Tesla Semi update

Tesla Semi update

It's been awhile that we haven't heard of the Tesla Semi.
Production was scheduled to begin this year yet we don't even know where it gonna be made.

Tesla should made an update on this but my guess is that Tesla will annonce the start the production
in the same event that will unveil the Model T this summer.

Any Ideas?

reed_lewis | 15 marzo 2019

They are using the Semi to transport material between the gigafactory and Fremont. I think that this is great because they are getting real world information.

FuuMasta | 15 marzo 2019

But nothing on the actual production.

jordanrichard | 15 marzo 2019

Well, the semis that they have made for testing and running stuff between NV and CA, where were they made? For those that live in CA, are there any truck chassis manufacturers there? My thinking is that they bought and will buy bare truck chassis’s and then put the TEsla cab and associated goodies in it.

wiboater4 | 29 marzo 2019

There won't be a model T . Ford will sue. :-)

tstolz | 31 marzo 2019

Start of production scheduled for late 2019 with volume in 2020. They are currently testing. They are also currently evaluating their options for where it will be built ... but likely Gigafactory 1. The reason you are not hearing more is because Tesla doesn’t have anything more to add. If you don’t have anything to say ... don’t say it :)

Mike83 | 31 marzo 2019

2 kWh/mile. $180,000. reserve for $20,000. This semi is fast. I read somewhere they are using them already to deliver Teslas. It might have been in the US, China or the EU. Can't find the info but will search for it.

jordanrichard | 31 marzo 2019

Elon Tweeted a picture of a semi hauling new Teslas and it has a CA license plate on it.