bell sound when speed is over limit

bell sound when speed is over limit

yesterday, my car suddenly has bell sound when the speed is over speed limit, is there any way to remove it? for example, the speed limit is 35, if it reach 36, then bell sound appear, it is very easy to trig this bell sound. thanks.

JCTSLAM3 | 20 aprile 2019

Yes, go to the ‘Autopilot’ menu and set the ‘Speed Limit Warning to ‘Display’ or Off....

Bighorn | 20 aprile 2019

Turn off the alert

lilbean | 20 aprile 2019

@Bighorn Is there a manual? I can't figure out how to open the glovebox to check, TIA.

jingshao | 20 aprile 2019

found it, thanks.

Bighorn | 20 aprile 2019

I’d suggest spending 2 minutes and learning what’s on every screen. After that, the manual is largely superfluous.

wiscy67 | 20 aprile 2019

Yes and be aware that some screens have buttons that reveal more screens such as the Customize Navigate on Autopilot button. And some require you to scroll up to reveal more options otherwise hidden at the bottom.