3D Maxpider Floor Mats

3D Maxpider Floor Mats

I have a 2019 cream interior model s. Are the 3D Maxpider floor mats better than the weather Tech? I particularly like the tan color on the cream floor mats. But the reviews seem mixed and the logo is ugly. Any one have experience?

GHammer | 5 giugno 2019

I have the 3D in one of my Model S's and the Tesla/weathertech in the other. I way prefer the 3D, the ugly logo is better than the ugly all over the weather tech gets after a short time.

Silver2K | 5 giugno 2019

Weathertech curls at the ends also. Very poor craftsmanship

cornellio | 5 giugno 2019

Yep, also can vouch for the 3D mats. I have the black. Looks great except for logo and fits my early 2016 S fine.

avesraggiana | 5 giugno 2019

I swear by our black ones for our Model X and S. Far better constructed, far better fitting, far better looking, and easier to keep clean than the Tesla-branded Weathertechs. Also, unlike the Weathertechs, my mum's shoes don't slip on them as she tries to climb out of the car.

Highly recommended, no matter what colour. And I've learned to ignore the ugly-ass logo.

ALSET | 5 giugno 2019

I have the refreshed 2019 S and have the 3D mats. I like the pattern on it because it gives it a weaved (not cheap rubber) look to it. the 3D logo is a bit unsightly but I've seen people pull it out and flip it upside down so the logo is under the mat and all you see from the topside are 2 bolts.

I will say this, the 2nd row 3D mat won't fit your 2019 S perfectly. It's off about 2mm and catches on the leg of the front seats. I used a utility knife to cut just a sliver of the edge off and in about 30 seconds it fit perfectly.

SoCal Buzz | 5 giugno 2019

There are actually two types of 3D Maxpider mats: Kagu rubber and Classic carpet. The Classics can still be found (in black) but apparently may be discontinued. Anyway, they are amazing... waterproof with soft, short weave on top. I've had them (in black) on 2013 S and now 2018 S, the latter with cream carpets. The logo easily snips off from the back without leaving a mark. And they look / feel great year round. I especially like how 3D wraps up the edges and covers the dead-pedal area.

Kagu rubber is more traditional all-weather mat with the same great design / fit. I just don't like the rubber look and the logo cannot be removed without leaving noticeable hole.

ALSET | 5 giugno 2019

Right, I have the kagu rubber and again because of the cool weave pattern it definitely looks nicer than any other rubber all weather mat I've seen. It comes up a good 4-5 inches on the sidewall too so gives plenty of mud protection. As for the holes, it won't leave the holes if you flip it upside down. I haven't done it, I've just seen photos of people who have.

Yodrak. | 5 giugno 2019

"I particularly like the tan color on the cream floor mats."

I have the cream interior in my S, with the tan 3D Maxpider floor mats. Didn't want black floor mats because there's enough black in the interior already, didn't want any more that would counter the already limited cream areas.

Wife and I are happy with the mats and with the color. It's different enough that it doesn't look close but not quite, but a nice contrast that's still light and distinct from the black.

Your taste may vary, but we find it acceptable and preferable to black mats.

RandallKeith | 5 giugno 2019

I’ve had both, the Maxpider fit and look much better. I removed the ugly logos and covered over the holes with the Tesla emblem from the weather tech mats. I’m sure you could also fill the holes with silicone in a matching collar. Black would be no problem.

RandallKeith | 5 giugno 2019

The holes are very small barely noticeable.

Uncle Paul | 5 giugno 2019

Logo is easy to remove. Use a diagonal cutter to snip off the rivets. You can also pry them off with a screw driver or putty knife.

Only takes less than a minute. The holes will be small. You can fill them with some silicone or hot glue if you wish the mat to remain water proof.

Love these mats. They feel great under your feet, brighten up the interior, are close to a match with Tesla tan seats/interior, and fit well.

I clean mine with a long handle brush and car soap. Look great after two years.

jbone | 7 giugno 2019

We also have a cream interior Model S, and we put the tan Maxpider mats in ours. They look GREAT in my opinion. The tan of the mats is definitely darker than the cream, but that's a good thing... I feel that the stock mats, being the same shade as the rest of the cream interior, made the interior too bright overall. The tan maxpiders provide a great compromise between cream and going with straight black mats.

They also really do fit perfect, it's amazing how accurate they got the shape. They do not slide around at all because the bottom surface is akin to extra sticky velcro. The weathertechs we had before would slide quite a bit because A) the bottom is slippery plastic, and B) they didn't fit well and so there was room for them to slide.

As for the logo, I at first was livid about it being there, like most everyone else, but a funny thing happened... after 30 minutes I didn't notice them any longer and honestly quit caring about it.

ssadat3 | 12 settembre 2019

I am shopping for all weather mats for my 2019 S. I like the 3D Maxpider look, but when I tried to purchase them from Amazon, I got the message that those will not fit the 2019! Is it because of the center console?
If any of you tried them in the 2019, please let me know how they fit.
I also have the cream and black anterior and I like the tan color, but is darker, so I don't know whether the black or the tan would look nicer. Does the tan match the oak wood color? Anyone has pictures?

SnoR | 13 settembre 2019

I can confirm my car colors on the web site are back to normal, and I DO have the Schedule Service option IN THE APP but I do NOT have it on the web site. Not 100% concerned about not having it on the web site since I'd prefer to schedule from the app. Glad to see things are getting fixed.

SnoR | 13 settembre 2019

Sorry, wrong thread!

jalilj | 14 settembre 2019

Just got some 3D's ordered this morning, came in the afternoon... super awesome fit and very good looking. I agree, had weather techs in the old Odyssey and all the edges curled, very sad for what they cost.