5 years with a Tesla

5 years with a Tesla

For a little fun, please check out the following threads in the Model S forum. Many of us that still hang out there got our cars in 2014. Tesla has learned a lot since then but even still, these early cars seem to be holding up nicely.

For those on the fence about a Model 3 as a first EV or first Tesla, these are some encouraging stories.

How long do you plan to keep your Model 3?

JAD | 18 marzo 2019

Hard to say. Loved my classic 2014 Model S85 so much, I just had to upgrade to AP with a used 2014 P85. Needed to get my mom a car, and the LR 3 was perfect for her. Love my 3P, but my 15 year old will need a car soon and we really want him in the safest car possible, so he may luck into a much nicer car than I would want for a 16 year old just for safety reasons.

So my plans to keep my Teslas for long term haven't panned out too well so far. I blame Tesla for making too good a product and then having the nerve to improve it further....

Firaz.ashraf | 18 marzo 2019

Does dreaming about Tesla for 5 years count?

kevin_rf | 18 marzo 2019

Kept the last car fourteen years, at five it will still be a new car

jordanrichard | 18 marzo 2019

+ 1 to PhillyGal's suggestion. Of course I am a bit biased since one of those stories is mine.....

On a serious note though, should you go to the threads particularly mine with the list of replaced parts, keep in mind, that your Model 3s don't have the same parts as my MS. Retracting door handles, chargeport light ring, separate parking brake caliper. etc. So you can remove those as things you would never have to deal with.

sbeggs | 18 marzo 2019

@PhillyGal, this fall your Model S will turn 5, coming right up. Thanks!

Good points.

jjgunn | 18 marzo 2019

This thread is outrageous!

There's no positivity in the Model 3 forum!!!!

PhillyGal | 18 marzo 2019

@kevin_rf - My hubs usually gets the itch around year 4. With our Model S, we're already stressing about how when the Y comes out, we can't imagine giving up our Model S, because it still feels new.

@sbeggs - Yes indeed!

@JAD - I know, right? We'd be crazy to give up the 3 after just 2-3 years (depreciation especially) but my hubs already wants a Y.

Kathy Applebaum | 18 marzo 2019

Other than my POS VW, every car I've had has been at least 15 years old when I sold it. I plan to keep my Model 3 at least that long.

Thanks for posting the links, @PhillyGal. We're coming up fast on one year anniversaries for more and more owners. I'm a couple weeks shy of that, so here's my data:

22K miles, VIN 009xxx

Warranty work:
* Replaced chrome that was scratched prior to delivery
* Tweaked rear door panel that wasn't pleasing to me at delivery
* Replaced tail light with condensation in it
* Replaced charge port door that reported it was malfunctioning

Except for the rear door panel, everything done via mobile service.

Out of warranty work:
* Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Number of grins:

Rt002k | 18 marzo 2019

This will break me of my recent trend of replacing after < 3 years. I replaced my Toyota Highlander with a Rav4 Hybrid after 3 years due to cost. Unfortunately, I missed the Highlander since about the day I got rid of it, it was just too expensive to operate. I never fell in love with the Rav4 and it was replaced after 2 years and change for the 3 - after finagling the reservation away from my wife :) I haven't missed the Rav4 a single day and this car continues to bring me joy after 8 months.

We will keep ours for a long time. Only reason we would change would be to upgrade to a Y if it turns out that the 3 isn't quite big enough to lug around everything we need with 3 dogs and little one coming along in a few months.

Jeff Hudson | 18 marzo 2019

I thought my 43,776 mile 2015 Model S with AP1 was going to be my last car until I test drove a Model 3 Performance during the last week of the 3rd Quarter. I traded my S for the same inventory Model 3 Performance I test drove and now I think this one might be the last car I buy.

cmh95628 | 18 marzo 2019

@Rt re "with 3 dogs and little one coming along in a few months."
In a few months your wife is having three dogs and a little one?!? That's just wrong! OICMU!

ST70 | 18 marzo 2019

@Jeff Hudson- yeah...right....until the Roadster 2 comes out...

Shesmyne2 | 18 marzo 2019

Still got the Tesla grin after ‘all’ these years. It’s tough thinking about saying goodbye to
the 2012 S but when we think about the changes since..we feel you.
My last 2 vehicles were 13 & 14 yrs pre 3.
I expect it to be my last vehicle.

Still Grinning ;-)

vmulla | 18 marzo 2019

The Model 3 I have was never mine, it's my 11yr old's. Guess what? The car's spanking clean all the time - my daughter really takes issue if anyone messes with *her* car. So, I'll be seeing that car for a looong time.
And my 8yr old said she wants a Y - that was a year ago when I told her about it.
So, there's definitely a Y in my future.

