NoA waits before resuming when I over-ride it

NoA waits before resuming when I over-ride it

Traveling on the freeway using NoA, when I approach a slow vehicle NoA moves me over to the left lane, and then once it is safe moves me back to the right lane ("Out of the passing lane"). This is as it should be.

But sometimes after passing a slow vehicle, I see a car coming up fast behind me, and I courteously use my turn signal to have my car move back to the right lane before NoA decides to do so on its own. I'm not taking over and moving the steering wheel. I'm just turning on the turn signal and having AutoPilot prematurely move back. NoA stays blue on the screen, indicating it is still engaged.

What I find in this situation is that NoA seems to be saying, "OK, if you want to control the car, you go ahead", because if I come up behind another slow vehicle in the next couple of minutes it will not move to the left lane to pass. It just slows way down and stays behind the slow-poke.

It seems that if the interval is more than 3-5 minutes after I took over, NoA will finally resume controlling the car.

There may be other actions that will re-activate NoA, such as turning AP off then back on, but I'm not sure. It didn't always seem to work.


EVRider | 15 giugno 2019

I’m not sure if NoA’s failure to propose a lane change has anything to do with your manual lane change, it might just be coincidence. I’ve found NoA to be inconsistent with lane change proposals, sometimes failing to propose changes when it should, other times proposing changes when it shouldn’t. That’s why I haven’t disabled lane change confirmations.

twistedskipper | 15 giugno 2019

It has seemed to me as though NoA might be trying to honor my manual lane requests for some period of time - keeping me in the lane I chose. But no way to know for sure.

bgbythsea | 16 giugno 2019

I disabled the lane change confirmation requirement today, and chose “mild” setting. It’s too tentative so I’m gonna up it to next level of agresssion. The autonomous system’s choice of lane was questionable I.e., not how I would have done it, but basically functional. On other NoA interchange navigation, interventions were occasionally necessary and safety was not compromised. System improving, not perfect.

surfpearl | 16 giugno 2019

Just file a bug report whenever it happens. I haven't experienced the issue you are describing because I don't let NoA change lanes on its own.