New AP lane change confusion

New AP lane change confusion

So I've figured out whats going on with new AP and why theres confusion on if it changes lanes or not. When using AP and autosteer if you turn on your turn indicator it does not change lanes for you anymore, but it does take away the resistance on the wheel and maintains your speed for the lane change. This make the lane change much more fluid as you only have to re-engage AP after your lane change and don't have to disengage or yank the steering wheel. I believe this is a new feature with AP since my EAP trial would either change lanes for you or youd have to disengage to change lanes.

rajivrag | 21 marzo 2019

Maintaining the speed for a lane change is stupidity. If you are changing lanes to exit, moving to the right lanes may require you to slow down or go faster than the car next to you. If you're changing lanes to the left to increase speed, you would want to accelerate while changing lanes.

rajivrag | 21 marzo 2019

In other words, changing lanes should disengage both AutoSteer and TAC. Anyways you have to double click to re-engage auto-steer and that engages TACC as well. IMHO, this is much more intuitive than to keep in mind that auto steer is disengaged but TACC is still on after lane change.

charles.a.braun | 21 marzo 2019

Keeping TACC engaged when forcing auto steer to turn off has always been the behavior.

Beginning with 2018.50 (???) TACC max speed would reset to the current speed if you broke out of auto steer. That was some BS right there. If your TACC speed was set to 65 and you were in a lane traveling 20MPH due to traffic and broke out of Auto Steer to move into a lane traveling 50MPH your TACC max speed would reset to 20MPH.

Glad that is fixed in the 2019.5

jamespompi | 21 marzo 2019

Sorry meant to say maintain speed via TACC. Which has always happened when you cancel AP with steering wheel force, just stating that the indicator frees that steering wheel resistance making lane changes and re-engage smoother.

joe.lynn.atp | 21 marzo 2019

What version are you seeing this with? 2019.5 still does lane changes

jamespompi | 21 marzo 2019


jamilworm | 21 marzo 2019

@rajivrag - You forgot about the situation where you are changing lanes to pass a slow car. In that case you would want to maintain your current speed. If you need to accelerate or slow down in order to change lanes you can still do that with the pedals. I think keeping TACC on is the right behavior. It would be annoying to have to turn cruise control back on every time you change lanes.

Patrick | 22 marzo 2019

No change in EAP lane change operations here - running 15.5 on 3D. Smoother and better than ever on our car.

jamespompi | 22 marzo 2019

@Patrick Yes EAP would retain all its functionality and I believe gets a few more FSD features like advanced summon. I was referring to the new AP package priced at 3k. While it doesnt preform a lane change, it does make disengagement and re-engagement for lane changes more fluid.

Carl Thompson | 23 marzo 2019

If you're saying that it disengages Autosteer without any feedback then I hope they change that. I can see people driving with Autosteer on then putting on on the turn signal then changing their minds an turning it off. They may not realize that Autosteer is no longer on and have a bad result.