Librem 5 phone and Tesla app

Librem 5 phone and Tesla app

Has anyone every considered the Librem 5 phone by Purism ( It will use Linux based PureOS ( when it is released in Q3 2019. It focuses on privacy and has hardware kill switches for the camera, microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth, and baseband. Basically it's not a "spybrick" like Android and Apple phones and the primary reason I want to use it. I would order one today but it won't run Android apps on day 1 ( and thus it won't run the Tesla app. Since my phone is used as my key on my M3 I really need the app. I have contacted Tesla customer support in early May about them supporting PureOS but have not heard back from them. If others are interested, there is more of a chance that Tesla would support PureOS. Thanks!

ulrichard | 2 giugno 2019

Yes, I pre-ordered it the day they opened orders. I have little hope of an official Tesla app on it. But there is also none for my current ubuntu phone. I used to control my car on the command line through the python binding to the Tesla json API. But after I found out how insecure the Tesla account login is, I disabled app access in the car.

okcazure | 2 giugno 2019


Thanks for the reply. Do you have a keyfob or just use the credit card key? It's been great not having a keyfob and using the walk away lock feature so I really didn't want to do without the app. With that said the Model 3 key fob does look pretty cool and the Bluetooth on my Android is unreliable (5-10% of the time I need to turn Airplane mode on and off to open my door).

ulrichard | 2 giugno 2019

I have key fobs for my S. It always worked reliable so far. I still have the old ones with the weak encryption. Tried to upgrade for half a year. Now they finally seem to be available.

ezrondavid95 | 2 giugno 2019

Good article

okcazure | 4 giugno 2019


Did you mean to post a link other than gmail?