR is not available for order yet in Europe

Maxxer | 21 marzo 2019

https: //

Iwantmy3 | 22 marzo 2019

I suggest base model price of $4999 and bump up the destination fee by $2701. The base model Bolt is listed at $44800 + delivery and it qualifies.

Iwantmy3 | 22 marzo 2019

Sorry, that was supposed to be a base model price of $44999

Javy | 22 marzo 2019

Tesla could make a Low Range Model 3 to lower the price