Why is it so hard to contact Tesla after you buy a car?

Why is it so hard to contact Tesla after you buy a car?

I am on my third Tesla, two X’s and one model S and it continues to get harder to contact anyone in Tesla for questions or service. Any number I call now just sends me in circles until I give up. This is not how a car company should act or treat their customers. It has gotten so bad that now all you can do is text them and hope they email you back and they don’t always. I recently had my car towed in for service and couldn’t contact my service center as to what I needed done to my car after it arrived. If things don’t change soon Tesla will be losing a good customer that has been with them from the beginning.

bcbcbc1827 | 10 giugno 2019

I've owned my S since 2015 and I've never been treated this poorly by a car dealership, just to make a service appointment. I know it sounds crazy but I think Tesla might be going out of business as they no longer want to make car owners to make service appointments.

I have called several service centers in my area and only received a message to go online to chat. If you press "0" it eventually just disconnects you. If you just hold on and hope someone will pickup it disconnects you.

When you go to the SO CALLED CHAT area on the website you can not actually chat with anyone. You have to fill out a form. On this form there is a subject area that you have to choose one of the five selections otherwise the form will not send. The subject choices are basically if you want to buy a car or solar batteries.

When you do complete the form and choose a random subject (their's no choice but to do so) that has nothing to do with why your contacting them. Hours later you might (if your lucky) receive an automatic email. See the none helpful email I received below.

"Thank you for contacting Tesla. We appreciate your patience while we work to respond as soon as possible. Until then, please visit the Support Pages for answers to frequently asked questions.
Best regards,
The Tesla Team"

I still haven't heard a peep from them about the service issue.

So like the message above said their is no reasonable way to make a appointment for car service. There isn't even a number for sales anymore and this is the reason I believe that Tesla might not be in business much longer.
I understand that Tesla chose not to allow their customers to contact the service center to make an appointment to service their cars anymore, is just bad customer service BUT not providing the telephone number to sales to help sell cars is a sign that Tesla for whatever reason is going out of business.

Why doesn't Tesla respond or doesn't allow anyone at Tesla to assist their car owners anymore?

supersuperten | 10 giugno 2019

Tesla already got your money, i don't believe Tesla would even care about providing you after sales service. Their only focus and priority is sell, sell and sell.

sosmerc | 10 giugno 2019

Tesla is under extreme pressure and demand right now. How they handle these immediate and important challenges will determine their future. Dealers have had many many years to fine tune their approach to service and support. And clearly, many folks are not happy with they way they are sometimes treated by these so called "stealerships". I avoid dealerships when I can, but frankly my local Chevy dealer has been pretty darn good and I would consider purchasing another vehicle from them IF GM were to make something that measures up to the upcoming Model Y Tesla. Tesla still has many challenges ahead to satisfy the vast majority of their customers through all phases of vehicle ownership.

dmm1240 | 11 giugno 2019

Horse feathers. I'm going to give you a number of a service center to call where they do pick up the phone. It's the one closest to my house: 678-797-1808. They pick up the phone when I call, just did.

Do you have the Tesla app on your smartphone? If you bother to look at the main screen when you open the app, you find the following List:



If you touch SERVICE the app then gives you a list of common complaints including "other" if your problem isn't listed. The next screen asks you to put in your address so that they can decide if you're a candidate for mobile service, need to bring your car in or whatever. After you enter your address, the following text advises: Enter your preferred address for Mobile Service. If Mobile Service is unavailable, you will be prompted to select a service center.

You do this and you wind up with Mobile Service coming to your house/workplace in a designated window to work on your car or you wind up picking an available appointment at your friendly neighborhood service center.

What could be easier?

I have had a few minor issues with my Tesla and they've resolved them all or given a good reasons why not (judder) with lots of smiles. Your Tesla certainly ain't my Tesla.

FUD, FUD, FUD, and more FUD.

