Standard Range Partial Premium Owners question

Standard Range Partial Premium Owners question

Have had my SR+ for a few weeks now. I have confirmed that both before the latest update and after (the update that enabled "immersive sound") I have 12 speakers in my vehicle that are physically there but 6 of them do not emit any sound. These include: 2 A-pillar speakers (by the sun visors), the 2 speakers by the side view mirrors and the 2 speakers in the very back (by the back windshield.) I have gotten very different answers from different customer service folks. Some say they should all work, others say that the 2 A-pillar tweeters are there to help the microphone system??? Most recently someone told me that he did not know about the front ones, but the rear speakers should defiantly be working. He thinks that maybe a connection is bad in my car.

So, other SR+ owners... does anyone have any sound coming from any of these speakers?


mstoer | 15 aprile 2019

Teslatap posted this link earlier which explains the audio system:

JoeRussell | 16 aprile 2019

Thanks for your message. That does not explain why they actually put all of these speakers in the car. Do you think running those extra speakers requires more power? Because there is no amp, maybe they are not powered?

gordon_r_benson | 16 aprile 2019

Probably because the cost of changing the wire harness to remove those speaker connections would have been more than the cost of just installing the speakers. Or Tesla is planning to sell an audio upgrade package for the SR+ and if they price it right, will get you to pony up extra $$$ for something that's already installed in your car :)

Carl Thompson | 17 aprile 2019


I suspect just the amp for the subwoofer is missing. Probably the other amp that drives the speakers is still there.

joerg.stettner | 20 aprile 2019

@JoeRussell: Hi Joe, sorry to address that to you directly, but I understand you are a SR+ owner already:
wanted to order the mid-range M3 especially because it came with the "premium interior" - but that is no longer available. My question: do you have live traffic visualization on your maps? I love that in our Model S, it shows congested roads even if I don't have a navigation target alive.
IMHO Tesla information is misleading on that topic. Premium interior comes with "satellite views with live traffic", but what do I get in a SR+ right away? Thx a lot.

wiscy67 | 20 aprile 2019

I have the SR+ and am generally happy with the sound from a driver's perspective. Not sure if I would be as happy as a rear passenger. One theory I had read regarding inactive speakers is that the missing amp that drives the sub also drives the inactive speakers. I would be interested in an add-on purchase option that restores the missing components.

I can confirm that the satellite view and visualization of traffic is not there but the navigation routes based on traffic. A premium connectivity add-on option that includes the satellite view and traffic visualization is supposed to be in the works for this year. The SR+ also takes away the homelink but now Tesla offers that as a $300 add-on.

nemojin | 21 maggio 2019

I'm also an SR+ owner and honestly, I'm pretty disappointed with what Tesla has done with the audio system in the car for SR+. I debated hard between SR+ and LR but the fact that SR+ has "immersive sound" made me decide to save the money.

However, after I took delivery of the car, I found out that:
1. the "immersive sound" feature really doesn't make any difference in my opinion
2. The audio in the car is obviously front heavy with default audio setting,

I've taken my car to a professional car audio system store to confirm my impressions and seek some solutions. He basically agreed with me on the above points, adding that the A-pillar speakers that are inactive in SR+ really make a big difference in premium interior model 3s. He told me there's little he can do and the best solution would be to wait for Tesla to activate those A-pillar speakers in his opinion.

I guess the takeaway is that if you're considering ordering model 3s and audio matters to you, you should really go and test the audio in SR+ and the premium trim. Very different in my opinion. Also, I'm really praying that Tesla will come out with software updates to enable the A-pillar speakers as that will enable the "real immersive sound". Right now, toggling on and off immersive sound doesn't make a difference so maybe it shouldn't be listed as a feature.

LikeLightning | 21 maggio 2019

I too am an SR+ owner. Why would they enable those speakers with a software update? That's certainly not happening anytime soon. You didn't pay for it. Maybe they'll offer an after-delivery option to purchase it sometime in the future.

lbowroom | 21 maggio 2019

Immersive sound adds echo and delay. Why people consider that higher quality, I never understood.

nemojin | 21 maggio 2019


Actually, I think that's somewhat debatable. Tesla never really disclose the difference in the number of speakers on partial premium vs. standard (which is no longer on the online configurator anymore).

However, if you search online, the standard configurator clearly shows the absence of A-pillar speakers whereas partial premium interior shows the A-pillar speakers. I think since they didn't explicitly state the number of speakers, it is logical for people to think that by upgrading to partial premium which has an upgraded audio system, you're also paying for that A-pillar speakers as illustrated.

Here's a picture:

lmorda2 | 23 maggio 2019

I would like to publicly say that Tesla if you are considering offering an upgrade for a better audio system, lmorda2 would like to pay you for that. Literally thousands of dollars.