Navigation map: how to display it without satellite view

Navigation map: how to display it without satellite view

Got SR+ couldn’t figure out how to turn off the satellite view and only show regular roads. The map is way to busy. I am on the latest software with sentry mode, dog mode etc

pengguan1983 | 16 marzo 2019

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Garyeop | 16 marzo 2019

Tap right side of map. On bottom right the globe symbol will turn it off and on.

pengguan1983 | 17 marzo 2019

Then it may be the new SR+ Issue. I can’t find the globe icon anywhere. I only see the supercharge icon on the bottom right

chrischowut | 17 marzo 2019

Same thing on my SR+. Please fix, I find the satellite view difficult to read street names.

insfbayarea | 17 marzo 2019

Same issue.

tigerkc | 17 marzo 2019

Have you read the owner’s manual?

kaffine | 17 marzo 2019

I have to touch the map somewhere to get the satellite button to show up. However since you say the supercharger one shows up but not satellite it could be a bug. To report bugs activate the microphone and say bug report then describe the issue.

davidhdiskin | 20 marzo 2019

I think this is not a bug. Tesla is purposefully not allowing the option regular road view option. Please Tesla give us that option.

Rt002k | 20 marzo 2019

Looks like Tesla oopsed. They inverted what the partial premium and full premium includes:

Partial Premium Interior Includes:
Standard maps & navigation

Premium Interior Includes:
Satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization and navigation

Rt002k | 20 marzo 2019

The way it's worded on the order page, you should have ONLY the street view on the SR+ with no Satellite view option. I would submit feedback via your account page, I find those get the best response.

Pepperidge | 20 marzo 2019

I think Tesla removed glove icon on the map for standard connectivity but mistakenly set the default map mode as satellite view.

MyRedM3 | 20 marzo 2019

I heard it’s fixed in the recent software update. Replaced satellite with standard maps

AceHBee | 20 marzo 2019

I can confirm that SR+ on 2019.8.2 update, the map is now standard maps for daytime and nighttime. Previously, it was satellite-view maps for day and standard for night. Latest update change it standard maps for both day and night.