Dr. Goodenough a Fudster?

Dr. Goodenough a Fudster?

Watched a year an a half old Youtube video where Dr. Goodenough made an interesting comment about 5 minutes in. He stated that Tesla owners would need to replace their battery at a cost of $28K after two years. I thought it was well known, at that time, that the Tesla batteries normally had at least 90% capacity after five or more years? Being a world renowned expert on battery tech, I thought his statement was interesting to say the least! Thoughts??

aasandsas | 18 marzo 2019

I am sure Dr. knows more about batteries than you and me. But does anyone care ?

82bert | 18 marzo 2019

Myth busted for some time now. It continues to be perpetuated to the masses, unfortunately.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 marzo 2019

As a retired and much younger Mech. Engineer, I believe he is senile. Goodenough seems to have lost his train of thought since he seemed to gush about the BMS but then seemed to forget that TESLA actually has a BMS that does NOT require replacement of batteries every two years.

YouTube: the dumbing down of 'merica.

Bighorn | 18 marzo 2019


sbeggs | 18 marzo 2019

No. Dr. Gudanov is a Russian bot.

jordanrichard | 18 marzo 2019

hmmm, replace battery after 2 years. My car is now 5 years old, 146,000 miles with the original battery pack and with 96% of the original range. With such an absurd assertion, why are we posting it here? I don't mind an informed point of view, even if it is not in Tesla's favor, but that prediction is based on seemingly how the Cheerios are floating in the cereal bowl.

jjgunn | 18 marzo 2019

@ jordanrichard - Damn son! That's impressive.

I believe Bighorn did have to replace a battery pack just under 200,000 miles once? Model S, IIRC?

@Bighorn, let us know if that's inaccurate

roger.klurfeld | 18 marzo 2019

Shocking! $28,000 to replace the battery pack on a Tesla every two years. The most shocked will be Tesla, Since the company warrants the battery for 8 years. That's four replacements on the company worth $112,000. Does anyone believe that is real?

apodbdrs | 18 marzo 2019

What else have others predicted like Seeking Alpha, Fox News, Forbes, etc., about the imminent collapse of TESLA or that TESLA batteries are about to catch fire! Every day there are some Anti-TESLA news clips to discourage people from buying TESLA. Even people I know tell me they heard that I have to keep my car charinging all the time when not in use, or that I shouldn't travel more than 100 miles because the car will run out of charge, or that they recently heard the car has an 80% phantom drain during cold or hot weather. One friend even asked where thegas motor was located to charge the battery? What a bunch of distortion and lies being spread by the FUD, trolls, etc. TESLA owners need to inform their friends and everyone they know about how great the car really is!

Earl and Nagin ... | 18 marzo 2019

Wow, I'm 8 years late in replacing our 2008 Roadster battery! I guess I better put that on my to-do list and budget, Maybe I'll squeeze it in around 2030 at the rate the battery is degrading.

Bighorn | 18 marzo 2019

Mine was replaced at the 5 year mark at 197k miles for zero dollars. It had 88.5% capacity.

jjgunn | 18 marzo 2019

WOW!! What will you do with the "extra" $28,000 you gained?!?!?

Thanks Bighorn

cmh95628 | 18 marzo 2019

@bighorn. Then why even bother replacing it? Was the 88.5% capacity not enough to make the run between superchargers (in cold weather) maybe? TIA.

farrell_reis | 18 marzo 2019

my 2014 tesla model S still is at rated range after 71,000 miles | 18 marzo 2019

Can't answer for Bighorn, but if a module shorts out, you instantly lose about 6% of capacity (1/16 modules in a 85/90/100). Tesla replaces the pack in these cases even if your resultant SOC was 94% with a rather new battery (i.e. capacity does not matter if a module dies).

Bighorn | 18 marzo 2019

A module went bad and dropped it another 15%. They would not have replaced it for simple degradation and it was nice to gain 27 miles of range. Makes quite a difference on lengthy road trips. | 18 marzo 2019

Realized after posting, I'm in the 3 forum! There are 4 modules in the 3, but I expect they are wired in a way that if a sub-module dies, you'll lose something similar to the S/X - perhaps 6 to 10%. | 18 marzo 2019

@Bighorn - Was that in a 3? If so, that implies 8 sub-modules. Good to know!

inconel | 18 marzo 2019

"Mine was replaced at the 5 year mark at 197k miles"
Doubt it was a 3 unless BH is an alpha tester :)

Bighorn | 18 marzo 2019

In the P85+

Kikujiro | 18 marzo 2019

He's clearly looking back instead of forward and his thought process is stuck in the past. If you take a old Lithium Cobalt Oxide cell, charge-discharge from 0-100%, 2.5V to 4.0ish volts, 300 cycles and with no thermal controls you'll kill the battery. If you build a car that has about 20-30 kwh battery with this type of cell, your battery will be definitely dead in 2 years. You basically get the first generation Nissan Leaf battery. I don't think he fully understands new NMC chemistry and cars now have 60 kwh+ batteries and thermal management. No one will ever discharge to 0% and charge to 100% repeatedly.