Apple car play

Apple car play

Will Tesla ever incorporate or add Apple CarPlay so that I can have Siri read text and originate text messages while driving. Of course it would be great to have apps like audible and other apps that are built into CarPlay. Being an Apple enthusiast and wanting my iPhone Xs max to be fully integrated is not too much to ask for what is probably the most high tech car on the road. | 25 luglio 2019

@racrosby - Nope. OBD does almost nothing in an EV. OBD was designed around ICE engine monitoring. Without an ICE engine there is almost nothing to report. Don't waste your money.

Often when Tesla does sense a problem, it displays the issue in plain English. In ICE cars you get a yellow engine light that tells you almost nothing.

rhj | 25 luglio 2019

And if you do get CarPlay it will be a 6 1/2 inch rectangle at the bottom of
The 15 inch screen

blue adept | 26 luglio 2019

@carlk and

Imagine the number of incidents due to people "face timing" while driving!

nukequazar | 26 luglio 2019

@blue adept

Hey Mr. Authority, there is no FaceTime in CarPlay. If only you did some research before spewing out your nonsense.

bp | 27 luglio 2019

While we can argue the merits of having increased smartphone integration, that really doesn't matter.

Now that Tesla will have competing long range EVs, all of which will likely have much better smartphone support, likely with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Tesla risks losing customers until they provide something that's at least closer to what the other manufacturers are providing.

What's supported today in V9 is essentially the same, minimal, level of smartphone integration that was present in the first Signature Model S vehicles delivered 7 years ago. The only major new functionality added was calendar integration, and that's very limited and hasn't seen any improvements since it was first introduced.

Musk recently commented about providing 3rd party apps - something that he hadn't mentioned for several years.

Clearly Tesla (Musk) is aware this is an area where Tesla is considerably behind on a major software feature, so it should just be a matter of time before we (finally) see something. Though after receiving our first Model S in early 2013, I had expected to see some improvements well before this...

carlk | 27 luglio 2019

Still whine much? Any car delivered 7 years ago can use CarPlay or Android Auto or for that matter ANY new functionality?

blakamp | 28 luglio 2019

Tesla May Stream Netflix and YouTube When They’re not Moving

If true, this step by Tesla would run counter to several points made on this thread.

If I had to handicap CarPlay support, I’d wager that if it didn’t show up in a release with Netflix support, then chances increasingly diminish that CarPlay will be supported.

blue adept | 1 agosto 2019


You can "face time" in ANY car with a cellphone, duh!

p.s. You're trying too hard to catch me in a sleight, so much so in fact that it's that damn obvious...Might want to watch that.

blue adept | 1 agosto 2019


Well, that's just it, they WON'T have to worry about "competing long range EV's" any time in the near future (maybe even the distant future as well, stubborn as those ICE guys are), so they've plenty of time available to them to develop a secure, safe and versatile integration platform whereas other current day auto manufacturers are just cramming in whatever they can to simulate many of the features that are standard in Tesla's.

Who knows, perhaps the installation a secondary, remote interface independent of Tesla's core infotainment interface system that only utilized and/or was able to access none but the basic functionality of the touchscreen for viewing purposes only would be the more prudent course to pursue...?

Time will tell, but the fact of the matter still remains that Tesla's car lineup, even without all of the bells and whistles the conventional automakers are cramming into their models in a vain attempt to stay relevant in an evolving auto market, will STILL be the most technologically advanced, conflict free, environmentally friendly, emission free, versatile vehicles on the roads today and for the foreseeable future by all indications.

So all of these arguments from you and others here about what features and/or functionality a car MUST have to be relevant to today's buyers or competitive in today's auto market is specious at best and laughable at worst because you're all, rather desperately I might add, just trying to manufacture causation in the absence of any real need as it relates to a car as ahead-of-the-pack as the Tesla model lineup are.

BTW, the demand for Tesla's is still exceeding supply (though Tesla is making great strides in catching up) while all of the conventional ICE car manufacturers are offering an arm and a leg just to get people to drive their stock off their overcrowded lots and STILL can't move inventory!

Just lending word to the reality of the matter.

nukequazar | 1 agosto 2019

@blue adept

"Might want to watch that?" You are seriously out of line. You should stop that.

This thread is about CarPlay. It's not about anytime somebody has a cellphone in a car because that would be... duh, in your so eloquent language. Also, the comments by CarlK and TeslaTap that you replied to refer to Apple and CarPlay, since that's what this thread is about (duh), so I did, indeed, catch you in a nonsensical reply.

Really, your comment makes no sense. This thread is about CarPlay and how many iPhone users would like to have CarPlay in our Teslas. CarPlay does not include FaceTime, particularly because CarPlay is a limited subset of iPhone functions for use in-car. I haven't read or heard of one single person asking for FaceTime while driving.

