Still No VIN

Still No VIN

Hey guys! Patiently waiting for my VIN! ( Practicing my patience!!!! ) I ordered Black/Black SR+ on March 5th. I'm from Montreal, Canada. Has anyone around me had any news on Delivery date etc? Someone in the Ontario or South East States area. I cannot wait to get mine.

Let me know,


Dravize | 9 marzo 2019

Be patient, you'll hear something this week most likely.

ejam | 9 marzo 2019

I’m also from Montreal and ordered the same date. Still no VIN. Got the AWD was with aero wheels (I plan to remove the caps... gorgeous mags underneath)

charlie | 11 marzo 2019

I ordered the 9th. Sigh, waiting

TeslaMarque | 11 marzo 2019

I waited 3 MONTHS to get a VIN after putting $3,500 down ($1,000 reservation and $2,500 deposit at ordering). You WILL get one, I thought they forgot about me too, I was expecting some contact or acknowledgement from someone, but when they have a VIN ready for you, they will reach out as well as update your website. I was one of those guys, (like probably many of you were/are as well) that signed into my account multiple times a day.

I can’t guarantee when they’ll contact you, but I can guarantee it will be sooner than mid May.

TeslaMarque | 11 marzo 2019

June** sorry math is off today.

TM3Q | 11 marzo 2019

I’m from Quebec and I can say that the VIN only comes when you are close to your delivery. You will get a phone call from the delivery specialist from your Tesla center in Montreal.

P.S. I waited for 6 months for my LR Dual Motor 18inch aero wheels with EAP and now added FSD since 2 days

TeslaMarque | 11 marzo 2019

Waited 6 months for your VIN? Wow now that’s patience! When you added FSD, did it change anything? Did they give you a receipt or anything stating they will upgrade the computer. I’m just wondering, I want to buy the upgrade as well, always planned on it, just wanted to see what it could do. But Now w the announcement they’ll be raising prices, it might be worth the $2k to get it done now.

I didn’t think we were losing any features from EAP and there’s nothing available for FSD at the moment. Unless the latest update changes things. I’m still on 2018.50.6

Machostallion | 11 marzo 2019

I ordered on March 4.I'm in the US and live within 10 miles of a service center. I still have had no contact from anyone. I've read this is all normal. But it is hard to be patient when I also see posts where some people get called the next day and can get delivery right away. I guess it's just luck if there's already a car that meets your order specs nearby.

M3BlueGeorgia | 11 marzo 2019

There's a long logistics chain from California to Quebec, probably mostly by train.

So chat to your delivery contact about once a week to find out where the car is within this logistics chain.
I'd guess, varying with weather, you'll get the car about a week and a half after it first goes on the train.

Also Tesla is very motivated to complete the delivery to you by the end of March, so they can book the revenue this quarter.

Telstar | 11 marzo 2019

Ordered on Feb. 6th. No vin# yet.

elliott99 | 11 marzo 2019

Those who have ordered since Feb 28 - did you notice that your order agreement is no longer listed in the documents section of your account?

I ordered on 3/7 and I think I remember that the agreement showed up shortly after, but now it's gone. No delivery date or vin yet. I have a copy from the email confirmation but just wondering if I should read into this sneaky disappearance at all...

d-birch | 11 marzo 2019

That's weird, mine is still there with the link in the bottom right hand corner. I ordered on 3/4.

matthewdjones | 11 marzo 2019

Thanks for the reply guys!

Still no VIN here. I agree Cali to Montreal is a good distance. I'm hoping I can take delivery by the end of March!!! Really hoping the Quebec TAX credit is still in affect as they are reviewing it April 1st... I could possibly cancel if they remove it!

elliott99 | 11 marzo 2019

@d-birch hmm interesting, thanks for checking. I'm telling myself that they're updating mine with a delivery date or a vin...

TM3Q | 11 marzo 2019


Yes I’m a patient guy, life is too short to get stress out :-)

As for FSD it shows rapidely in my Tesla account online like this (it’s in french)

« Options

Autopilote amélioré
Capacité de conduite entièrement automatique
Intérieur haut de gamme« 

FSD in french is « Capacité de conduite entièrement automatique »

And no receipt.

