Has anyone received any updates on delivery for their M3 Standard Range?

Has anyone received any updates on delivery for their M3 Standard Range?

I ordered a M3 Standard Range w/ AP on March 1, 2019. I have a reservation number, but no VIN yet. My reservation still says 2-4 weeks from order date. I'm in Canada. I'm not panicking. LOL. Just curious what others are experiencing with their SR orders.


kaidenkjr008 | 17 marzo 2019

I'm right there with yeah. Same thing, I ordered a standard w/o AP and it still says 2-4 weeks no vin and just a reservation number. I'm thinking about calling and changing order to standard plus becuzz wait time is supposedly shorter

Blacklamb | 18 marzo 2019

My SR+ said under two, I was worried that that date would not have been met but three days befor two weeks I got the call and had the car with one day to spare. They were super silent till they were ready then it was a bunch of stuff at once.

ShaunyD | 18 marzo 2019

@kaidenkjr008 if you're planning on making any changes, I think pricing is supposed to increase today. Although they haven't changed since I last looked today at 0900 hrs Pacific Time. You also might get a change fee, but I'm not sure. I added AP about a week after my order and they did not charge my the change fee. The SR+ seems like such a good value, but I wanted the AP and couldn't afford both.

ShaunyD | 18 marzo 2019

@Blacklamb thanks for the info. That's good timing. I called last week and was told that my 2-4 weeks was going to be more like 2-5 weeks for my SR with no options except AP. My account page still says 2-4. I"m in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I would be impressed if they could pull that off. Fingers crossed.

Jiver | 18 marzo 2019

A family member ordered an SR+ with no other options on Saturday evening. He even took the black paint. He got a call less than 24 hours later "confirming" his delivery time of 1pm today. Huh? He hasn't even talked to his credit union and this was his first contact with someone from Tesla. Not surprisingly today does not work for him. We'll see what happens.

jimglas | 18 marzo 2019

Sounds like they have some Black SR+ ready to deliver

ShaunyD | 18 marzo 2019

Wow! That is cool. Slow down, Tesla. LOL

Tatyaviles | 18 marzo 2019

I ordered a Black SR+ Friday night and I'm still getting the 2-4 week time frame. I'm in NY.

rachang5021 | 18 marzo 2019


Same with me, except one day later. I ordered a black, black w/ aero wheels and AP SR+ last night around 8PM. Got a text this morning saying it's ready to be picked up tomorrow. Unfortunately, i won't be available until next week!

Jiver | 18 marzo 2019

@rachange5021 and @tatyaviles my family member is located in SoCal -- Buena Park was his selected pickup location.

rachang5021 | 18 marzo 2019

Me too at Buena Park! I'm thinking I might just push all my plans back a day to be able to pick the car up tomorrow lol

Jiver | 19 marzo 2019

@rachang5021 Did they give you a VIN in your account? Maybe you are both buying the same car! Good luck and enjoy the ride. I've had my LR AWD for six months now and I am still smiling.

jesci21 | 1 aprile 2019

Ordered mine (SR+ AP, Black w/ White Interior, Aero wheel) March 31st and got a text message this afternoon that the car is ready for pick up on Thursday April 4th. Havent contact my credit union yet but i might do in-house financing to avoid the hassle.

calvin940 | 1 aprile 2019


My friend configured the day SR was available. Standard black, but premium interior. Got VIN, Paid, car due to arrive at service center in Montreal April 6th (then will be shipped by transport trailer to Nova Scotia a few days after).

Teslanene | 1 aprile 2019

@calvin I didn’t know you could upgrade the SR to premium interior?

Carl Thompson | 1 aprile 2019

Is this thread supposed to be about SR or SR+?

beaver | 1 aprile 2019

M3 SR is still a unicorn, guesses for 1st delivery? June 1?

doper | 23 aprile 2019

Got my vin 15 april on the SR+ in black. My vin is 322041. I live in Denmark, and I wonder if my car will include the new hardware,HW3 which were put into all model 3 by 10. april 2019. Anyone who has a clue? I expect that USA will recieve all model3 until 1. july, because of the intensive drop, and then Tesla will begin shipping to Europe and China after that.?