M3 SR+ Delivery Date!!!!

M3 SR+ Delivery Date!!!!

Just got a text message from Tesla!!!!

"We expect your Tesla Model 3 to be delivered between 3/14 and 3/25. For a smooth delivery process, please complete all items at as soon as possible. We will update you on your delivery appointment once we have more accurate timing of your vehicles arrival"

Ordered SR+ on 03/02, black with AP

moabchick | 8 marzo 2019

YES!!! I got a text too!!!! Ordered on 3/1, black with AP - Denver, CO. They say mine is between 3/11-3/22!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Moabchick - formerly rooneyclan2

Blacklamb | 8 marzo 2019

Fingers crossed on my text or call soon, would love to have it before my in-laws are here on the 15th.

Ocala.Joe | 8 marzo 2019

Congrats! Just got my text also (same as above), delivery 3/13-3/24
Ordered SR+ on 3/1

wolfdaddy | 8 marzo 2019

I got the same text message (We expect your Tesla Model 3 to be delivered between 3/13 and 3/24) for my order on 3/2/19 - SR+, White with AP. Called my delivery specialist. She asked me to ignore that message and wait for her call for confirmation when VIN is assigned. Looks like there is a disconnect between the factory and delivery centers.

Kathy Applebaum | 8 marzo 2019

Welcome to the family, everyone!

Blacklamb | 8 marzo 2019

My text showed up just now ordered 3/3 delivery window 3/24 to 3/30. Black SR+ with FSD to about 20 miles from where it was made.

tyronealfonso | 8 marzo 2019

3/24-3/30 for me as well in SoCal. SR+ in midnight silver.

TheDavis510 | 8 marzo 2019

3/10 - 3/17 for me!

Teslanene | 8 marzo 2019

I think that’s why they bump the SR to 6-8 weeks because they want to get the more expensive out first.

EPwolf | 8 marzo 2019

I received the same text with 3/12 - 3/24 window. Looks like all of the texts are showing a window within March, which is great news. They're probably working hard to get the cars into our hands before the end of the quarter! Can't wait!

michaeljoiner | 8 marzo 2019

Ordered launch day. SR+ in Pearl white. Delivery estimate 3/11 - 3/22. I'm in Westminster, Colorado. Can't wait to get behind the wheel and head out for a scenic mountain drive!

M3BlueGeorgia | 8 marzo 2019

@Teslanene It will be interesting to see how many people order the SR when the SR+ is so much better value.

TM34DWife | 8 marzo 2019

What the hizzy!?!?.. I'm a day 1 reservation and ordered SR+ on 2/28 in CA so I would hope that I'm on the same boat but I haven't heard anything. Did everyone use their mobile in their profile? Hence the text? I didn't maybe that's why. Did anyone log in and see any updates other than "Drafting your contracts"

Teslanene | 8 marzo 2019

For newbies don’t use a google voice number you will never get a text. The closer you are to the Bay Area it will probably take longer. I learn when I order my mid-range last year.

hcdavis3 | 8 marzo 2019

Picked up today. Sheesh. I knew I was getting a 2018, but didn’t expect the build date to be July 2018. It had 60 miles on it. I went ahead and took delivery. The car is in perfect condition. Now more bad news. I expected the software to be updated to the current software. Nope. An update will come next month giving me the range and auto pilot that I paid for. LR RWD. The delivery was timely except I specifically asked for the car to be fully charged as I wasn’t expecting my NEMA 14 50 to be installed until Monday. Thankfully my electrician is here now. Nope only a few miles of range. I waited until a super charger stall was open at the dealership and charged until I had about 180 miles range. I’m pissed about the July born on date, but the car is identical to the ones coming off the today, so there is some solace there. Waiting for a month for the software update really sucks. My car says an update is available and will install tonight. It would be great if that was the new software. Not holding my breath.

M3BlueGeorgia | 8 marzo 2019


But any build at or later than 2018.50.6 would get you what I have. :-)

Generally the middle number is the week the software was initially released.

sbeggs | 8 marzo 2019

What are the last five digits of your VIN?

Geeky Smurf | 8 marzo 2019

Got my text this morning, delivery 24-30. Red SR+ ordered 2/28, not a reservation holder.

Carl Thompson | 8 marzo 2019

Congrats, everyone! Sounds like things are going a lot smoother for new buyers than they did in my time! Lucky you! It's a great car to drive and you're getting it at a great price.