Tesla-David | 11 giugno 2019

Totally agree with @dmm1240's points. FUD, FUD, FUD. I have been an owner since January 2013 with three cars thus far (2-MS's, M3), and have experience nothing but excellent service over almost 7 years. I had defective air bag replaced last month by Mobile Ranger in my garage, and will be taking my MS in on 27th for annual servicing. Very simple and easy to arrange service on line. Never had a problem getting service on my MS. Sick of all the FUD from cry babies. | 11 giugno 2019

In addition to the phone app, you can schedule service from the web. Just go into your account and select "Manage" on the car that needs service, and the tap "Service". Couldn't be easier. Takes all of 60 seconds or so. So much nicer than dealing with a dealer who's primary objective is to sell you service and stuff you don't need.

p_dahlgren | 11 giugno 2019

Agree with Tesla-David, dmm1240. For me it was efficient and simple to get help and and schedule service appointment for my new M3 I got delivered in May when I needed it. From the phone app, "schedule service", the first available time pops up and you enter a description of your issues and just book it. I got a follow up call from them later the same day I booked to ask about more information. This was at the SC in Fremont, CA. When I went to the SC, my customer experience was very positive and it was easy to talk to the service advisor and get things sorted out.

nigeltm3 | 12 giugno 2019

I'm living in the UK and ordered my model 3 long range about 3 weeks ago. About a week after I ordered I noticed this spec. had disapeared as an option for the UK so they now only offer the base and high performance models. I was not happy that the performance model had been dropped almost £8k on its list price and was now only slightly more expensive than the mid range model I had ordered only a matter of days before.
I wanted to speak to Tesla about this issue so I called their recommended number in the UK for two weeks often staying on the line for 30 minutes waiting to speak with an agent without any success. In desperation, I sent an email with a number of questions which remains unanswered. Eventually I called their sales show room in the UK and someone answered the phone immediately. The sales agent was very helpful and appologised for my poor experiences. He told me Tesla have 9 people in the whole of the UK dealing with customer Model 3 enquiries.
I was a little shocked to find that out - surely they need hundreds of call centre employees to deal with the thousands of cars/ customers which are on their way from the US? I read today they are going to build a mega factory in Europe - surely thats putting the horse before the cart (or is that Tesl!)?

andy.connor.e | 12 giugno 2019

"I know it sounds crazy but I think Tesla might be going out of business as they no longer want to make car owners to make service appointments."

I no longer believe anything else i read in your post.

andy.connor.e | 12 giugno 2019

Not really sure why people are intentionally trying to make people think that Tesla does not care about their customers. O wait, actually i do know exactly why, because Elon is disrupting 13 trillion dollars worth of industry.

rxlawdude | 12 giugno 2019

"make people think that Tesla does not care about their customers"

I certainly don't think that, but objectively, service is not what it used to be. Perhaps a consequence of the M3 being too successful.

bp | 13 giugno 2019

The rapid increase in sales with Model 3 is putting a stress on Tesla support and service infrastructure, at a time when they are also trying to get back to profitability.

Before the Model 3 sales hit, Tesla provided a lot of personal phone support through their customer support line and calling the service centers.

With the rapid increase in vehicles being supported, they are shifting towards higher volume interfaces - doing more through the smartphone app and website, requiring less one-on-one time with each customer.

They're also making a huge change in their service model, shifting to using mobile service vehicles to do most of the maintenance, eliminating the need for most service to be done at a Service Center - and instead of the service done where the vehicle is parked.

I've owned a Tesla since early 2013, when the nearest Service Center was over 1,000 miles away - and have had an excellent experience with our Service Center working on our 3 Tesla vehicles, most recently a week ago.

Things are different now - Tesla is using smartphone app/website to schedule the service. Service updates are provided via text message and the smartphone app. Loaners are being replaced by Uber vouchers. And, depending on the service needed, they'll send a mobile service vehicle to you, instead of dropping the vehicle off at a Service Center. And overall, the experience with the most recent service visit was great.

With so many Service Centers now, we should expect some areas to suffer during the transition until this new service model matures - and everything is running as Tesla (Musk) wants.


dlomneck | 13 giugno 2019

Have you actually tried to schedule the service through the app or website? the online link doesn't work, you get some 404 console errors when it is trying to find the service center location. Typing in city or zip code, doesn't work, and you cannot get to step 2 without first selecting a service center in step 1. I tried in the phone app, and it gets further, but then fails and says "try again later". I've tried for weeks.

I live chatted with a rep last week and they acknowledged the phone app doesn't work for scheduling, and they are "working on it". So yes, while the option is there and looks like it will be easy, it's anything but easy. I've been sitting at "We're connecting you with a Tesla expert..." in live chat now for 15 minutes with no indication how much longer I have to wait.

I've also got the email address of the local service center, but I have never, not once, got a reply. My best service comes when I email the delivery manager who delivered my car. He responds normally the same day and he has successfully gotten me a service appointment created.

