Three week vacation, leave the car charging or not?

Three week vacation, leave the car charging or not?

I plan to take a three-week vacation, the car will be parked in my garage. should I leave the car connected to charger or not? If charging, what percentage I should set? Thanks for your input.

lilbean | 21 aprile 2019

If charging, I keep it at 60%. I have left it for three weeks not charging. It went from 90%-60%.

X8IB | 21 aprile 2019

Thanks for the information. Is there any damage to the car if the battery is completely discharged? On the other hand I am worried about over heat when keep on charging for a long period of time.

lilbean | 21 aprile 2019

You’re welcome. If you set it to 60%, it won’t charge past that. It won’t overheat.

terminator9 | 21 aprile 2019

Don't overthink this. There are failsafe built in either way. Do whatever and it should be fine.

M3phan | 21 aprile 2019

I left plugged in for two weeks in the summer, no prob

Daryl | 21 aprile 2019

Keep it plugged in, of course, as the owner's manual instructs.

Daryl | 21 aprile 2019

To add:
Yes, running the battery completely empty is bad for it, but Tesla has built in safe-guards that make it less likely. But still possible.

The charging system will keep the battery cool as necessary. When it is completely charged, charging will cease, then begin again as the charge level gets below the setting.

Don't worry about it. Leave it plugged in.

Xerogas | 21 aprile 2019

@X8IB: "Is there any damage to the car if the battery is completely discharged?”
Yes. It’s possible to brick the battery permanently. Leave it plugged in, and it will take care of itself.

Frank99 | 21 aprile 2019

If the battery gets too low, the car will shutdown to protect the battery from over-discharging. However, that means that there's no ability to heat the battery to protect it from cold, or cool it to protect it from heat. You're operating in an area where some of the sophisticated Battery Management Functions simply can't work, risking damage to the battery.

Leave it plugged in, and it'll be happy.

Xerogas -
Do you have any links to indicate this? Otherwise, I'm calling BS. There were indications that the original Roadster had possible issues, but that's certainly been fixed with at least three generations of cars and new BMSs since then.

elecfan2 | 21 aprile 2019

Keep your car connected to some sort of charge whenever you can, the manual says so, why not?

lilbean | 21 aprile 2019

+1 Frank99

elecfan2 | 21 aprile 2019

Okay, don't keep your car connected. LOL

Sparky | 21 aprile 2019

I do this kind of thing fairly often. I just charge it up to 90% and then set the charge to 50%, plug it in and leave it. Never had an issue and it usually doesn't need to charge itself at all.

Maxxer | 22 aprile 2019

if you leave you car in Canada at -20 I’d say you have to keep it plugged absolutely for battery heat control

but anywhere in California I don’t think you will reach 0 LOC in 2 weeks unplugged

minervo.florida | 22 aprile 2019

PLUG IN EVERYDAY per Tesla!!!!!

lilbean | 22 aprile 2019


jrzapata | 22 aprile 2019

My approach for long trips is simple, I am not sure if it is correct but gives me peace of mind.
The night before I travel I charge to 80-90%
Then set the limit to 50% and leave the car plugged.
The day I’m scheduled to return, move limit back to my daily 80%
A plugged Tesla is a happy Tesla

Techy James | 22 aprile 2019

This would depend on if you have access to Home Charging or not. If you have access to Home Charging/Destination Charging then leaving it set to like many have suggested to 50% to 60% Charging Set limit would keep the battery charged to that state. The extra advantage here is you can open your Tesla App and change the setting to normal daily setting (I have it set to 80%) few hours before you return, and the car will be ready when you return.
Other option is charge it to your normal daily setting. Turn all the extra settings (Like Cabin Overheat, Sentry Mode, Wi-Fi, etc.) to off to limit phantom drain. Don't open the app during the time. You will still likely see a 2% to 3% daily, meaning the charge will be between 42% to 66% lower than you started for a 21 day period.

kevin_rf | 22 aprile 2019

Left mine in the garage unplugged while I travel this week.