Total nonsense. Maybe you should watch that!

blue adept | 1 agosto 2019


Are you sure to want to assume that tone with me? Afterall YOUR unprovoked comment to me was:

>>> "Hey Mr. Authority, there is no FaceTime in CarPlay. If only you did some research before spewing out your nonsense." <<<

As YOU'VE pointed out, the conversation you're very clearly misinterpreting was an 'A' & 'B' conversation between myself and @carlk and wherein we were discussing the fatality statistics associated with texting or talking on the phone while driving (with my contribution to further the conversation being that of 'face timing') by way of illuminating the negative repercussions of increasing the number of distractions in the car (like fiddling with Apple's CarPlay) before it is safe to do so, so you really should 'C' your way out of it since you, quite clearly, haven't an idea of the context of the conversation between them and I.

Does it make "sense" to you now?

Can you see how my comment about 'face timing' was relevant/relative to my conversation with @carlk and

One can only hope....

jeffaajones | 13 agosto 2019

Sure are lots of posts on the Apple car play is anyone over at Tesla listening? Sure would like to have at the very least more choices of streaming music even if it is at my own expense. I already pay for Apple Music and amazon unlimited music. Please Elon incorporate that in to the Car OS!

ryan | 13 agosto 2019

@blue adept
"The short answer is that Apple products are simply far too invasive, requiring an almost continuous connection with their "mother ship" leading to a host of all manner of security, functionality and privacy issues."

... Tesla also continuously speaks with the "mothership" so how is it any different?

carlk | 13 agosto 2019


Everyone knows Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple....monetize individual data which is their most significant income source and competitive edge. Apple is transitioning to service model it sure will increase its activities in this area. Cambridge Analytica said it has 4,000 data points on every American. They probably know more about you than your wife does. This is how it's different.

blue adept | 13 agosto 2019


In addition to carlk's comments, Tesla is it's own company servicing it's own product(s) whereas Apple's media streaming service would be a third-party app transmitting data back to itself about it's operating environment and user preferences and other telemetrics, which could pose substantial functionality and integrity issues for Tesla, some of which were previously covered in the "So when do we get Spotify?" thread.

Luckily for all Tesla is, instead of relying on some third party streaming provider, developing its own multi-tiered, SECURE, proprietary streaming music interface:

Hope this helps to clear up any lingering confusion over what differentiates Tesla from other companies.

blakamp | 15 agosto 2019

Slacker and Google Maps and TuneIn all receive API requests from Tesla that send data back to each partner. They all need a device or account credential and a request to fulfill (songs, song metadata, map tiles, etc)... That’s data.

Add Spotify to that list, confirmed by Musk as of last night.

I’m excited to see how Tesla integrates it, hopefully with some UI tuning/cleanup. One golden rule of product... when adding capability, take the opportunity to reduce complexity.

@blue adept. I’d be surprised if Tesla simultaneously announced a proprietary Tesla Tunes. If they don’t, can we put that one to rest?

jeffaajones | 14 settembre 2019

As much as I would like to see apple car play on my Model S, at least Tesla could allow Apple Music to be integrated. When people say that Tesla is all about safety and texts shouldn’t be read by the car, how about fiddling with your phone to stream via Bluetooth so that one can play Apple Music or trying to listen to since my car doesn’t have an AM radio tuner. Just would love to have more integration of my iPhone built in to the Tesla screen.

kanewilliamson1... | 15 settembre 2019

I have a Kenwood head unit supporting CarPlay. It is, without equivocation, worth the cost. I use Apple, Amazon, or Pandora music services rather than using the radio with incessant commercials. I can easily switch services or music using Siri, the CarPlay display, or the steering wheel controls of my car. My phone stays out of my hand.

I also find myself using Maps to go anywhere. Not because I want to know the route but because I get estimates of drive time and traffic visibility on the display as well as re-routes en-route due to congestion. Very helpful for commuting. Again, no contact with the phone is necessary. My phone stays out of my hand.

When necessary to text, I use Siri and the CarPlay to read text messages I receive and respond. My phone stays out of my hand.

When I receive a call, I take it over the speakerphone using the mike of the head unit and the car’s stereo. Sound is usually clear on both sides, much better than when using the bluetooth connection from the head unit. My phone stays out of my hand.

Lastly, the CarPlay software comes from the phone and is enhanced whenever Apple changes the software. So no software updates are necessary in the head unit to maintain functionality as my phone software changes or my connected phone changes. And the interface is standard so it is far and away better than the integrated software in my ‘smart’ head unit.