I have a safety restraint alert on my car which makes me fearful to even drive it, so let's see how long it takes for that to get corrected. | 13 giugno 2019

@dlomneck - Try it again. I tested it 2 days ago and just now and web scheduling is working (at least in the USA) for me. It was totally out (404s) a few weeks ago when I tried it.

SO | 13 giugno 2019

I have used the online chat a few times. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to hear from someone. Works very well.

SO | 13 giugno 2019

@dlomneck - I literally just scheduled service trough the app as a test and it worked fine. Whatever the problem you experienced was, it seems to be fine for me now.

bidurkhatri | 31 ottobre 2019

I got a Tesla Model X with some defects on it. It was duly reported to them. It has been nearly three months but never heard from them. Has any one had similar problem, | 31 ottobre 2019

@bidurkhatri - The best way to address something like that is to schedule a service appointment. If they need a part they will advise and perhaps delay the appointment until the part gets in.

troyhobbs | 2 novembre 2019

Is anyone else experiencing a loss of Streaming Service?? My Model S stopped streaming altogether about a month ago. My car came with Free Supercharging, and Premium Connectivity for life. I have been back and forth, via email for several weeks now with Tesla. They are asking for my ‘patience’ while they work to restore the service. Nothing yet. Just the spinning circle every time I try. Help please. Thank you!!

NKYTA | 2 novembre 2019

Streaming has been working fine for me in NorCal. No problems.

mcdonalk | 3 novembre 2019

I have come to realize that it is actually not difficult to contact Tesla; the process is just different than many of us may be used to. In the past two years, I have felt a need to schedule service three times for our "2017" Model S. Each time, I scheduled online or via the app:

1) Door handles did not extend consistently in response to pressure (I actually didn't care about this for months because I didn't want to go to the service center, but decided to finally have it looked into). I scheduled online. A few days later, I received a phone call with some questions. The result was that a mobile technician was sent to the house, and in 10 minutes, the door handles were calibrated using a laptop plugged into an ethernet port under the dash. The inconvenience of visiting a service center was avoided.

2) I scheduled last year's annual service online, which was performed at the service center.

3) More recently, I experienced slow supercharging rates at a specific location and wanted to make sure my car was OK. I scheduled via the app. A few days later, I received a text message with some specific queries about my supercharging issues, locations and times, etc. An hour or so after providing the information, I received another text indicating that the supercharger status had been remotely checked, my car logs were reviewed specifically regarding the supercharging incidences, and that there was nothing wrong with my car. Specific chargers at the station in question were recommended. I was asked if it was OK to cancel my service appointment, and I agreed. Again, the inconvenience of visiting a service center was avoided.

In the past, if I have had an issue which required immediate attention (which I thought I did but didn't), I called Roadside Assistance who answered within minutes.

I recommend that complying with the new Tesla scheduling methodology (which apparently triages service center visits), and exercising some patience, will result in satisfactory results. The only disadvantage is that you have to be "connected," and I know some non-Tesla owners who are not. They would have trouble with these procedures.

In any case, I believe that I prefer this than talking to commissioned service advisors with questionable expertise and motivations at traditional auto dealerships.

neilhamrin | 3 novembre 2019

My S was delivered 11/14 and all went well. Local delivery person (MN) did great job. My 3 delivered 11/18 was about the same.
But, the national delivery folks scheduled me 5 times but didn't know where the car was. It was not in MN.
The solar city folks promised my panel before the end of the year and they were installed 3 months late.
Service in MN and CA(Palm Desert-actually Cathedral city) have been first rate.
Enough bad personal experience and second hand to cause me to sell my TSLA.

liftsrock | 4 novembre 2019

The absolute best way to communicate service needs to Tesla is via the Smart Phone App to either Schedule Service or for Roadside Assistance. I have had ony 3 minor issues with my June 2018 Model X and all have been handled exceptionally well through the Schedule Service app. Trying to contact them via telephone or e-mail is just not likely to work . . . it appears that they have set up their system to work primarily or even exclusively through the phone app, same as the ordering process. The one time I had a flat tire due to a screw in the tread on I-80 in PA, I used the Roadside Assistance feature with good results. They called me back within minutes and stayed in touch with me until the issue was resolved. I don't see any issue with Tesla Service . . . You just need to use their system they way they have designed it and the way they want it to work. Whenever I encounter a Supercharger that is not working or appears to have been damaged, I e-mail them at with all of the details. It often does take 5 to 7 days before someone responds with a "thank you" for contacting them but that really does not matter to me . . . As long as I've reported the issue, I'm Ok with not getting "fast" acknowledgements that they received my message.

