Underside of Frunk / Hood Question

Underside of Frunk / Hood Question

Need a favor...anyone with a red Model 3..Can you please check the underside paint of your hood? Is it glossy or Matt paint finish

Reason I’m asking, I just got my Model 3 back from an approved Tesla body shop and the under hood is not glossy but matt finish. According to them “all red Model 3’s come like that from Tesla”.. I have a hard time believing that. After waiting a month for a new hood..

Last month I was at a stop sign behind a truck. He pulled out into the street to make a left hand turn, but got spooked and reversed into my hood.

Pictures would be great...

Thanks in advance

kevin_rf | 21 giugno 2019

Might be worth searching the Twitter dog/puppy in the frunk hash tags. It was a thing for a while, and some of those pictures show dogs in red frunks.

1agkirk2 | 21 giugno 2019

My Oct 2018 LR D has a shiny frunk underside.

eric.milligan | 21 giugno 2019

May 18 delivery. Shiny frunk. Though honestly, I had to look, and I guessed that it would be matte. There's not much purpose to the clearcoat there, and as a cost saving measure I could see it being the new normal.

ColoDriver | 21 giugno 2019

My red 3 is glossy as well. | 21 giugno 2019

I vaguely remember noticing a late 2017 red not having the frunk underside clear-coated. Not sure if it was a one-off or that's they way all early 3s were being made.

Cactusone | 21 giugno 2019

Thanks for the responses..I’m pretty sure my Model 3 was glossy also..they also did a poor job on the hinge nuts..paint worn of from taking it on and off..

Not so happy, but at this point I wonder if its worth the battle. It just sucks that I had to go through all this for someone else’s negligence.

I will post pictures once I get home..

stinnett | 21 giugno 2019

eric,milligan: Are you Zack Addy? That would definitely be cool.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

p.s. to Cactusone: I have an MSM M3 and the frunk underside is shiny. Oct 2018.

lilbean | 21 giugno 2019

Whatever you do, don’t look under the trunk.

mikedubyaa | 21 giugno 2019

June 2019 purchase and delivery for me. Underside is glossy

eric.milligan | 21 giugno 2019

@stinnett - Nope, he spells his name weird :)

Gordon87 | 24 giugno 2019

Mine is red, glossy as well. 12/2018 build.