Job impacted - best sale option

Job impacted - best sale option

Well folks, as you have seen I had a rocky start to purchasing my used 2015 Tesla Model S P90DL. That was all taken care of and we are loving the car. Two days ago I lost my job. It was a heartbreaking blow to us... my wife stays at home to raise our two children so I was the only income earner.

I had sold our Model X in the fall to go for a lower cost used Tesla S and sold that through CarMax. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on how best to sell the car to maximize what we get back? Of course in a perfect world I'd keep it so I can drive to interviews and take advantage of the free supercharging... but that won't be an option in the months to come.

Thanks fellow Tesla fam | 26 aprile 2019

For the most value, a private sale is best - will be $2-5K more than carmax or other used dealers or tradein.

#1 - put a for sale sign in the car's window!

If you live on a street with traffic - park it on the street so the for sale sign is visible.

Other options - eBay, Craigslist can be good, but watch out for scams. Not a huge concern, but just be careful how you get paid.

Here's a list of other places to sell:

Aerodyne | 26 aprile 2019

Keep it for now. Get a signature loan to tide you over. You might get another job soon.

Consider renting on Turo, to raise cash. Yes there is risk of damage, but get the good insurance.

Selling now will cost you in the long term. If you must sell TT+1

Ohmster | 26 aprile 2019

Really sorry to hear. Wife was laid off 2/14 (yes, heartless) and it’s been an adjustment. Lucky for us, we were a two income family and she recently landed a new gig.

If your only choice is to sell:

Stay away from CarMax. You can buy cars there for great prices because.......
Private sale is best option but can be time consuming and frustrating. I had a great experience with Tred when we sold our Expedition to get the X. They take care of the cross site postings and only forward you qualified and serious buyers. You then arrange a test drive at site of your choice. If they decide to buy, Tred handles all the paperwork as well. Not in any way affiliated with Tred nor do I know how they have done since 12/17 when I used them last.

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nothotpocket | 26 aprile 2019

I had a good experience when I used Shift to sell my last vehicle. The price was the best I could find outside of selling private party and an easy experience. They're not in a lot of locations, though.

kerryglittle | 26 aprile 2019

So sorry about your situation. Hope things turn around for you real quick so you don't have to sell your car.

RatherBeBoarding | 26 aprile 2019

Do you have 100% equity on the car, if you have a loan even a quick reasonable sale would not help your cash position. Other than going private sale, Carvana seems decent. But have you considered doing Uber? You can get a little bit of cash while job hunting, you may still end up selling the car or you may be able to keep it. I am visiting my daughter and saw a red MS Uber picking up her neighbor across the street today, so there are other people doing it.

SoCal Buzz | 26 aprile 2019

I sold previous S very quickly on Demand depends on where you live I suspect.

Razorx1337x | 26 aprile 2019

Thanks for all the great ideas and sentiments! Uber’s a great idea. I’ll let you guys know what we do. Oh yeah, car max appraised it today and offered $20k less than Kelly blue book trade in value... what a scam.

kirkbdavis | 20 maggio 2019

Another option is

Have not sold there only have looked.

cloudphytr | 20 maggio 2019

I used and sold my model S in a week. Received several inquiries every day. The ad was up on his site minutes after I sent him pictures and information. Received mid-range KBB price.

Hassancook24 | 20 maggio 2019

Sorry to hear about your situation. I've been there before and luckily made it through. I had no idea how it can take a toll on you psychologically, so remember to keep your head up and stay positive! As far as the car, hopefully you don't have to sell it. If so, private party is the best option. Just watch out for scammers. Anyone that's willing to mail you a check sigh unseen is a scammer... oh and Nigerian princes lol... but if you can keep it, I've heard Postmates is a pretty good deal; it's like Uber for food, and you don't have to deal with people messing up your car! (maybe the occasional soup spill in your frunk, or funky smelling foods lol but they have trunk/frunk organizers you can use.

Good luck!

avesraggiana | 20 maggio 2019

The best compromise solution for me between either a private sale or low ball Tesla trade-in, was to sell my minivan on They gave me the best price for my minivan, and the whole process was very straightforward. Look into them, and see what they’ll offer.

I do side with everyone here though, who are advising you to find ways to keep the car, and to find ways to get it to make money for you.

Razorx1337x | 27 maggio 2019

Quick update: thank you for the encouraging words and advice. I held on to it as a few recommended to see how things went with job. Happy to report that I landed a new job very similar to what I had before in terms of role and pay. Thanks again all! We were very blessed in a difficult time.

Bighorn | 27 maggio 2019


Ohmster | 27 maggio 2019

Good to hear. Congratulations on the safe landing.

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atojtesla | 28 maggio 2019

Glad you didn’t need to sell. Turo and Uber/Lyft are great options for short term cash with flexibility built in for anyone who gets into a similar situation. I see the best opportunities in my area with Turo rental in markets where people are getting curious about Teslas. Avoid saturated markets obviously.