Trip from NC to Orlando, FL

Trip from NC to Orlando, FL

Got back last week from our first long road trip. NC to Orlando, FL.

Overall we had a great time.

How did we keep our 3 year old boy entertained? Bought this from Amazon (WANPOOL Universal Car Headrest... and it worked out great. We pushed the front seat way forward to keep it easy on our little ones eyes.

Most important topic:
1. the supercharger locations from NC to FL are in unusual locations. The Savannah location is inside the airport which has not a single restaurant except Starbucks. The parking inside the airport is free though for Tesla customers. The other unusual location was when we just entered Florida. It’s inside the police station premises. So if you’re heading this route plan accordingly.
2. We learnt the hard way about Tesla destination chargers. We decided to stay in savannah for a day and all destination chargers were inside public garages. We paid $29 overnight hotel parking without any charging so don’t make the same mistake. If you do end up parking at the hotel the building always has few electrical outlets so consider parking there to gain 2-3 miles per hour
3. We spent a lot of unnecessary time charging while not doing anything valuable during our stay in Orlando. So planning on not repeating this same mistake by booking a hotel which has charging available.
4. Parking guys at legoland and seaworld gave us preferred parking at the regular standard pricing. Along with the option of charging onsite. These are very convenient perks. Charging onsite does require the free ChargePoint account which we didn’t have
5. Bug: During one of the charges we took longer to finish our lunch and the GPS map logic didn’t figure out it’s okay to skip the next charging stop. I had to stop and restart our journey again to make it skip the next charging stop

gaspi101 | 6 maggio 2019

Bullshit. That iPad holder can’t go on a Model X headrest. Why do advertising trolls waste time on forums?

lilbean | 7 maggio 2019


transformers | 15 maggio 2019

the iPad holder goes sideways on the seat, works like a charm... Tesla owner shouldn't be saying bullshit to fellow Tesla owners in this forum...

kenj | 21 maggio 2019


I have done that run several times. Except from New York to Florida. First time in a S60 well before the buildout of the SC network and had to figure it out manually - as the software didn't map it out well (it's fantastic now - not perfect).

The Savannah SC is an original location. Probably needs to be updated from the 6 stalls. At busy times they have attendants to manage the SC since there will be a line. There are limited airport food options, in fact the locations are not open 24 hours.

The Augusta location is behind the visitors center/police station, but it is a short walk to the hotel that is there. There is also a gas station about the same distance, path next to the PD building. There are several food options that are walkable but not with the 3 year old - no sidewalks.

I have a X75 and I agree with the concern about readjusting charging stops. The charging logic definitely appears to want to lock in the charging locations. No matter the current state of charge - so if you charge more, the software does not automatically adjust the next charging location. I want to come into a charging location with a lower state-of-charge (SOC) to get faster charging speeds. What I have found is to display the charging locations on a route, skip the next SC in the route, remove the charging locations, wait about 10 minutes then add charging locations. Not elegant, but it works for me.

I use the charging map on the Tesla website to plan for hotel destination charging on a route for an overnight stay. There are destination charges in downtown areas, like Savannah, are not connected to the hotel, so you end up paying for parking. The costs are noted in the nav maps. My suggestion, plan it out on the computer. I also like staying at the hotels with SCs. I have stayed at the hotel at Santee, SC with the SC (also have eaten at the restaurant on other occasions). Since you should move your car after charging - why not get it done faster? Nobody wants to get up @ 2am to move the car.

Same thing with Orlando, book the hotels with charging. Marriott Vacation Club in Orlando had several chargers on property. Again, this was well before the SC buildup, no SC in Orlando. I just checked the Marriott website. At the time, I charged in St Augustine and pulled into Orlando and charged on a J1772 charger and sat around the pool while the car was charging.

One last thing, you may want to make sure that you have signed up for a few of the charging networks, ChargePoint, EVGo for example, and just keep the cards in your car. It increases your options. Sometimes there is a lag between signing up and being able to charge, it is crazy to be at a charger and unable to charge.

We are really spoiled about charging now with the Tesla network, I bought the ChaDemo adapter when it first came out years ago to give faster options. I remember charging at a campground in Oswego, NY 5 hours to get back to nearest SC which was in Albany NY about 160 miles away. Now I keep it in the frunk although I'll probably never need it again. But you never know ..... :)