Production date

Production date

I get the feeling there was a period of time where Tesla was really moving too fast on manufacturing and this led to quality issues (misaligned chrome panels, etc). If I were to order a car today, what might the likely production month be? I’m trying to get a sense if things have “settled down” a bit.

ooagentmm | 17 marzo 2019

I ordered a SR+ M3 on 03-14-2019 just after the Y reveal event. The VIN indicates it was built late February 2019.

Lonestar10_1999 | 17 marzo 2019

Where in the VIN is the build date?

lunde | 17 marzo 2019
Lonestar10_1999 | 17 marzo 2019

Thanks lunde. I see I will be getting a 2019 model but I don’t see how to determine the month.

syclone | 17 marzo 2019

The month of manufacture is on the label on lower part of the B pillar.

lunde | 17 marzo 2019

The month and year of manufacture is also stated on the Monroney label.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 marzo 2019

Winn1231 declared, "...Tesla was really moving too fast on manufacturing..."

Traditional automobile manufacturers have posed that Tesla was 'moving too fast' since they were building less than 100 units per week of Model S six years ago. Tesla will never move slow enough for them.

ANALysts, Pundits, Experts, NaySayers, $#0r+s, and Trolls took up the same narrative, as you have here, that by building 'too quickly' the quality of Tesla's cars suffered. That is complete bullshit. Just because Tesla is a young company, doesn't mean they are incapable of surpassing 'boutique' levels of production. A few years ago, Cory Johnson of MSNBC/CNBC ridiculed the valuation of Tesla saying that if valued the same way on a per car basis, Buick alone would be valued over a trillion dollars.

Without checking, I'm sure he never raised a similar observation relative to Ferrari (RACE), currently $131.78 per share, with a $24,820,000,000 -- which sold not even 10,000 units worldwide in 2018, 2017, 2016, or 2015. But Tesla supposedly ought to 'slow down'? Some of us remember the 'quality' of the Ferrari F40 thirty years ago. Man... fuck you. The fact is, everyone else is moving far too slow with electric vehicles, and think that is 'too fast'.

Lonestar10_1999 | 17 marzo 2019

I think the OP’s point is that the high production pace is having an adverse impact on quality control and initial quality. However, the types of quality issues M3s are having (panel gaps, paint flaws, etc.) are easily solvable. Even though Tesla is advanced with technology, they can learn a lot from automotive pioneers like Henry Ford, and others.

gregg | 17 marzo 2019

Wow matthew.mcknight, I ordered a MR M3 early on 3-15-19 (probably just a few hours after you) and I've yet to receive my VIN. When did you get yours? The estimated delivery for mine is within 2 weeks, but my bank and insurance both want that precious VIN before proceeding.

-TheJohn- | 17 marzo 2019

Build quality complaints were mainly a 2017 thing and largely disappeared in the first quarter-ish of 2018.
They're now an aberration instead of uncommon.
Your results may vary.

lph | 17 marzo 2019

This brings up a pet peeve of mine.
I have a Tesla M3P. The panel gaps and alignments are fine (although I did take it in for the frunk lid to be re-aligned). There are some very minor differences from one side to another, but nothing that I could tell from standing in one place. So I am happy with what I got.

My peeve is that other people complain about Tesla and it gets plastered all over the web and news, but I don't hear anything about other cars that are just as expensive if not more.
I am constantly going past late model Mercedes and BMW's etc which have much worse alignments than I have. Just yesterday I parked near to an almost new Bentley and the first thing I noticed on this car (from 20 feet away) was the chrome misalignments of 1/4" right where you notice it.
That is a 1/4 million dollar+ car folks and they can't get it right either. Mine is a $60k car (w/o auto pilot for straight comparison purposes - but I have that as well) and I have a car that not only can run the Bentley into the ground in any performance metric under 100mph. It is safer and just a quiet around town. Economy is probably 6x better. Far better for the environment. The car gets more powerful and gets better brakes, handling etc via over time using over the air updates, has internet built in, the best 4 wheel drive system anywhere. Okay the Bentley has expensive leather and other materials. But to be honest I don't care, because it is nothing but hype because leather is nothing but chemical impregnated cow skin and stinks. I have spent many years with Bentleys and RR's in my household and to be honest I don't see where they are better than Tesla where it matters. If you want to believe otherwise, go waste your money on them,
In addition I was talking to an independent and highly respected car body shop here and he said that Tesla has some of the best quality parts and engineering of any car on the road and the reason it cost a pretty penny to fix accident damage is because the car is masterfully and intricately engineered.
I don't understand the rubbish that has been pushed on the public about quality of Tesla. It is a con job pushed by the other car companies magazines (because Tesla does not buy advertising) and big oil because they are dead scared of what Tesla is doing and want to kill them at almost any cost.
So if you do get your Tesla with some gaps etc that are not perfect. Just take it in and they will likely be happy to fix that, and this in NO way reflects on the overall quality of the car. In my opinion, engineering wise you can rest in the knowledge that you have just purchased one of the best cars on the road - regardless of the price.

hector | 17 marzo 2019

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hector | 17 marzo 2019

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ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 marzo 2019

Lonestar10_1999: The OPs 'point' is sorely flawed. It assumes facts not in evidence. If any flaw is discovered with panel alignment, paint finish, application of trim pieces, alignment of interior stitching or coachwork in any other manufacturer's cars, then we are to presume that a similar lack of quality control and attention to detail is an obvious sign of deeper issues that will reveal themselves at a most inopportune time? Really? BULLSHIT. A problem that can be easily fixed is simply a problem that can be easily fixed. That's all. It indicates NOTHING else at all. What is truly telling is when a simple issue, that should have been caught, is NOT FIXED, or acknowledged, or relegated in any way by policy.

johnmcniece: Precisely. Thank you for your response.

lph: Exactly. Thank you very much for all that. It all rings true.

syclone | 19 marzo 2019

I'm sure everybody has noticed that Tesla doesn't advertise. Elon lets the Fudsters and the 'Shorts" do the advertising for him. When publicity/notarioty starts to slow down, he does something really outlandish. Bang! - more press coverage. When was the last time you saw a piece about Buick on the eleven O' clock news?