liftsrock | 4 novembre 2019

Also, when you use the Phone App to schedule service, they will advise you how the service will be rendered; whether at the Service Center or vis Mobile Service. The Mobile Service is great . . . exceptionally convenient!

themoores | 12 novembre 2019

Does anyone have any advice for how to reach a human? I purchased a 2018 Model S 100D last month from a 3rd party dealership. I have followed all the steps for trying to add the car to my Tesla Account-- I have emailed provided a copy of registration, ID, etc. I have gone into my Telsa Account under the "Ownership" tab and added in the VIN number of the new vehicle but up until now, no luck. No response to my emails, no action on my others have described on the previous threads the website and phone tree are an infinite loop of frustration with zero ability to speak to a rep. I have gone into the local Tesla service center and am told they cannot help me and they tell me to go to online to the support page. Love my car just would really love to have access to the App and more importantly have the ability to schedule service etc should it be needed ---since as of now Tesla does not recognize me as the owner of the car. Appreciate any insight

whatsonsmith258 | 12 novembre 2019

Their major concern is on selling products rather than on offering service to you after purchase. | 13 novembre 2019

The best approach is to open a service appointment - you can do it from the Tesla phone app. Explain what you need. I expect someone will get back to you, solve the issue and close out the appointment.

Actually the servicing has been quite good after purchase. The phone support is not great and should be avoided. Not worth the hassle.

scaredda | 14 novembre 2019

I also share same issue. I live in Switzerland. My M3 (delivered in September) broke in a parking lot on October 30th (issues with 12v battery). It took more than 4 hours to get the car picked up. It now sits in Milan Service Centre. For the first 2-3 days they proactively contacted me updating on the process... until they mentioned “it’s an issue we have never seen”.
Now: no news since. Unfortunately there’s no way to directly contact the center, it always route through a central contact center, which apparently is in the reworking (dial in options change every day)...
When I finally speak with an agent, they tell me somebody would call me... but no news since.
For sure there’s something not working in the service currently...

aaron | 19 dicembre 2019

You can’t use the phone app if they don’t recognize the car on your account

What to do in this situation?

wyatt_jay | 23 dicembre 2019

Anyone had any lucky talking to a human? My mobile service appointment disappeared. Waited 2 weeks for the mobile service tech supposedly today; have the confirmation text message. Support phone number is a circle of automated responses. Don't see online chat available anymore. Only option now is to schedule another appointment another two weeks out.

wyatt_jay | 23 dicembre 2019

Anyone had any lucky talking to a human? My mobile service appointment disappeared. Waited 2 weeks for the mobile service tech supposedly today; have the confirmation text message. Support phone number is a circle of automated responses. Don't see online chat available anymore. Only option now is to schedule another appointment another two weeks out.

nipper2 | 23 dicembre 2019

I am in NJ and NEVER have had an issue with contacting a "Human" Service in Cherry Hill NJ is great

nipper2 | 23 dicembre 2019

I am in NJ and NEVER have had an issue with contacting a "Human" Service in Cherry Hill NJ is great

nipper2 | 23 dicembre 2019

I am in NJ and NEVER have had an issue with contacting a "Human" Service in Cherry Hill NJ is great

nipper2 | 23 dicembre 2019

I am in NJ and NEVER have had an issue with contacting a "Human" Service in Cherry Hill NJ is great

TabascoGuy | 23 dicembre 2019

But do you have to call in 4 times?

nipper2 | 23 dicembre 2019

It's funny you ask that my last ICE when I would call up for service I would get transferred to several different numbers and than asked to leave a message and they would get back to me and that never happened.

TabascoGuy | 23 dicembre 2019

lol, yes that dealership model works so much better than Tesla. Not.

gergana.kacheva | 23 dicembre 2019

I am in The Netherlands. I ordered a leas car about 1.5 months ago. Until today my Tesla account is not linked to the car. The car is already in the country, but nobody contacts me to pick it up. I am sending emails to both the lease company and Tesla Netherlands for over a month now, but both do not replay. Tesla doesn't answer any phone calls in The Netherlands. Is that a normal practise? How can I get in touch with Tesla?

BadgerErickson | 23 dicembre 2019

IRONY; nobody bitching about service wants to say WHERE they are, in order to facilitate a solution?

