Automatic Gate/Garage door opening/closing on entry and exit

Automatic Gate/Garage door opening/closing on entry and exit

I have been using the automatic open/close for my gate and garage door upon exiting and entering. At first I thought it was very cool and I set the point where it recognizes the gate and garage door to open/close depending upon whether I am entering or exiting. All good, but then there is the situation where you don't necessarily leave or enter but are in the middle zone. Since our gate and garage door are fairly close together, sometimes I just park in between, even in the threshold of the gate or garage door opening. It is in those times when I get back in the car and move it in a direction that sometimes the gate or garage door will close on top of me. Yes I know the gate/garage door has safety measures but it scares the heck out of me hoping that the door realizes I am there and opens back up rather than closing down on my nice new Tesla Model 3 performance. So anyone else experienced what I have and found a remedy not to scare yourself other than I have now turned off automatic open/close on entry and exit and do it manually.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 marzo 2019

Life is so hard.

ALDONY | 22 marzo 2019

I had the same problem.. I deactivated the automated part of it.. I click the green icon on the screen when I arrive at home.

Plus, sometimes I didn't want to park. In garage bu I felt kind of obligated since the door opened.

jamilworm | 22 marzo 2019

When you are close to the homelink location then on the screen in the upper right it will tell you if it is about to open or close the door. You can tap the icon to cancel the automatic opening/ closing during that session.

Halbach | 22 marzo 2019

Try shortening the distance? If that doesn't work as others have said the feature is not suited for your situation and need to go manual.

Kary993 | 22 marzo 2019

@jamilworm thanks for that tip didn’t realize there was an indicator when it was opening or closing. Will check that out.