TAC | 8 marzo 2019

Congrats guys!. If I didnt have my LR yet the SR+ sounds like a great choice and quit the bargain too for what your about to get! The expeirence is amazing.. every day :)

LunaMeds | 8 marzo 2019

Anyone receive delivery status for SR+ with delivery to Honolulu,HI? Placed my order 3/4

Electric_Sheeple | 11 marzo 2019

Got my text too. Black M3 SR+ w/ AP in TX
Delivery text said 3/16-3/28. No VIN yet.

Anyone have a VIN ?

EPwolf | 11 marzo 2019

I still have not received a VIN. Hoping I will this week, though.

pjwheeler83 | 11 marzo 2019

Reserved 3/1/18, Ordered 3/8/19 Black SR+ no AP just got VIN and "tentative" delivery appointment of 3/18/19 @ Cleveland Ohio

Targetaddict | 11 marzo 2019

I ordered the Midrange in black today, they said 2-4 weeks delivery to the AL/FL state line...not sure I trust that the delivery will be quick but I sure hope so as I’m selling my current car tomorrow!

pjwheeler83 | 12 marzo 2019

Update: Got a phone call to confirm delivery on the 18th @ 1PM... 10 days from order to delivery. Go Tesla!

jjcrave | 12 marzo 2019

I was just issued a VIN and my tentative delivery is 3.18 in Charlotte, NC. Now to sell the Prius :-)

TM34DWife | 12 marzo 2019

Got my VIN. Delivery 3/14

kenduong03 | 16 marzo 2019

@TM34DWife, did get you the car yet?

please confirm the audio system and garage opener

Ocala.Joe | 16 marzo 2019

Got my VIN# 296XXX delivery 3/23 SR+ Orlando....its really happening!

Vinty | 16 marzo 2019

I placed my order for a black SR+ yesterday and got my delivery notification today for delivery tomorrow (Sunday). Totally did not expect that. I didn’t even finish setting up registration info or financing and they had already assign me a VIN. I am a reservation holder (3/31/2016) and live near LA so that maybe why it was assigned to me so quickly.

hjbrager | 16 marzo 2019

I'm curious as to weather anyone who ordered the Basic SR has taken delivery or even has received a delivery window?

hjbrager | 16 marzo 2019

I'm curious as to whether anyone who ordered the Basic SR has taken delivery or even has received a delivery window?

B_Paratrooper | 17 marzo 2019

I haven’t as of yet, and I ordered on 3/1 basic everything, black on black.
Wheels black

It’s seems people are getting the SR plus super fast now regardless of when they were ordered.

M3R | 17 marzo 2019

Alright, my cousin order 3/16 9PM SR+ all black + FSD. 3/17 830AM got message from Tesla with pick up date 3/18 1PM at Burbank Ca. VIN post on the profile like hour after order. Damn so fast.

yy0603 | 17 marzo 2019

Got my car on 03/15. Ordered on 03/02. No garage opener. But I do have satellite navigation.

Black SR+

kenduong03 | 17 marzo 2019

wow they got a lot of inventory cars huh

keithcheryl1 | 18 marzo 2019

Ordered SR+ 3/2/19 said within 2 weeks. still waiting on a VIN. Florida. Talked to delivery specialist on 3/7 said 8-10 Got a text on 3/8 said delivery 3/24-3/30. Called and still have no idea. Said text is accurate. We will see. Seems to be some disarray with delivery.

kevin | 18 marzo 2019

First time Tesla owner
Model 3 RWD SR+ - no AP or FSD - Aeros - Black/Black - Los Angeles
No reservation
Configured/Ordered 3/11/2019
Assigned VIN 3/14/2019
Delivered 3/16/2019

B_Paratrooper | 18 marzo 2019

Changed my order from SR to SR+ basically, I don't believe non reservation holders are gonna get the SR before June. Elon clearly spelled out in the earnings report as much a few weeks ago, people have ordered the pus and have gotten VINs within days

shint2 | 18 marzo 2019

First time Tesla owner
Model 3 RWD SR+ - no AP or FSD - Aeros - Black/Black - Bay Area
Ordered 3/17/2019 late afternoon
Text for delivery 3/18/2019 early morning
To be delivered 3/19/2019

It was too fast for me; was expecting this so soon.

gordon_r_benson | 18 marzo 2019

Paratrooper, did you go through your local store to change the order? Heard some were charged to change it.