I’m just so much into technology that I wanted in :-)

I eat diodes for breakfast haha

Brunoranger | 11 marzo 2019

I ordered in Sat 3/9 and my order agreement was initially there but also is gone now...very strange.... I hope they don’t plan on adding the increase in pricing to our orders??

betoinc | 11 marzo 2019

Ordered Feb 7th
White Interior
Deliver scheduled for: March 23rd (Dedham delivery Center in MA) I actually chose this date ;)
But I dont even have the option to pay the pending amount before delivery available yet,
No VIN yet :(

matthewdjones | 11 marzo 2019

Just realized my Order Agreement is also gone.... I looked at it last night and gone now.

Blacklamb | 11 marzo 2019

I found its location moved after I put in all my insurance and financing information, and it switch to drafting the contract.

TM3Q | 11 marzo 2019

Oh and a good advice from Québécois à Québécois, protéger la peinture de votre Tesla parce qu’au Québec notre hiver endommage beaucoup surtout dans les fonds de caisse car pas de garde-boue!!! La peinture est toute picoté dans les fonds de caisse et rendu grise (mon auto est noire) mais Tesla s’en occupe car on est plusieurs au Québec avec ce problème. Aussitôt repeinturé cette été on la recouvre d’une péliculle pare-pierre. La morale de cette histoire est aussitôt que votre voiture sort de Tesla allez vite protéger la peinture au endroits stratégiques car j’aurais aimé ça qu’on me le dise avant que je sors de chez Tesla avec mon auto neuve.

Brunoranger | 11 marzo 2019

i completed everything besides the insurance because I don’t have a delivery date yet I’m not going to add insurance now... but order agreement is gone

KJAE85 | 11 marzo 2019

Where are you guys seeing “Drafting the contract”? My order agreement is gone too. I have all check marks on registration, insurance (sent current coverage in MA as i dont have vin yet) and cash payment method.

betoinc | 11 marzo 2019

@KJAE85 I go to my tesla account/manage the on next steps it shows:

We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment.

I already uploaded insurance and have my company ready for that as well, but I can make the final payment and I have no VIN number

elliott99 | 11 marzo 2019

I'm thinking "drafting up your contract" shows up after you receive your delivery date?

Still doesn't explain the disappearing Order Agreement, unless they remove that link from your account because you're beyond that stage in the game, but not far along enough for them to begin drafting the actual contract.

knighta | 11 marzo 2019

Ordered March 7, 2019
Red LR AWD 18” Aero Wheels, AP, FSD.
Order Agreement still there under “Completed Tasks”
London, Ontario
Waiting on VIN, and contact from DA.

Next Steps

We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment.

Brunoranger | 11 marzo 2019

Just contacted customer service, he said they’ve been told they’re confident in the timeframes and say car should be built in 2-3 weeks and delivered in another week to me here in NY. SR+ RWD

KJAE85 | 11 marzo 2019

Seems things are not showing things in order for different people. I got a text with delivery date btw March 13-25. My next step says 'Prepare for Delivery: Enter your contact details and payment information' in which my contact info is already there and payment info i assumed it's the "Payment Method" section which i've completed. oh well. Just have so much anxiety.

elliott99 | 11 marzo 2019

That's good to hear! I'm in CT so not far from you, hope the same timeframe applies.

betoinc | 12 marzo 2019

what would be . good number to call TESLA .. i used the one on their website but it asks for account number and more.. but for some reason it is unable to find it.. should I call the Showroom where I bought it?

TheDavis510 | 12 marzo 2019

Woke up to a VIN on my account this morning. My pickup date is 3/14.