TM3Q | 18 marzo 2019

Last car own for 16 years with 303000 miles.

This Model 3 would also like to own it for 16 years :-)

NKYTA | 18 marzo 2019

“Many of us that still hang out there got our cars in 2014.”

And just to be pedantic, a small few of us date back to 2012. ;-)

I’ve had two cats and one dog, that at different times of my life lived 17 years. Aside from aging myself, I’m still waiting for a car to outlive that!

Perhaps NKYTA is “the one”.

Tesla-David | 18 marzo 2019

We took ownership of our 2012 MS on 1/2/13. Absolutely loved that car, but had to have AWD and AP1 so we traded it in for 85D in 2015. Absolutely love that car also, which we still have. Picked up our M3 on 2/2/18 and we are blown away with it as well. We love all of our Tesla’s and have no plans to get rid of them any time soon,.

Mike83 | 19 marzo 2019

Our first Tesla was a 2013 P85 which didn't have folding mirrors and no AP at all but it had a huge frunk and we drove it everywhere. I did drive it pretty hard and just loved it. I took it in for annual service and they replaced the ceramic bearings. It also needed a new 12v which was replaced by a Tesla Ranger at our home back then. The car had no other issues.
On one annual check up we were given an AP1 car. I wanted this but couldn't let go of oor P85 but then AP2 came out so I traded it in and now enjoy every single update as it gained more intelligent driving features. The M3 came out and we put in a deposit on reveal day. We have had this car for over a year with nothing to repair. Our cars have been super dependable and maintain their power; in fact they upped the power on the M3. Love the NoAP and both cars have FSD paid for. We are set for another million miles.

mazers | 19 marzo 2019

First Tesla we bought was a Model 3 July 2018. 15k miles so far and love it. Have had almost no issues with it, except replacing the rear glass that had a crack in it after a couple of months (warranty). We also had the rear bumper cover replaced after a guy in a Prius rubbed it trying to back out of a parking space. Now we will be replacing my wife's Grand Cherokee with a Model Y that was ordered Friday. I figure to have my Model 3 for 10 years, unless I trade it in for some other Tesla!

billtphotoman | 19 marzo 2019

My model 3 LR RWD replaced my "EV gateway drug" 2014 Volt and I plan on keeping her 10 years at least. Reading many of the threads about model S powertrain longevity convinced me to take the plunge. I will be retiring in a couple of years and the model 3 and I will be doing a lot of road trips and some car camping.

SalisburySam | 19 marzo 2019

@billtphotoman, love the phrasing! My 2012 Nissan LEAF SL was my “EV gateway drug” and I still have it for short (and I mean SHORT) in-town trips. I love it for its ease of entry and exit, and the heated steering wheel. But for all else, my 6/18 build Model 3 is just the best.

To better answer OP’s posit, we’ve keep vehicles for as short as a year and as long as 10. The one outlier is my 1964 Ford Thunderbird which has been around for, oh let’s just say, a very long time.

gballant4570 | 19 marzo 2019

I always keep cars at least 10 years, and in the past they always had a few years on them before I got hold of them. The Model 3 will be kept at least 20 years (assuming I last another 20), at which point I'll probably really be needing the FSD in preparation for my conversation with the Judge. I am really hoping to add a pick up in the meantime, and a Solectrac if possible $-wise.

Rt002k | 19 marzo 2019

@cmh - haha. She is VERY pregnant! We do jokingly tell the dogs that Mom's got a puppy growing in there.

PhillyGal | 20 marzo 2019

@Rt002k - Congrats! I was "VERY pregnant" when I took delivery of the 3 and momentarily forgot when I hopped into the trunk. Getting out was... comical.

@NKYTA - Of course the pioneering, inspirational, selfless folks who have been here since 2012/13 and helped the "n00bs" of 2014 make the decision to buy are well worth the shoutouts. I even see a very fine original Roadster owner pop up here in the 3 forum from time to time.

Earl and Nagin ... | 20 marzo 2019

Thanks! I hope resemble that remark!
Great thread!
I'm loving the 3. It is great at taking road risks so our Roadster can sit safely in the garage except for special events. Its still on its original 2008 battery and 64K miles with less than 20% degradation. I figure by around 2038, maybe we'll need to look in to a new battery.

PhillyGal | 22 marzo 2019

@Earl and Nagin... you know it!

PhillyGal | 22 marzo 2019

@Earl and Nagin... you know it!

PhillyGal | 22 marzo 2019

@Earl and Nagin... you know it!

gmkellogg | 22 marzo 2019

My goal is 10 years, but somehow deep inside I know after 5-6 years something cool will come out that I'll have to talk myself out of getting.