Transference of Model 3 reservation to Model Y

Transference of Model 3 reservation to Model Y

Wondering if this will be possible or taken into consideration. I have a 2nd day model 3 reservation that I never used since I decided to wait for the model Y....

carlk | 11 marzo 2019

Don't think so.

EVRider | 11 marzo 2019

I think you’ll have to wait until people can reserve or order a Model Y to find out.

reed_lewis | 11 marzo 2019

Step 1: Reserve a Model Y (when you can)
Step 2: Cancel your Model 3 reservation.

Yodrak. | 11 marzo 2019

"Step 1: Reserve a Model Y (when you can)
Step 2: Cancel your Model 3 reservation."

I like this approach, but I'd reverse the steps.

Renegade Misfit | 29 marzo 2019

I'm also wondering how many people have a Model 3 reservation that they'd like to use for ordering a Model Y. I know you can request refund of your M3 reserve money, but I've heard it can take awhile, and it seems so much cleaner to have a process to just order a MY instead of a M3, from the Manage page.

EVRider | 30 marzo 2019

It’s not likely that there are enough people in this situation that Tesla would update their web site to let you do this online. If Tesla does allow you to move your reservation, you’ll probably have to call or e-mail them to make it happen.

Even if it takes a while for you to get refunded, you’re better off cancelling your reservation and making a new one — you haven’t had the money for all this time, so why does it matter how long the refund takes?

Renegade Misfit | 30 marzo 2019

I get antsy when money is in limbo... would bug me if Tesla took months to send refund. Having it sit documented in some place is OK, even though I know if I want to get it, I'd have to go through refund process anyway. Sheer irrational procrastination/avoidance. The hope is that Tesla will improve the process. If only so they can stop wasting time trying to get me to do something with it. Heh