Advice on renting Model X for 2 week summer road trip?

Advice on renting Model X for 2 week summer road trip?

I would like to rent a Model X for California-Minnesota round trip drive this summer, about two weeks. I have a Model 3 but it doesn't fit my whole family, waiting to buy a Model X in a year or two. The trip looks like it will take 15 SC stops with a LR (100 kWh) battery.

I searched online and found short term (1-3 days) rentals for $200-500 per day from a few sites/ apps. I'd like to do a 2 week rental (June 19-July 7), any ideas?

jimglas | 16 aprile 2019

You cant always get what you want
But you get what yu need

mbirnie51 | 16 aprile 2019

Where in California are you located? There is a possibility we can work something out. My vehicle is MX 75D with FSD recently purchased but not yet updated with newer MCU. It has already done 2 cross country trips from Bay to New York, Bay to Ohio. Dog friendly too. Post email address to correspond.

beaver | 16 aprile 2019

@mbirnie51 I am in LA, feel free to text me 626-354-6910
Thanks! Do you have the third row? I am happy to loan you my Model 3 during the trip

quintman99 | 16 aprile 2019

Are the new model Xs (2019) more reliable than the older model Xs. 2016 and 2017??? Are the vibration and half shaft problems resolved??? Creeking doors?? Can anyone give me an update on this please?? I am considering buying a new one.

jjgunn | 17 aprile 2019

Now this is a cool thread.

If Birnie's doesn't work out for you let me know....

I would loan you the 100D - fully loaded.

Have done 1 long trip from Bay to Vegas

beaver | 17 aprile 2019

@jjgunn thank you! I spoke with mbernie51, he is in NorCal but I am in SoCal. Feel free to text me number above to see if it can work. Very kind of both of you, thanks! I love the Tesla community

beaver | 17 aprile 2019

@jjgunn guess you are NorCal too, do you have the third row?

jjgunn | 17 aprile 2019

I do have 3rd row - (7 seater)

Sorry for my delay in response - I'm busy taking delivery of a P3D Friday so I'm multi-tasking over here

beaver | 19 aprile 2019

I am looking to rent a 90D or 100D with 3rd row for my kids.

@jjgunn enjoy the P3!!! It’s an amazing car

beaver | 21 aprile 2019

Update: I am all set, thanks jjgunn

jjgunn | 21 aprile 2019

YW :-)