Morgan Stanley says that owning a Tesla is now too easy...

Morgan Stanley says that owning a Tesla is now too easy...

"Morgan Stanley says it's too easy to own a Tesla now and that's hurting the brand"

OK. First it was bad that they did not ship enough, now it is bad that you can easily buy one, and there are too many out there.

This reminds me of a few people I remember who complained about the Model 3 and said that it removes the eliteness of their Model S and X.

Give me a break!

Tropopause | 10 maggio 2019

Jonas is an idiot. How else is Tesla going to "accelerate the transition to sustainable energy."?

Dramsey | 10 maggio 2019

That...doesn't make any sense. They talk about "eroding scarcity value", but scarcity value matters for cars like Porsche GT3s and Ferraris. Telsa's _whole point_ has been about making EVs available to everyone. Elon's been saying this for like a DECADE. Geez.

thedrisin | 10 maggio 2019

He said it is another risk, not the only risk. There is decreased new car sales and China tariffs hurting earnings.

Tesla-David | 11 maggio 2019

Idiots like Jonas are reason to stay away from Morgan Stanley. I left years ago and never regretted that decision.

carlk | 11 maggio 2019

Pretty pathetic self serving logic. Yogi Berra would say Tesla sold too many cars no one is buying it. No one would have bought any BWM, Merc or Toyota in the past either.