Great Experience!

Great Experience!

Hello. We just picked up our M3 at the Tesla delivery center in Fremont and the experience could not have been easier. Our pick up time was 12-2pm. We got there 15 mins before 12 pm and was signing the paperwork within 10 minutes. That in itself took 5 minutes and then they showed us the basic functions of the car as well as using the phone app. They took their time with us and we didn’t feel rushed at all. The delivery specialist even took our pictures for us! Just wanted to share with everyone what an awesome job they did! BTW, this car is amazing!!

Wilber | 16 marzo 2019

Excellent! Welcome to the family!

lunde | 16 marzo 2019

Congratulations! My wife and I had a similarly pleasant experience last September when we picked up our first Model 3. Our second Model 3 was delivered to our home in San Jose in mid-December.