More drive by action tonight, and we're not even in Chicago?

andy.connor.e | 23 dicembre 2019

Maybe Tesla doesnt want to pick up the phone and listen to your bitching. Tesla has a better model

Orthopod | 23 dicembre 2019

I never contact Tesla

I just schedule a service on the app

CoinFitz | 24 dicembre 2019

@Badger, what difference does the location make? If I'm in the US and I call the local SC, I get routed to the national IVR regardless. And the national IVR is useless for anything but confirming existing service appointments; everything else just tells the caller to use the app, followed by a click and a dial tone.

Jabstep | 24 dicembre 2019

I am totally in LOVE with my Tesla Model 3 LR, which I have owned since July 2018. I am evangelical about the car. BUT the Service can be MADDENING. NO ONE EVER picks up the phone at EITHER the Syosset or Brooklyn Service Centers. I live in Flushing Queens, NY, and the 2 Service Centers I might use are both about a 40-50 minute drive from my house. Sometimes you need to simply ASK a QUESTION, as opposed to necessarily making an Appointment for Service. And when I have had to make a Service Appointment on my phone app., the WAIT for an Appointment is several weeks. I recently had my front license plate holder and license plate stolen off my car, and in NY you must display a front plate by law. I had to wait weeks for a Service appointment to get it replaced. (By the way, amazingly the Tesla Shop online store does NOT even sell the specialized front holder TESLA itself provides with the car when you pick it up. They do sell other generic type of license plate holders that do not work with the Model 3 unless you want to deface your front bumper by drilling holes into it.

ayermd | 25 dicembre 2019

You cannot talk to anyone easily ar Tesla service. I know how to use the app as well as anyone else. That part works,,here is the rub: you have to accept the estimate before the SC will order parts or begin the work. I had over $2000 worth of service work to be done. Before I shell over that kind of money I want to talk to a service agent what it is all about, what I might choose not to have done now and know what I am paying for. The estimate simply lists various (expensive) parts but for that kind of money shouldn’t I have an opportunity to ask what went wrong, why and so many other questions? I left voicemails, emails but received no response. I finally had to drive over personally to the SC to get my questions addressed. Subaru gave me a free rental for out of warranty work that was less than $2000. Tesla gave me, a three Tesla owner, an Uber credit. As a long time Tesla evangelist, I need no lesson from anyone what Tesla is. But this is real, notwithstanding the experience of some who had a good response. If not fixed, I see a serious erosion of customer loyalty.

Ross1 | 26 dicembre 2019

Sad. Robyn ought to fix it.

markos.elias | 27 dicembre 2019

I tried to make a complaint about a manager at the Toronto Lawrence Ave location. When I filed the complaint online it just went straight back to the manager I complained about. He called me and when I asked to speak with his supervisor, he responded by by saying that he was the supervisor and the dealerships report directly from Elon Musk (so basically I cant talk to anyone but him). It reminded me of when you make a complaint at a fast food restaurant like McDonalds and you ask a cashier for the manager and they typically say “I am the manager”. Only difference being the McDonald’s cashier doesn’t usually say they report directly from Ronald McDonald.

The manager then reminded me of tesla policy (which I already discussed with him previously) and how many Tesla’s they sell (I guess to show how inconsequential my purchase was). I then told the manager that if he wasn’t able to help and he was just going to give me lip service then he should end the call. He refused and weirdly just stayed on the line saying refusing to go (very annoying). I’m not sure if he just called to be annoying but I didn’t see the point of his call other then to bother me (he didn’t offer any help). I mentioned in my email that I wanted to cancel and he did ask repeatedly if I wanted to cancel (like he wanted me to cancel my order). Very bizarre customer service experience. You’d expect more when you are buying a car worth $120,000. They should be giving me a free upgrade with a written apology as far as I’m concerned. Very disappointed in Tesla and how they handle complaints. I am confused as to the recourse I have other then posting reviews now at this point.

morgandc | 3 gennaio 2020

I have really liked the service and communication from my Tesla SC on my Model 3 so far. I am not fond of how lean they are running right now from a customer service perspective, but that is the phase of the business plan they are in (and EM may always run it that way). I just stop by the dealership if I need to talk to a body for any issues.

1701 | 22 gennaio 2020

Tesla service is the worst

johncrab | 24 gennaio 2020

They have adopted a model of sacking their way to profitability, so there is no one there to respond.