Towing a trailer

Towing a trailer

I am considering towing a 4,000# car trailer with my 2016 90D Model X. Anybody have an idea how much more energy I would use? 50% ? 75% ? Just trying to get an idea if it is even a good idea. Don't want to have to charge every 100 miles.

paul | 9 maggio 2019

I've found that the shape of the trailer had a huge impact - the same trailer lightly loaded and moderately loaded had very similar results. I saw a 40% loss of range for something shaped like an outhouse (about 2m x 2m x 4m).

Each time I was driving relatively slowly - 50% motorway but reduced speed and 50% side roads.

If my suspicion about air resistance being the major factor is true, then you could easily see 50%+ loss if travelling at full highway speed towing a box.

anderk2 | 10 maggio 2019

Thanks Paul, great info.