What are the wiper blade replacement specs

What are the wiper blade replacement specs

I searched the Owners Manual and Google but I cannot find what wiper blades are correct for the 2019 M3. I can’t even figure out if the driver side and passenger side are matched or not.

Any recommendations on blades? Where are the specs published?

jordanrichard | 24 marzo 2019

Do you have a ruler? That is all the spec you need. When you go to your local auto parts store and are looking at all the available wiper blades, the numbers 16, 17, 18, 19, etc denote the length of the blade in the package. The wiper arms on Tesla are nothing different than any other modern car, which means any blades at Auto Zone will come with adapters for various cars.

gballant4570 | 24 marzo 2019

Turn the wipers on - you'll quickly notice the driver side blade is about twice as long as the passenger side blade....I think I'll just add new wiper blades to the list for my yearly or semi-yearly tire rotation.

Lonestar10_1999 | 24 marzo 2019

Thanks Jordan, that is an obvious common sense solution. It would have been great if it was published somewhere, like the Owners Manual, especially since its a DIY maintenance service.

JCTSLAM3 | 24 marzo 2019

Check the Tesla sore on Amazon. It shows items that fit by car manufacturer and model.

rxlawdude | 24 marzo 2019

That sore should be checked by a doctor. ;-)

lbowroom | 24 marzo 2019

There are no direct replacement aftermarket wipers for the Model 3. Bosch Icons are close but require a small mod to the adapter. Tesla Service for now if you want direct replacement.

tucsonsims | 24 marzo 2019

I was very disappointed to discover that the OEM wiper blades chattered horribly after applying Rain-X to the windshield. Had to swap with aftermarket blades to remedy;
I went to AutoZone and purchased the house DuraLast brand only to discover that the adapter to mount blade to the Tesla arm did not lock and allowed the blade to separate.
Then went to Checker/OReilly and got the Bosch blades which fit the arms and did not chatter.. Part Nos: 19PUV & 26PUV.
Again, very disappointed that the OE wiper blades were not compatible with Rain-X. I seem to recall that the older version of the Model 3 owners manual (pre-Aug 2018) mentioned not to use Rain-X on the windshield. Now I know why...

Frank99 | 24 marzo 2019

Are you blaming Tesla for incompatibility with Rain-X, or Rain-X for incompatibility with just about every manufacturers car out there in the world?

If you put snake oil on your windshield, expect to have problems. Whether a particular set of blades on a particular car treated with a particular brand of snake oil chatter is a coin-toss; the precise spring tension holding the blades on the glass, the level of wear of the blades, the precise rubber composition, the particular characteristics of your favorite snake oil, all have a bearing on how well they work.

Windshield wipers are a remarkably subtle engineered system; don't mess with them.

chadbobb | 24 marzo 2019

NAPA 6-026-PBN
NAPA 6-019-PBN

I just bought these. Napa website doesn't show them as compatible but the guy in the store said his computer showed them. They were in the back and he hadn't heard of the PBN suffix before.

They do fit and connect correctly without needing to mess with adapters. The adapter doesn't look as nice as the factory adapter but... that's really not super important as you cannot see it unless the wipers are on.

gmr6415 | 25 marzo 2019

@tucsonsims, Your disappointment should be in that you didn't follow the manual.

Page 138 of the manual:

Contaminants on the windshield, or on the wiper blades, can reduce the effectiveness of the wiper blades. Contaminants include ice, wax spray from car washes, washer fluid with bug and/or water repellent, bird droppings, tree sap, and other organic substances.

hokiegir1 | 25 marzo 2019

The Trico Flex fit without any rigging.

lbowroom | 25 marzo 2019

@hokie, good to know since there website doesn't list it

Brian B | 25 marzo 2019

rxlawdude | March 24, 2019
"That sore should be checked by a doctor. ;-)"

Probably came from acting as a butt-dyno for too long...

tucsonsims | 25 marzo 2019

@ Frank
Not blaming Tesla for Rain-X compatibility but for making a wiper arm that is a bit on the flimsy side...

I agree that windshield wiper systems are designed to run within specific conditions and changing the coefficient of friction on the glass will alter the performance of the system but it seems like they could have beefed up the wiper arm assembly a bit to reduce the tendency to chatter under these circumstances.

