Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Has anybody acquired extended warranty with another company? Please let me know

SR04IHG | 24 maggio 2019

I am interested as well in extended warranty as Tesla does not extend it to pre-owners. Thank you in advance!

jordanrichard | 25 maggio 2019

Just a couple of things dealing with third party warranties and even one from Tesla directly.

First; what ever the cost is for the warranty is you in net affect paying that much in repairs in advanced. Only after the total repairs costs exceeds that upfront cost, is anything really “covered”, meaning the company is paying for it.

Second and specific to third party warranties. The mistake people often make with these is they assume that any garage they take their car to, will accept that warranty. So, I would highly recommend you call your local TEsla service center and see if they accept third party warranties. Also, often these third party warranties has labor rate limits and you will end up paying the difference.

I have had my car for a little over 5 years. If I had bought the extended warranty, I would have lost money because what I spent on repairs between the 50K and 100K mark was less than the cost of the warranty by $300