Tesla Customer Service Not replying My Inquiries

Tesla Customer Service Not replying My Inquiries

I bought my model 3 in Mar 2019.
I contacted customer service a couple of times.
The first time was in early March, before the purchase. Tesla website gave me an error message when I tried seeing the trade-in value of my 4 year old Mercedes.
The second time was in Apr. The referral code Tesla assigned me contained my wife's name, that I hoped to change it.
The third time was yesterday. I bought the car in Mar and used a referral code. Then someone bought her car using my code. So I should have 2000 miles or 1000+5000 miles (recent referral) of free super charging, but the Tesla app said I only had 1000.

It is indeed disappointing to see Tesla's customer service not responding to customer's inquires.

EVTomorrow | 30 aprile 2019

I did not get response for ANY of the three inquires.

EVTomorrow | 30 aprile 2019

I got the car in late Mar.

The second inquiry regarding referral code change was submitted in early Apr. The third inquiry was submitted yesterday, but my friend bought her car in early Apr as appeared in the "referral" in tesla APP, while I did not see any rewarded supercharging miles. I know these inquires may sound trivial to Tesla, but at least someone should reply me.

Carl Thompson | 30 aprile 2019

"Tesla Customer Service Not replying My Inquiries"

Welcome to Tesla ownership. This is normal, unfortunately.

SteveWin1 | 30 aprile 2019

What do you mean? Either call them or use their chat service. Those are the only two ways to get a timely answer. The email-type customer service at Tesla takes months sometimes.

shank15217 | 30 aprile 2019

Calling rarely works, chat is the only way now. Calling requires a roadside emergency.

weluvm3 | 30 aprile 2019

Where is "chat" available? I cannot recall ever seeing that option anyplace on Tesla's website.

rdh37 | 1 maggio 2019

@weluvm, log into your Tesla account and go to support. There is a chat icon there. Chatted this morning regarding a pull back on an update. I suggest doing a select, copy paste of your chats and saving them since what you get from one support agent may vary widely from what you get from a second agent. It is nice to have proof of what you are told in case of a dispute. Have a nice day.

weluvm3 | 1 maggio 2019

OK, went there, and found the button. Now, I've had the "We’re connecting you with a Tesla expert…" message for about 20 minutes. How long do you usually have to wait before a expert gets connected?

lordmiller | 1 maggio 2019

3 days!

weluvm3 | 1 maggio 2019

@lordmiller I actually believe you.

SteveWin1 | 1 maggio 2019

Are they open now? What time is it in Cali?

rdh37 | 1 maggio 2019

Well, I chatted at about 9:30 AM EDT and was connected within 1 min. Other times I have waited up to 25 min. Word of caution, the Tesla definition of expert varies significantly from my definition of an expert. Have a nice day.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maggio 2019

I did a recent test to discover what this "no response BS is all about". I inquired about the FUSC status flip flopping on my account. I did this through email. My request for this low priority inquiry (to me anyway) was two days ago. I received this today:

Greetings Magic 8 Ball, (they used my real name in the real email ; ).

Thank you for contacting Tesla Support. Sincerest apologies for the delayed response.

In reviewing, I do find your Model 3 to be configured for free, unlimited supercharging through the Referral Program. I will work with internal support to address the Supercharging Status in your MyTesla account. I will update you here once I have more information. Your patience thus far is greatly appreciated.


NoDoxxing | Referral Program Support

This is a professional and timely reply. How are you all presenting yourselves when communicating with customer support? Hopefully you aren't behaving like a Carl douche when talking with them. Put on your friendly persona.

Carl Thompson | 1 maggio 2019

@Magic 8 Ball:
"Hopefully you aren't behaving like a Carl douche when talking with them."

Don, you're an idiot. Point out any place where I've been disrespectful or impolite in my communication with Tesla. You can't because it hasn't happened. Tesla's lack of responsiveness comes from Tesla and not from anything I have done.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maggio 2019

I can only infer since, obviously, I have never met you or been with you while you interact with TESLA. I do have plenty of evidence of you whining about your woes with TESLA, and your complaints, but there is clear bias in experiences from forum members.

When you experience the same negativity, over and over again, and accuse TESLA over and over again, I can't help but think there is something about you that brings the negativity on.

lordmiller | 1 maggio 2019

The name CarlDouche has a nice ring to it!

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maggio 2019

@lord There is some fun irony and just plain silliness in the "douche" moniker. My original forum name and one of my legal names is "Douwe". I have been a douche all my life ; ).

dsvick | 1 maggio 2019

@Magic 8 Ball - "How are you all presenting yourselves when communicating with customer support?"

Tesla's slow response time has been reported frequently enough and be a quite wide variety of people that I don't think that the language used in an email is the answer for all delayed responses. I know in the few times I've contacted them (except for my delivery advisor) I've never received an answer in less a week and I almost always take the polite route in hopes of better service route.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 maggio 2019

Tesla's above and beyond exemplary service has been mentioned frequently enough, by a wide variety of people, that I also don't think you have to be fakekind to get good timely responses.

Fortunately I only needed service twice (once was my fault). Both times it was above and beyond what I ever got at Lincoln, Ford, Toyota, and Nissan.

Joshan | 1 maggio 2019

I have reached out to them about 8 times now and all have been timely responses except one (which I am still waiting on), but that request I get as they dont havre a good answer yet. Every ticket I opened that they could answer has been done within 2 days.