None of my other cars have had this problem when I apply said 'Snake Oil' to the windshield...

Carl Thompson | 25 marzo 2019

I also think it's reasonable to expect that some owners will want to use products like Rain-X and design accordingly.

HummerMan4 | 25 marzo 2019

I wouldn't call Rain-X snake oil, because it really does do its intended job. I unofficially test this by applying it to 3 of the 4 side windows (exclude the driver side rear window, since not really needed for driving). Having the one window un-Rain-X'd also allows for it to be a control to help determine when to reapply. Between the aerodynamics of driving and the use of wiper blades, I am able to avoid putting it on my windshield. In the past when I did apply it on the windshield, I noticed the chatter and streaking that is apparently common with such application.

spuzzz123 | 25 marzo 2019

@chadbob - just stopped into NAPA and got the blades you recommended. Piece of cake to replace -- easiest aftermarket wipers I have ever replaced...did it in seconds. No adapter to fumble with, they look just fine and work as well as or better than the OEM blades. Thank you for the recommendation. THIS is what the forums are for.

bpniland | 16 maggio 2019

Anyone install the NAPA blades and have issues with the driver's side one missing a section down near the base of the windshield?

lbowroom | 16 maggio 2019

Yes, the Napa one have too much curvature right in the middle and leave an un-wiped streak. Surprised no one who recommended them noticed. I monkeyed with it, could not get it working well. However, the Trico 35-260 and 35-190 work perfectly. Have to figure out the adapters that come in the kit, but they work great.

zx6rman | 16 maggio 2019

Rain x wiper from Amazon work great!

I got 26” and 19”, but will try 25” and 18” next time.

funkadelic | 17 maggio 2019

So I've read from more than one thread that the Trico Flex blades 18-190 & 18-260 work, but that was not my experience. I measured the width of the OE Tesla adapter & it was 16mm, whereas the "BC" adapter that came with the Trico is 19mm

lbowroom | 17 maggio 2019

Did you remove the C clip from the top of the B clip? A little tricky

Kahn | 17 maggio 2019

I use the rain x orange fluid and have no issues

funkadelic | 18 maggio 2019

@lbowroom *facepalm* I had not idea that the C clip could be removed! thanks!

bart.sliwinski | 21 maggio 2019

FYI, wiper chatter is a stick-slip condition. On ordinary hydrophilic windshields this is usually not an issue as you have a lubricating layer of water between the glass and the wiper blade. When you apply rain-x or another hydrophobic agent to the glass, things change. Water doesn't adhere to the glass and there is no longer a uniform lubricating film of water between the glass and the blade. Therefore the blade encounters areas of various coefficients of friction and starts to chatter as a result. During testing I've even seen it destroy weldpoints on wiper blades in the really bad cases.

The theoretical solution is simple, make sure the static and dynamic coefficient of friction encountered by the blade are similar (fun fact, they had the same issue in development of the cd player where the laser head has to skip to the next concentric layer of data).
The "secret solution sauce" has two ingredients. Equal pressure distribution along the length of the blade and the qualities of the coating applied to the wiper blade. Most companies use graphite, which exists in a humongous amount of shapes, sizes and concentrations (binder/graphite ratio).

So in the end, it is a matter of trial and error what works best for your car as there are a few factors at play here. From general experience I would always install Bosch blades and simply replace them at least once a year. Just like tires, these small patches of rubber are essential to your (and others) safety, so don't skimp on these.
If Bosch is not available for M3 yet, be patient. They take in every car on the market and as soon as it becomes available and either match a current set of already available after market blades with the same length or develop new ones with dedicated curvature, spring tension, blade pressure distribution, wiper cross section, cut height, coating, down force generating spoiler size, etc etc.

striker.michael7 | 29 maggio 2019

Bosch ICON 19OE for Passenger

Bosch ICON 26OE for Driver

Got them both from AutoZone. Used adapter 4 after modifying it. The side on which the window washer fluid nozzle is has to be cut back. This can be done with a pair of diagonal pliers. The original adapter on the OEM wipers cannot be used since the mounting holes is too small for the Bosch ICON wipers.