Post lastly, most of the units supporting CarPlay also support Android Auto. So there is no need to me to change head units if I change phone platforms.
Source: | 16 settembre 2019

@kane....- you clearly do not own a Tesla or you would know all Tesla models have all the features you mentioned. Using Slacker and Siri one never needs to hold a phone in his/her hand. Tesla navigation on the 15 or 17 inch screen is far superior to any after market radio head. Are you pushing spam or just FUD?

dsscott0267 | 16 settembre 2019

What would be interesting is if they could add an app that gave you the ability to use either Apple Car Play or Android Car Play. Then you could have whichever one you want or just the Tesla version.

aaaaannestone | 23 settembre 2019

People, I need the foto of apple car! | 23 settembre 2019

@aaaaannestone - A copy and paste bot getting ready to spam (it hit many threads this morning). Flag away.

nukequazar | 23 settembre 2019, you’re completely wrong and obviously have never used CarPlay. The only thing Tesla MCU does of that list is navigation, which is significantly inferior to Apple Maps. You can make hands-free phone calls but it’s via Bluetooth, which is sometimes garbled, and the onscreen interface is ten years outdated, at best.

Terrymooneyes | 24 settembre 2019

It would be awesome if you could use your phone to write an address in google or apple maps and the moment you get inside you see it in the big screen. Also if you could navigate through your Spotify in your phone. Because each user likes their own Spotify. | 24 settembre 2019

As I said, the Tesla does all the features Kane noted even if you think it is outdated.

nukequazar | 24 settembre 2019

We’ve been spammed and trolled. Didn’t notice the link in that post.


mozotom | 2 ottobre 2019

I'd love to have CarPlay - for those who don't want it, there is no obligation to use it, but having it available would make a big difference. I almost decided not to buy Tesla and go with Lexus because of it. | 2 ottobre 2019

@Terrymooneyes - If you add an address to your calendar (phone or PC). When the date comes up, the address is available with a single tap. Not quite what you're asking for, but very handy.

taralex77 | 2 ottobre 2019

I absolutely love my new MX, but Apple CarPlay is the only thing I miss in it. Really weird to see people making arguments AGAINST having a useful feature in the car. Especially funny are the "danger of voice texting arguments", yeah right, without it people resort to actual texting, and that's way safer.

But I don't want to text, what I want is my Waze, my Apple Music, I want to ask Siri what's the weather like in New York and how much is 30405 divided by 30. There's a ton of things Siri is useful for.

With native Tesla voice recognition I'm having hard time having it go to an address, found it easier to type it in, it's not that inconvenient when the car is driving itself, but still speaking is better.

But that's all beside the point, the car is the most technologically advanced one in the whole world, why not put another option in the next release? Would be way more useful than Netflix or fart noises.

TranzNDance | 2 ottobre 2019

@Terrymooneyes, click the share button in the map app to send the address to your car, if you have the Tesla app installed and activated the app as a share target.

nukequazar | 2 ottobre 2019

@TT, none of these minor workarounds comes within light-years of the functionality and user experience of any car--from Golf to Taycan--with CarPlay.

yunqiyang130 | 14 novembre 2019

I always use this workaround to stream Audible audiobooks to my Tesla carplay. You can refer to | 15 novembre 2019

@nuke - you mean those cars that require you to plug in your phone to get anything to work? Seems like a huge step backwards to me. And if you forget your phone, then you get nothing - no streaming, no up to date maps, no realtime traffic, and perhaps no navigation - a total mess. I'd rather have features built into the car and designed for a large display that wirelessly connects to my phone. But I can see some want to spend $200K on a Taycan so you are forced to plug in your phone to get services on a tiny screen. Pass.

nukequazar | 22 novembre 2019

@TT, you either have no clue what you're talking about here, or you're being intentionally dishonest.

nukequazar | 22 novembre 2019

Keep pushing Tesla to add CarPlay.

Petition · Jerome Guillen: Bring Apple Carplay and Android Auto to Tesla vehicles · | 22 novembre 2019

Taycan requires plugging in the phone to get CarPlay. There is talk about a future wireless version, but no timeline has been offered. It seems far more clunky than just using Bluetooth today to get streaming services from the phone. I'm actually quite neutral on CarPlay. Doesn't bother me it Tesla offered it - but seems very unlikely. Having only 42 people (as of this writing) who signed the partition out of 500,000+ owners is not a positive sign.

NKYTA | 22 novembre 2019

42, ironic.

Do the math.

nukequazar | 22 novembre 2019

The number on the petition is not relevant. There are countless threads on these forums with hundreds of comments asking for it.

@TT, again, you really don’t understand CarPlay, and you don’t want it, so I’m not sure why you continue to post silly comments that are ridiculous to anyone who uses CarPlay. I must say, though, I always look forward to your nonsensical replies whenever CarPlay comes up.

nukequazar | 22 novembre 2019

There are many wireless CarPlay setups out on the road but the fact is, while using CarPlay you will be using your phone battery so best to plug it in so it both gets a solid connection and charges along the way. Two birds; one stone. Not really a big deal.

NKYTA | 22 novembre 2019

“ The number on the petition is not relevant. There are countless threads on these forums with hundreds of comments asking for it.“

But only 40 some were jazzed about it.

Facts are facts.