My one open ticket is about the 1k refund when paying 3k for FSD when you had EAP. That one they have not replied, but I have giotten a couple updates via chat. They just do not have an answer on when yet, hence why no reply.

Joshan | 1 maggio 2019

I have reached out to them about 8 times now and all have been timely responses except one (which I am still waiting on), but that request I get as they dont havre a good answer yet. Every ticket I opened that they could answer has been done within 2 days.

My one open ticket is about the 1k refund when paying 3k for FSD when you had EAP. That one they have not replied, but I have giotten a couple updates via chat. They just do not have an answer on when yet, hence why no reply.

82bert | 1 maggio 2019

Reached out a number of times, even to annoy them with a question regarding FSD computer upgrade shortly after autonomy day. They responded within a few hours for that one and every other one within 36 hours.

Carl Thompson | 1 maggio 2019

I think it's fair to say that Tesla responds quickly enough to informational questions which they can answer easily.

For me the problem has been with requests that require more than a token amount of work, research or time on Tesla's part. It seems as if perhaps they don't have any type of system in place to make sure more involved requests or issues continue to be tracked, be worked on or get resolved in a timely fashion.

Joshan | 1 maggio 2019

I feel like something that important should be done on the phone or chat. Not just fire off an email and pray.

82bert | 1 maggio 2019

My other requests include actual car work, not just informational questions.

curtlau | 1 maggio 2019

Four no responses today alone

estellegregory | 15 agosto 2019

I sent an inquiry about a simple matter 2 months ago - no response.

Sent 2 emails about an item I ordered 3 days ago - NO RESPONSE

h2ev | 15 agosto 2019

Same. I emailed them to ask if they were aware that update 24.4 messed up the backup cameras in some of the Model 3. Been 2 weeks total crickets.

CST | 15 agosto 2019

No response for a simple receipt of service - requested twice over 6 months, last request was 1.5 months ago.

pjwheeler83 | 17 agosto 2019

Welcome to the family!

CST | 17 agosto 2019

I used the chat feature on the website and finally got the invoice I've been waiting for for 8 months.

apodbdrs | 18 agosto 2019

The referral miles are assigned to the account not the car, per my conversation (email) with the referral team. Was there more than one account???

Mtangri | 19 agosto 2019

Could not get connected on call or chat. Sent email received response 3 weeks. Related emails received fairly prompt response, but no resolution. Latest response has escalated to “charging installation team” stay tuned

aviscardi | 5 settembre 2019

I have been trying to contact them for well over two weeks now. After 5 messages, still no response. It's sad to see how far their Customer Service has fallen. Maybe it is related to Jon McNeill? All I know is I am going to reconsider Tesla when I buy my next electric car. Mercedes would not be doing things this way. I don't need the abuse.

andy.connor.e | 5 settembre 2019


spuzzz123 | 5 settembre 2019


andy.connor.e | 5 settembre 2019


This is Elmer Fud

lbowroom | 5 settembre 2019

By smoke signals?

andy.connor.e | 5 settembre 2019

can you spot the wabbit? cuz its wabbit season

starkmd | 5 settembre 2019

Wow! I have absolutely been obsessed with buying a Tesla as my next vehicle. But I'm also very concerned about the fact that so many individuals have such bad experiences with Customer Service. I live over an hour and a half away from the nearest Tesla Service center. Not only would I have a long way to take the car in for service, I'm also concerned about just getting the service completed at all.

calvin940 | 5 settembre 2019


Its a vocal minority. People typically say something when things aren't good but almost never post positive for no reason.

I am 1000 miles away from a service center and have had two mobile tech visits in short order when I needed them. All went well.

I am not saying service is not without its challenges to be sure, but the view here will be very skewed to those who have had poor service.

shekargn | 9 settembre 2019

Tesla just want to sell the car. They don't care about customer after that. I never able to reach customer service by phone. And the chat is useless. They really have to improve customer service. That is the only way they can survive.

Cars are good. But the service after that is bad.

scotilac1 | 9 settembre 2019

tesla customer service is useless. waste of time. im selling my new model 3 because of it. can't deal with that crap.

walnotr | 9 settembre 2019

Everyone gets to have their opinion, mine is Tesla service is fantastic. Every encounter with various service centers have been timely and professional. Mobile Service is a service innovation providing convenience to Tesla customers unknown from other manufacturers.

I will not say people will not run into problems, but am willing to bet the majority of customers are satisfied. Basing a car purchase on the machinations of a few disgruntled individuals is a fools decision.

CST | 9 settembre 2019

Just use the chat feature - they answer.

CST | 9 settembre 2019

Just use the chat feature - they answer.

Saddlewoodbrown | 18 gennaio 2020

TESLA Took my money for an online order and never shipped the order. It’s been about a month. Customer service has not responded to email request concerning my order. Is there anything I can do? Is this normal?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 gennaio 2020

You can try chat, as mentioned in the post directly above yours.

EVRider | 18 gennaio 2020

Getting support from the Tesla online store is notoriously difficult. If the chat option doesn’t work, try contacting support via After you enter the information and get a list of matching support articles, you’ll have the option of submitting e-mail.

FISHEV | 18 gennaio 2020

Get someone Musk considers a celebrity to put in the call for you.

Tesla service directly from the employees at the SC is great but beyond that customer service is not in Tesla’s DNA. You have to wonder if Tesla would not be be better served with the dealership model. Tesla SC’s are always full of cars getting fixed so they do need a good service model going foward.