Tip for Mobile Service Ranger?

Tip for Mobile Service Ranger?


Is it customary to tip a Mobile Service Ranger?


Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

1 million dollars is customary.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

I was joking, of course. I think slipping them a Benjamin would be nice.

stopnair | 20 maggio 2019

I would slip a $100 bill

lbowroom | 20 maggio 2019


jimglas | 20 maggio 2019

I tried, I was told they are not allowed to accept tips

stopnair | 20 maggio 2019

If they don't accept my $100, I keep adding $50 to the tip until he accepts it.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

@stopnair Good tip!

keydel | 20 maggio 2019

Well, I went ahead and gave the two guys a tip. They seemed pretty taken aback, but they did accept it. Sounds like they went against policy, but I won't hold it against them.

Thanks everyone for your quick responses.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

Hilarious rumors on a rumor mill are policy now.

aptwo | 20 maggio 2019

I tipped mine 2 benjamins and he took it.

Teslanene | 20 maggio 2019

What are they fixing that you guys are tipping? Mine has come it twice and has been there max 5 minutes each time.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

I had a ranger come out to do a tire rotation for the reasonable price of $97.50. I thought it would be nice to slip him a big tip but people tell me I am a mean nasty person so it did not seem appropriate.

lbowroom | 20 maggio 2019

What other professionals do you tip?

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 maggio 2019

Generally you tip for good service. The exception would be if the service technician was the owner of the service provider company.

So I would tip the Ranger, but not if Elon himself was the Ranger.

Mike UpNorth | 20 maggio 2019

I've never tipped any car mechanic with ICE. I won't with the T either.

Mike UpNorth | 20 maggio 2019

.....unless the Ranger flips the P switch for me..... would tip big for that...

teslu3 | 20 maggio 2019

After 25100 miles I have never needed service other than free tire rotate at America's Tire.
When I replaced a water heater, the tech would not take a tip. It was a Saturday and he was away from his family, so I said the tip was for his family not him. He took it.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 maggio 2019

Tipping and who you tip is not unique to TESLA. There are no special rules for TESLA owners in the tipping department.

lbowroom | 20 maggio 2019

How about the sales and delivery advisors? Grocery store clerk?

mikeng6274 | 20 maggio 2019

Don't spoil the ranger or mechanic; otherwise, later they think we owe them money. If we want to show them our appreciation, just offer them snack and drink if they like to have, right?

terminator9 | 20 maggio 2019

I only tip where I know the person is getting paid a below average salary and relying on tips to make a living (like wait staff in restaurants). I believe that companies should pay the staff enough so they are not dependent on tips but it is what it is. I don't tip everyone in the service industry. I do excellent work at my job, I don't get any tips nor do I expect it.

A Tesla ranger should not be tipped.

ST70 | 20 maggio 2019

They have female rangers...I'd give a tip..but only the tip