Does the car ever autonomously honk its horn?

Does the car ever autonomously honk its horn?

This is something I've always wondered. If the Tesla detects another car behaving dangerously, perhaps about to merge into the lane occupied by the Tesla, will the Tesla sound its horn to alert the other driver of its presence?

If not, it should. The horn is an important (oft misused) safety feature.

bp | 8 aprile 2019

With Musk announcing the software will (at some point) have pot hole detection and avoidance, that introduces another area where using the horn might be useful.

Another related question - does the AP software listen for audible signals - such as emergency vehicles or trains that are not in view?

And what about detecting and then obeying police & first responders manually directing traffic - or the case where there is a power outage and the traffic lights are out (causing those intersections to default to a 4-way stop)?

FSD is more than lane keeping, monitoring speed, and following a navigation route...

reed_lewis | 8 aprile 2019
EVRider | 8 aprile 2019

I hope the car doesn’t start honking the horn on it’s own. We already have to deal with unexpected braking, we don’t need unexpected honking too. :-)

Seriously, I don’t see why it would ever be necessary for the car to honk. The car will try to avoid an accident, and if the only way to do that is by honking, you’re in trouble.

Tesla2018 | 10 aprile 2019

I had EAP on and the traffic was heavy and the car stopped right in front of a driveway. There was about a 10-foot gap between me and the car in front of me. A car pulled out of the driveway and went across two lanes of traffic right in front of me. My car freaked out thinking a collision was imminent because the car was only about a foot or two away from my front bumper when it passed in front of me. My car never moved because it was stopped but the hazard lights came on and started flashing while the warning buzzer was going off. I don't think the horn honked but there was so much buzzing and warning chimes hoing off that I didnt notice.

bp | 11 aprile 2019

A challenge for self driving software is making a decision when the software concludes an accident can't be avoided.

Will the FSD software decide to sacrifice itself to avoid harming humans or severely damaging other vehicles? Or will it protect itself, even if it means it might run into something?

When the software decides to do something completely unexpected, using the turn signals may not be sufficient to warn surrounding vehicles, humans and animals that they may be in danger - which is why using the horn may be needed in certain situations.

For example, what if the software detects an object on the roadbed ahead that is too close to stop in time (such as a large pothole, a pedestrian running in front of the vehicle, debris in the road, …) and the software has to make a decision on slowing as much as possible and taking the hit, or taking evasive action into an adjacent lane, that may have other vehicles.

If the software decides to swerve to avoid the hit, using the horn would be reasonable to warn of the imminent danger.

And if the FSD vehicle is in the adjacent lane, detecting the horns of surrounding vehicles might also help those vehicles to prepare for something unexpected.

EVRider | 11 aprile 2019

@Tesla2018: I don’t see why the hazard lights would come on in that situation— you might want to have service check into that. I think the only time the car will turn hazard lights on is if you fail to respond to AP nags and the car comes to a stop and parks.

Tesla2018 | 12 aprile 2019

EVRider I'm thinking that my car thought that the car that I let cross in front of me may have been coming directly at me since it was in between my car and the car front of me. I believe I set the following distance at 1 and my car was stopped about 10 ft behind the car in front of me. If something came in between that space it might have thought a collision was going to happen and went into the buzzer with take action light flashing mode with the turn signals both flashing.

Ocala.Joe | 21 aprile 2019

Check this out, I was at the airport , loaded the trunk with the luggage, gave one a good shove to push it forward, the horn blew, I dont know if the car felt the push and was holding the car still. The trunk was obviously open, surprised me.

lilbean | 21 aprile 2019

Or maybe a family member honked it on the app. That happened to me yesterday.

mmaryg599 | 24 aprile 2019

How it's possible?

Ocala.Joe | 4 maggio 2019

I went to recreate the horn blowing, but figured it was my app open and in my pocket sounded the horn. Happened again when I was washing the car, horn blew and popped open the trunk. Im like who is messing with me? Pulled the phone out of my pocket and low and behold app was open. Shheeesh!

jimglas | 5 maggio 2019

Pocket horn is the new pocket call

steventejeda | 4 giugno 2019

What I know would be a good application for the car honking would be if other cars get to close when it’s in park. Say goodbye to dings on the bumper. Pls Tesla make that happen for us city dwellers.