Calif SGIP Rebate for Powerwall when purchased straight from Tesla?

Calif SGIP Rebate for Powerwall when purchased straight from Tesla?

Hello All, I am contemplating a Powerwall setup for my new 4000 square foot office building for backup and load shifting once we switch to TOU on LADWP. A private reseller confirmed that Tier 2 SGIP monies are available even for commercial LADWP customers as long as the batteries discharge on average 75% each month and aren’t used just as backup. The resellers charge between 20%~30% more than Tesla but the SGIP rebate can mean up to several thousand dollars per PW unit and they do ALL of the paperwork. Assuming I’m willing to wait 9-12’months for my install with Tesla, do we get SGIP rebate (not to be confused with Fed Tax rebate for PW/Solar setups) when buying from Tesla? Do they have access to the SGIP fund and if so, do they handle the paperwork for you?

Indra | 17 marzo 2019

I ordered our PW2 before the SGIP was announced and was entered into the program by Tesla. Our PW2 was installed on Dec 4, 2017, and I received my SGIP check mid-December 2018.

Tesla handled all paperwork - except the forms that needed updated information and signatures. It was a painless procedure other than curiosity on my part causing follow-up calls. They always looked up the status and gave me precise answers.

I hope this information is helpful!

CalabasasKid | 18 marzo 2019

Thanks Indra. I finally got the answer I was looking for even if it wasn’t what I hoped. Tesla has completely exhausted all of their SGIP cash. So, even if they are only about $30k, fully installed for a 4 PW2 system , there is no discount off of that available at all