Phantom window roll down

Phantom window roll down

I am still noticing that sometimes when I park my SR+ I there is one or more windows rolled down a couple of inches. I can’t figure out if its me accidentally (unintentionally) touching the window buttons or is it a hardware/software glitch with the M3.

I recall some owners have posted window issues on this forum. Do these problems still persist? If not, how were the issues remediated?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 5 maggio 2019

Remedy by taping a piece of stiff cardboard overtop the window switches on the driver door.

rhj | 5 maggio 2019

if It’s just a few inches you may need to recalibrate windows.

Buzzkill | 5 maggio 2019

I’ve experienced the same issue with my SR+. 99% sure it’s the invisible man. It is cute, but it certainly a security issue.

Bruno442 | 6 maggio 2019

I have hade my LR model 3 since Oct. and this happened to me yesterday for the first time and, of course, it rained yesterday. Rear passenger window open about 4" and front passenger about 2". I have ready many times since last year of people having this happen.

Techy James | 6 maggio 2019

I noticed a few time right after I got my LR back in December that I was accidently hitting the button for one of the windows occasionally when I was getting out.

Joshan | 6 maggio 2019

This is a simple self fix....

1. Roll each window down and hold the down button for 3 seconds after the window is fully down
2. Roll each window up and hold the up botton for 3 seconds after the window is fully up

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 maggio 2019

Thanks for the calibration tip. I will definitely try it on all the windows.

When I started this thread I thought some folks would have reported that they had a similar issue and it needed a SC repair to remedy it. I have this feeling that I will always need to be cognizant that the windows could accidentally rolled down while parked outside, and with my luck, it will rain.

lbowroom | 6 maggio 2019

Passenger rear switch is nearest you when you exit, Passenger front is the next closest. Seems these are always the windows reported opening, also the ones you're least likely to hear or see. Coincidence? As soon as someone shows me an Arlo,or Ring video of their window going down on it's own, I'm sticking with self inflicted.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 maggio 2019

I can believe its self inflicted but I wish it wasn’t so easy to to accidentally hit the switch and make the windows roll down.Maybe the window switches will undergo a running design change. Before that happens,enough people need to demand it.

jayinfidel | 21 agosto 2019

@Lonestar10_1999 did the calibration recommendation work?

Lonestar10_1999 | 21 agosto 2019

@jayinfidel - it works for a week or two but then I notice one window, usually the passenger side rear window will be down about two inches. I then recalibrate the window and it behaves for a couple of weeks....and so on.

I figure that I can live with it for now but if I ever have a need for a SC appointment, I will ask them to address it.

bjrosen | 21 agosto 2019

I'm having the same problem, also usually the passenger side rear window but the passenger side window went all the way down once when the door was opened. The other thing that's I've noticed is that all of the windows are down just enough to generate wind noise, I have to roll all four windows up. It's not user error, the passenger side rear window has gone down when the front passenger door is opened, there are no controls for the rear windows on the passenger side.

I have a service call scheduled for next week.

bjrosen | 21 agosto 2019

BTW I've calibrated the windows four or five times, hasn't fixed it.

vmulla | 21 agosto 2019

" It's not user error, the passenger side rear window has gone down when the front passenger door is opened, there are no controls for the rear windows on the passenger side." @bjrosen

Did it happen to you while you were in the car?

bjrosen | 21 agosto 2019

Yes it happened when we were getting out of the car. It's related to opening a door, doesn't happen on it's own. The door button is no where near the window buttons so even when I get out on the drivers side there is no chance that it's user error. My car did it while I was taking delivery.