Telstar | 12 marzo 2019

Davis510, congratulations, is it a 2019 and when did you order it?

betoinc | 12 marzo 2019

@TheDavis510 when did you place the order?

betoinc | 12 marzo 2019

A little update:
I just called them, they said I will get a VIN number later today by mail. MY delivery date is confirmed for 3/23 and they said that I will get a delivery advisor couple of days before delivery, and that at that point when I confirmed all is ready the delivery date will appear on my tesla account.

matthewdjones | 12 marzo 2019

1 week in for me. No VIN or any updates. Still on Prepare for Delivery.

ilovemyvespagtv | 13 marzo 2019

I’m on Day 13 and don’t have a VIN for a Mid Range. I must’ve chosen a configuration that is totally out of stock and is going to take quite a while to get to Florida. I finally emailed my delivery specialist yesterday, who said they’re seeing a lot of movement so hopefully soon. It’s like I’m 5 years old waiting for Christmas morning!!!

gmkellogg | 13 marzo 2019

lol 13 days. After waiting 90+ days for my car it's still amazing how much faster they have gotten at delivering cars.

jeff | 13 marzo 2019

Also in MTL (guess that EV credit is working from the amount of Quebecers I see on this post).
Ordered Mar 11
Blue LR AWD with 19 Inch wheels
Autopilot but no FSD

Spoke with Tesla before I ordered and while the website had 2 weeks for delivery estimated they said it was currently running 2 to 4 weeks for delivery from my order date.

Electric_Sheeple | 13 marzo 2019

My VIN isn't on display on the website, but I called Tesla and they confirmed I have one, issued last night, and It's on a truck leaving from CA to TX today.

VIN# 297xxx Delivery expected to be the 17th - 19th... (Black SR+ w/ AP ordered 3/2 in TX.... I had a reservation but cancelled back in October, so technically ordered w/ no reservation)

ejam | 13 marzo 2019

I just called Tesla and they say Canada has a different configuration than US. So it’s on a separate production line. The best thing to do is to call your local Tesla to find out how accurate the estimated delivery times are. Ughhh

ilovemyvespagtv | 14 marzo 2019

After two weeks with no VIN and no information on when I might get one, I called my delivery center. The specialist searched the whole country and found zero cars matching my configuration, even with a few changes to wheels and going from mid to long range. White interiors in non standard range models seem to be scarce but I’ve been dreaming of the white interior for over two years so I’m going to hold out for it. She’s going to try a few other options and call me later today. I thought I was so close to my dream car...

Bloob | 15 marzo 2019

how many are they producing per month these days?

k2012 | 15 marzo 2019

bump chinese spam

Electrici-T | 15 marzo 2019

Gatineau for pickup in Montreal. Ordered March 4 - LR AWD, black/white interior, 18” aero, no autopilot. No VIN yet. Have delivery date of March 29 showing. Delivery specialist says it is a very tentative date.

Ocala.Joe | 15 marzo 2019

no VIN here either, ordered 3/1 s+.but I do have a delivery date 3/23.

mike_in_montreal | 16 marzo 2019

Reservation holder since day 1.
Ordered in store march 4th.
Vin received march 14th. ( 5YJ3E1EA4KF32XXXX)
Delivery scheduled march 21th.

Black SR+ with black interior, no options.

Federal budget is march 19th. 5000$ rebate on EV might be announced.
Quebec budget is march 21th. 8000$ rebate on EV might be cancelled or not renewed when funding is depleted.

This might get crazy ....

kmartyn | 16 marzo 2019

To all you fellows in Quebec, remember that the federal EV rebates are expected to be announced in the budget this Tuesday. It is possible that delaying your delivery until April, could put an extra $5k in your pocket.

I suggest you don’t push for delivery, until the budget details are announced.

Ash23T | 16 marzo 2019

Those who have ordered a MR, what config are you waiting on?

JakeMacaw84 | 16 marzo 2019

Took 2 weeks to get my vin, then they took it away on my account. Rep said I still have it on Tesla’s side though. Who knows lol.

k2012 | 17 marzo 2019

I'm waiting on a MR M3 RWD white exterior and white interior with areo wheels and AP. i ordered 3/7/19 and I am in Texas

Telstar | 20 marzo 2019

Well, it's been 6 weeks to the day since I ordered my performance model 3. My delivery date of March 12th has come and gone. No VIN numbers and no delivery date. I've talked to about eight different employees in the last two weeks but they all claim it's out of their hands. Never knew it would be this much trouble trying to spend over $60,000.