Feature Request: Add Weather RADAR overlay to map display

Feature Request: Add Weather RADAR overlay to map display

Seems like this would be a super simple add on to the top layer of the map display. It could be a accessed via a radio button on the bottom right along with Satellite/Traffic/Supercharger options.

This would not be very data intensive at all and add to the long list of safety features (routing/trip planning etc) already present. | 31 maggio 2019

It's been a popular suggested feature (suggested back in 2013!). You can vote on it here:

EVRider | 31 maggio 2019

Would have been useful when I still drove a convertible, but how would you use weather radar to enhance your driving safety?

PS: The only people who think adding a software feature is “super simple” are people who never wrote professional software. :-) | 31 maggio 2019

@EVRider +1 (on writing software).

jordanrichard | 31 maggio 2019

Um, then how would you see the roads on the map if the clouds are “overplayed”. Perhaps it would be the nav route (blue) line would be overplayed over the image of the clouds.

EVRider | 1 giugno 2019

I also wonder why you think displaying live weather radar would “not be very data intensive” — I would expect the opposite.

Earl and Nagin ... | 1 giugno 2019

Having worked with some aircraft avionics systems, I've seen some highly compressed weather radar data that takes up very little data bandwidth. It basically provides the coordinates for 'blobs' of clouds that don't need to be updated very often. Rough wind arrows can also be easily displayed with little bandwidth.
Clearly, it can be done. I think the big issue for Tesla is whether it is worth the effort compared to other things that users want. Most Tesla users today, however, seem to be more concerned about Alcantara upholstery and whether they can stream their favorite music than anything to do with driving.
Personally, I'd just like to see an elevation reading in the S,3,X, like the Roadster did.

PrescottRichard | 1 giugno 2019

I’ve thought about this as well, it would have to be done in such a way that it’s not TOO distracting or difficult to understand. A balance between permanent information and brevity / clutter free.

I’m guessing that flying a plane you have a little more time to safely took at a display and figure out what matters to your trip.

Something as simple as a warning of upcoming weather on your route might be handy. ‘You’re heading into some heavy rain in about 10 miles in case you didn’t know that!’

Or a rain icon on the display by the part of your trip where it’s raining? Something simple.

jeffreylcarver | 1 giugno 2019

we get a lot of rain in the Ohio Valley. .... an overlay to toggle on in the bottom right would be perfect.

EVRider | 2 giugno 2019

Unless you plan to change your route to avoid rain, how does knowing that there’s rain ahead help you? The cars are quite capable of driving in heavy rain. | 2 giugno 2019

Actually, considering there were 500 tornadoes in the last 30 days or so, some kind of weather monitor may be necessary for FSD. Lots of activities that a car under FSD should avoid, from whiteout, hail, hurricanes, extreme winds, mud slides, etc. If done for FSD, a display map would be nice at least to explain detours and/or why FSD can't be driven to your destination. Once in for FSD, seems like the data would be available to display for non-FSD driving too. Sounds like a fairly complex task to collect and display the needed data, but it may be necessary.

gottafly | 2 giugno 2019

“Would have been useful when I still drove a convertible, but how would you use weather radar to enhance your driving safety?”

As referenced by others, weather RADAR is not simply “here’s where it’s raining” shows the intensity of a cell/front, direction of movement etc. If driving into hail/heavy rain/lightning is not safety issue I’m not sure what you consider unsafe. Being able to wait out a storm or reroute would be the safer option.

“I wonder why you think displaying live radar would ‘not be data intensive’ - I would expect the opposite”.

Well, to put it another way.....displaying live RADAR would be FAR LESS DATA INTENSIVE THAT STREAMING MUSIC”. Better?

EVRider | 3 giugno 2019

@gottafly: How do you know live weather radar is less data intensive than streaming music? It might be, but since you’re asserting that as fact I’d like to know your source.

Even if the radar isn’t data intensive, there are many other reasons why this feature is not “super simple”. For example, unless the radar data is provided by Google as a map layer, the car needs to render the radar on top of a moving navigation map (that can zoom and unzoom automatically). Then there’s configuring the source of the radar data — how many options are there, and who chooses the source?

I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the use case, because I don’t think the implementation would be simple at all, and I doubt Tesla would do it without a compelling use case.

jdeskins | 4 giugno 2019

I have some of my frequently used weather radar maps set as bookmarks in the car's browser. Now that the browser seems to be working better - that has been very useful. A lot of times I'm looking at weather radar further ahead than the navigation display is showing.

finman100 | 5 giugno 2019

when the weather on a planned route is taken into account (range, time to charge, etc), THAT would be epic.

"winds from the south will lower your range, plus the colder charge an extra 10 min at this next stop". stuff like that.

seems doable if terrain and speed limits are already used in the range/charging algorithms.

More data to ensure less range anxiety and faster travel of long distance trips. win-win.

EVRider | 6 giugno 2019

@finman100: No doubt that weather data would make range estimates more accurate. The question is whether it’s useful to have weather radar displayed on the map.